Longtime jeweler to close shop

Terrence McBride will close his jewelry shop’s doors on Dec. 24.

Terrence McBride of Terrence McBride Design will soon be closing his doors.

From a shop now tucked between The Hardware Store Restaurant and the new liquor store, McBride has designed, fabricated and repaired jewelry on Vashon for 25 years.

“Primarily the economy is making it nonviable,” McBride said about his decision to close.

People buy jewelry with their discretionary income, he noted, and many people do not have as much of it as they used to. But his was not a quick decision, he said; indeed it’s been brewing for 10 years, and given the economic situation, now seems like a good time to go.

In the beginning of February, he will move to the Eastern Caribbean and continue to pursue jewelry as well as his interests in painting and pottery.

Despite looking forward to summer weather year-round, McBride said he is sad to go. Thirty years living on the Island is a long time, and he has deep roots here.

“I will miss the wonderful people I’ve come to know — making wedding rings for people and then seeing their children grow up,” he said.

McBride’s last day of business will be Dec. 24, and he will be working right up until then and beyond. He will have new work to show during this Friday’s gallery walk, and he will be working on new jewelry to take with him when he goes. That means that people still have time for him to create custom work as well as repair existing items, he said.

Until he leaves, McBride will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week.