Author was right, wait times will tell

Theo Eicher nails it that the Washington State Ferries fight has to be taken to Olympia (“Ferry service: Wait times will tell,” Dec. 27). Two reasons: Who’s the boss, and how WSF performance is measured. We wonder why WSF doesn’t listen. First, their performance is measured — by their bosses, the Legislature, not us — on the basis of on-time departures. WSF has no motivation to change without certainty that their on-time departures would improve. Then, look at his headline: “Wait times will tell.” What WSF users care about is the elapsed time from when we get in line to when we arrive at our destination. Doesn’t matter if the boat leaves on time. And the whole purpose of WSF is to move people and vehicles, not boats. So measure the time it takes to move the people — us. And implement a second performance measure: user satisfaction. Us again. Thanks, Theo, see you in Olympia!

— Mark Nassutti

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