Community housing decisions should be made from our hearts


Decisions should be made from our hearts

I think something has to be written from our hearts about the two planned urban developments here on Vashon. Vashon is one of the best places to “set an example” in showing how land can be consciously chosen for development with concern for the love of the land, animals and plants. In most cases, I’m sure the first concern in choosing a place to develop is money, but we all know the time has come to consider love above money. Why sacrifice land for developing, when there is already land in town that is built on, is less rural and is home to fewer animals? Why not build on top of the many stores in town — meaning no land has to be plundered? How about choosing buildings that already exist, requiring less use of resources and avoiding further hurt to our declining paradise? How about choosing options that stop the hurt we feel in our heart? Where we are and what we do should to be decided from our heart …”first comes love, then comes decisions.”

— Weslie Rodgers

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