County should hire homeless people

Instead of spending millions of dollars on homeless initiatives with questionable results

It is universally accepted that “living wage” jobs provide a great solution for homelessness. Not only can the person with the job afford to have a home, she also creates opportunities for the workers who provide the goods and services she uses in her daily life.

King County is a good source of these jobs, with outstanding benefits, in addition to good wages. As mentioned in a recent Beachcomber article, it is interesting to note that King County Roads not that long ago reduced its workforce by 40 percent. With that in mind, County Roads should consider rehiring those road crews.

Instead of spending millions of dollars on homeless initiatives with questionable results, using some of that money to create those “living wage” jobs would provide immediate, positive results.

As an excellent side benefit, King County taxpayers whose taxes pay those wages will get more potholes filled, and perhaps, a few extra miles of plowing during future snow storms.

— Scott Harvey

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