Donated funds strengthen schools

We appreciate your generous support.

On behalf of the board of the Vashon Schools Foundation (VSF), I’m writing to thank the school families who donated over $40,000 to make our fall campaign a success. We appreciate your generous support.

VSF is proud to be a partner with the school district, staff, families and the community to create outstanding opportunities for students. Since 2010, we’ve filled the gap between what the state provides and what students really need for a great education. Our schools have a reputation for inspiring, supporting, and enriching the academic and social lives of all students. VSF has helped make that possible.

From modern, high-quality curriculum to graphing calculators, science specialists, enrichment clubs and Student Link, VSF has made lasting investments that improve education for all kids. Over the last few years, our signature programs have included a district-wide racial equity initiative; socio-emotional, anti-bullying and mental health initiatives; and STEAM and applied science projects. Check out the whole list on our website:

Again, thank you to our donors and supporters – both on the island and off – who stand with us to truly create community-powered education. Our schools are amazing places because of you!

— Beth Lindsay, President, Vashon Schools Foundation

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