Let’s leave world better than we found it

Musings on immigration, abortion rights.

I’ve been attending some of the progressive activist meetings in the last few months. So far my feelings about them are dubious.

A lot of social policy is made by political extremists. The people I meet are certainly polite and inclusive; they are bright, energetic, effective activists. It’s their zeal for migrants and immigrants that disturbs me. I agree with the president: The nation is full. I would have said enough is enough a long time ago.

At a recent Indivisible Vashon meeting, I pointed out that asylum in America made sense 150 years ago when the West was a vast frontier. I also reminded them that Rome fell partly due to immigrant influx. My comments brought on ire.

I believe progressives promote some noble values, values any legitimate political party would stand for. I don’t like their lean toward socialism. Progressives can come up with any number of “we needs” and welcome new tax hikes. Doesn’t tax and spend feed the need? One thing the people fighting for the asylum seekers don’t seem concerned with is: Who will pay for the education cost of their children?

I never did like the word progressive, it reminds me of a disease in progress. My fear is that progressives might get their socialism. Won’t we then continue the Orwellian descent into totalitarian “peopleism”?

I am a conservative in the extreme; however, I’m not religious. I stand for a clean environment, personal responsibility, wide open spaces and small families. In the extreme, I am pro-abortion. If you’re pregnant and don’t want to be, I wouldn’t want to be your kid.

Come on folks, let’s leave it better than we found it so we don’t come back to a crowded mess.

— Jeff Schnelz

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