LETTER: Dangerous drivers on island roadways

I have a question for the Vashon community. I have become painfully aware of, and a bit disappointed by, some of my fellow island population. We all live on this wonderful paradise rock, yet many (and I mean many) people have complete disregard for other islanders when in their cars. Laws are broken like water over a falls. Completely lost in their own craziness while racing to the ferry. Speeding, tailgating, running stop signs, passing in no passing areas.

I mean, seriously, people. Are you in that big of a hurry to put your life in danger? And not to mention the lives of others. Someone’s father, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother; the list goes on.

We live on an island. Face it. There are delays in the ferry schedule. Cancelled sailings. It’s frustrating for me too. Guess what? There will be another boat. Yes, really; there will be. If you are so desperate that you will resort to breaking the law and endangering others, then you left too late.

This is Vashon. Relax, everyone. We get so up in arms over little things, but think nothing of breaking traffic laws. Slow down. Keep a good distance from other cars. And for goodness sake, stop at stop signs, people.

— Wayne Officer

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