LETTER: Government, the media propagate lies

I think I can make the case — to whom I don’t know — that most Americans are deranged (definition: to disturb the condition, action or function of). A fully sane person is someone who can respond appropriately to the most important aspects of their reality. Most citizens are not in touch with their reality because we have been lied to so much, and by accepting those lies we have rendered ourselves incompetent to preserve our own sovereignty and freedom.

We all, from birth, create a model in our consciousness of how the world works. We modify that model as we experience life, continuously correcting earlier misconceptions. At one age we might truly believe in Santa Claus; later we get the “joke” (and then think it proper to play the same joke on our own children). Lies purposely propagated are violent attacks on a vulnerable recipient’s personality. Our government, media, and other institutions have purposely propagated unconscionable lies, crimes, and deceits that make it impossible now for us to live in a free and just society where one can expect to build healthy, successful lives, relationships, and institutions. For example, it is impossible to build healthy relationships and personalities when our rulers are selectively denying us our right to privacy, knowledge, self-expression, justice, creativity, love and intimacy. I use the word “rulers” because we no longer have a legitimate government. Our elected and unelected officials no longer honor their oath of office. We no longer live in a constitutional republic. And yet we need to forgive ourselves for not understanding what’s happening or what to do about it. In forgiveness, we can recover our sanity — our dignity — and stand up for our humanity. Telling that one simple but important truth is the first step. Forgiveness opens the space for more. And that’s what we need from ourselves: more truth, more courage, no more lies.

— Mark Goldman

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