LETTER: ‘Layover’ stops would prompt activist intervention

I was unable to attend the Ferry Advisory Committee meeting Wednesday, Aug. 29. However, I do have a suggestion to make as well as a statement as to my future activist intentions.

Suggestion: WSDOT should immediately disband the WCWPDNTSUTSEMC (What Can We Possibly Do Now To Screw-Up the System Even More Committee).

Statement of my future activist intentions: In the past year I have been a grateful recipient of the Vashon fire department’s emergency off-island transport to Fauntleroy. If the new schedule that requires ferries from Vashon to go to Southworth with a “layover” is put into place, I will plant my body and my wheelchair firmly in front of the loading lines on Vashon to slow up service even more. I doubt if that is even possible.

We are all aware of the almost daily WSDOT announcement: “Drivers will encounter an estimated two hour wait departing Fauntleroy due to heavy vehicle traffic boarding the vessels. Updates will be provided as conditions change.”

If these scheduling and route changes occur, they can also add the following verbiage to the daily announcement:

“Drivers will encounter an estimated additional 30 minute wait departing Fauntleroy in addition to their normal two hour delay due to heavy vehicle traffic boarding the vessels because of a dumb ass in a wheelchair (me) blocking the loading lanes. Updates will be provided as conditions change or if we get this crazy guy out of the way.”

— Dr. Steven W. Nourse

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