LETTER: Several improvements needed on Vashon Highway

What is the county going to do on the paving of the Vashon Highway: just pave it, or do some safety improvements? It will be a long time before they do it again, so now might be the time to do some improvements. It would save money with all the equipment and material here now rather than later.

• Fix the ferry lane from 112th to Cunliffe Road.

• Fix the ferry lane at Tahlequah; maybe get some money from the Washington State Ferries for this.

• Put a left hand turn lane on some of the most dangerous spots like Cunliffe Road, Corbin-Sylvan Beach Road, SW 133rd Street, SW 140th Street, Vashon Community Care, SW 156th Street, SW Gorsuch Road, SW 178th Street, SW 188th Street and SW 192nd Street.

These are all intersections of Vashon Highway that have had some problems in the past and could be made a lot safer for everyone.

— Craig Harmeling

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