LETTER: Too much money goes to supporting schools

The schooling industry is a self-serving institution. Its unions (mostly the teachers’ union) have far-reaching control over elected officials, enough to make the NRA look puny. If the crap we call government doesn’t promote family, growth and immigration, the teachers’ union has it replaced with those who will. It’s all about student enrollment. That’s why our charismatic Michael Soltman was hired to build the “super school.”

Besides the school, I believe Vashon’s business community, especially the realtors, can’t get enough growth. Unless you’re totally naive, you should know business and government work together. Schools are government. We the people spend a lot of money on educational institutions, and we’re led to believe this is investing in children. Pity the kids; they’re growing up in a crowded nation of debt.

If you’re concerned about your property tax hike, how would you like to be a kid these days and face the real estate prices they will face in the future. Ninety per cent of the kids won’t be able buy homes. The kind of schooling kids get won’t change this condition.

Aside from putting us all in debt, families have serious impact on the environment. So many things many deny. As a mostly Christian nation, people believe we die and go to a better place. What if there is no better place? What if you have to come back?

— Jeff Schnelz

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