Mother recalls daughter’s feat

Destia Burby asked Allyson if she would spread Bill’s ashes on Mount Rainier

Fifteen years ago this month, my daughter Allyson Youngblood summited Denali (Mount McKinley). She spent 23 days on the mountain.

Later, Destia Burby asked Allyson if she would spread Bill’s ashes on Mount Rainier, as she had climbed it several times. Ally ran the Bill Burby race and received her T-shirt. When she summited Mount Rainier, she took off her parka and had her picture taken as she dispersed the ashes in her Bill Burby shirt.

Allyson was raised on Vashon and is a 1988 graduate. She is very involved in mountain rescue in Alaska. She credits Mr. Stougard as the one who piqued her interest in climbing when she took his outdoor survival class in seventh grade.

—Carolyn Youngblood

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