Thanks to all at care center

I will begin with the happy ending: Home from Vashon Community Care on Dec. 23, just in time for Christmas. Prior: a bad fall, a rescue by Medic One (hurrah, gentlemen!) a hospitalization.

Arriving after a shift change, I nevertheless was greeted by staff (I will not use names, but I and you know who you are) who stayed beyond his shift to welcome me and my husband, and saved my dinner as well. Homey and delicious, thank you, kitchen staff. From paperwork to meds and balms, to physical/occupational therapy (liberators! trail guides!) the stars (the staff!) were aligned for my recovery.

A steady stream of family, friends and neighbor-friends came through the door to bring my roommate (a real charmer!) and me news of the outside world and empathetic, kind, encouraging, words, treats and pretties. Out my window (oh, joy! sky! trees!), I watched another steady stream of daughters and sons, husbands and wives come to visit and bring items of comfort.

One of my favorites was the gentleman whose mother is a VCC favorite (she plays the piano) and who faithfully filled the bird feeders with seed and suet just outside his mum’s window.

Some of the nursing staff I knew by name. Some only by the name tag, or not even that in the wee small hours of the night. I didn’t know their particular stories, and still we were united in our human endeavor of “getting on with it,” whatever that may mean for each of us. Together, whether healthy, broken, fading or recovering, we admire the stars and wait for the daffodils.

Christmas and daffodils come but once a year. The stars and VCC are for always. Thank you, all.

—Linda Hoffman

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