Vashon showed its true colors in search for dog

At this time, most of the people on Vashon most likely will have heard that my dog Henry was captured and is in a safe place now, where he can readjust to life with people in a domestic setting.

He was on the run for 88 days, 1 hour and 48 minutes. Now we all can relax and sleep through the night again. I would like to thank The Beachcomber’s Susan Riemer and Paul Rowley for their recent articles on Henry, which gave insight into Henry’s past and illuminated the Vashon community’s efforts to bring Henry back home. I also would like to express my gratitude to all the Vashon people who observed Henry’s movements and called the information in to either VIPP or to me during the last 12 weeks. Many thanks to my friend and neighbor, who supplied the cameras that captured images of Henry when no person was around to watch for him. Amy Carey’s efforts and those by other VIPP volunteers were truly appreciated, and I am especially grateful to Ena and Peter Reynen for having spent many long night hours trying to get Henry back to me. It was Ena who closed the door on the trap that brought Henry to safety. My friend and neighbor Dan McDevitt had gone on stakeouts with me every night since the beginning of Henry’s journey, for which I am very grateful. Many thanks to all the Facebook members who posted their joy, relief and suggestions for Henry’s future role on the island, ranging from becoming the main character in a children’s book, the leading star in a movie or being elected to serve as next year’s unofficial “Bürgermeister” (mayor).Vashon Island has shown its true colors concerning the welfare of a canine “Bürger” (citizen.)

— Karin Debelius

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