The PTSA auction, our childhood, who we are today: It all fits

It’s funny. You can look at the face of a child, and there are signs of the adult to come. How quickly do we become ourselves? At a year? At 10?

  • Saturday, April 26, 2008 5:02am
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Growing up on Vashon

It’s funny. You can look at the face of a child, and there are signs of the adult to come. How quickly do we become ourselves? At a year? At 10?

Take the picture of the little girl and the cat. She is clearly bubbly, full of life, warm, ready to embrace the world. Just add a few years to the little girl, and you have Melinda Sontgerath, who schmoozes and chats and welcomes you when you dine at The Hardware Store Restaurant that she runs.

Look at the boy standing with a friend, the kid on the left with the stubborn look and the wild blond hair. He looks deep, thoughtful, ready to take on the world. What else would he grow up to be but a much-loved high school civics teacher (otherwise known as Harris Levinson)?

And then there’s this gal in her Sunday best. She is made up in her little bonnet, looking very charming and dainty. Can’t you see her growing up to run the perfectly decorated and outfitted Little House (that would be Bettie Edwards).

It was with this concept in mind that I agreed to chair the PTSA auction this year. In this column, I often write about my memories and about raising children while looking back on my own life. That was the ground that I built on when we came up with the theme of this year’s auction, “Memories of Tomorrow.” The auction is May 3, and we will be celebrating with old-fashioned food, music, decorations and more — looking back on our memories and raising money so our kids can have great memories, too.

Putting together this auction, I have found something out — but I really already knew it. Our schools are good schools. Our Island is an amazing place to grow up. Our children are blessed because of choices my family has made to live in this small town. And one of the greatest indicators of the beauty of this town is the number of people who give, give and give again. And they have, to this auction. They certainly have.

But I am asking you one more time. Come to the Vashon PTSA auction on May 3 at K2 Commons. Get nostalgic. Have wonderful food from the Back Bay Inn. And I promise you will see some pretty cool photos of your neighbors, friends and teachers as they were yesterday.

As for me? Well, my photo, which I am using with my column this week tells you this: I would grow up to be happy and busy and have a flair for the dramatic. I would also grow up to love my children very much and be willing to come to the PTSA auction on May 3.

OK, my photo doesn’t tell you that. But that’s my story, and I am sticking with it.

— Lauri Hennessey, who has three children, is the chair of this year’s PTSA Auction.

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