County certifies election results

King County has certified the results of the November midterm election, and voters — including islanders — mailed in their ballots in near-record numbers.

Turnout in the county was 74.8 percent, one of the highest rates in over 20 years, according to KING5 News. Across the state, 71 percent of all registered voters cast a ballot.

From the island, 7,558 people cast ballots out of 8,949 registered voters, an 84.4 percent turnout according to Kendall Hodson of King County Elections.

With support from Vashon, Microsoft senior manager Joe Nguyen definitively pulled ahead of his competitor Shannon Braddock, deputy chief of staff for King County Executive Dow Constantine, who originally resonated with islanders during the August primaries. The certified results show Nguyen with 40,516 votes (57.50 percent) compared to Braddock’s 28,996 votes (41.5 percent).

A majority of islanders voted for Carbon Fee initiative 1631, which failed at the state level, and Vashon rejected Initiative 1634, which would have permitted local municipalities to impose additional taxes on soda. It was approved, largely blocking any future tax on soft drinks in the state.

Vashon resolutely supported Initiative 1639, implementing a suite of various restrictions on firearms, which passed. Initiative 940, which requires police to use a good-faith test before exercising deadly force and introduces other reforms, also passed in Washington with support from islanders.

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