COMMENTARY: Joe Nguyen would serve islanders well in Senate

  • Wednesday, October 17, 2018 1:37pm
  • Opinion
Lisa Devereau (Courtesy Photo).

Lisa Devereau (Courtesy Photo).

The single most important quality in a lawmaker is the ability to listen to the people who they represent. I ran because I listened to the concerns of our people, and I wanted to make sure that Vashon has a seat at the decision-making table. We’ve been fortunate to have Sharon Nelson as our state Senator in Olympia, and I thank her for her years of service. She made sure to listen to and advocate for us.

It is critically important that whoever wins and fills her seat intimately understands the unique needs and challenges facing Vashon and Maury Island. That’s why I am supporting Joe Nguyen.

It is clear to anyone who meets him that Joe has both an incredible grasp of the policies and a deep care for all the communities in the 34th District that would make him a great advocate for our people. Most importantly, however, he listens. Like many of you, I am sick and tired of politicians telling us what is best for us instead of actually listening to what those of us who live here have to say. We need an advocate who will recognize our experience and knowledge, listen to our story, and apply what he learns to policies that affect us.

Joe’s priorities will greatly benefit the people of Vashon. Joe will fight for single-payer and will push for additional funding so that Vashon can have the medical facility it needs. Joe will champion progressive tax reform and fight for the environment. He’s also committed to working with residents to figure out a solution for the Fauntleroy dock.

Most importantly, Joe Nguyen is one of the most authentic people I have met in politics. When I speak to him, I know exactly who Joe will represent in Olympia: the people of the 34th Legislative District. We need more people who believe that politicians are accountable to the people, not to big donors, which is why Joe is not accepting money from corporations. While I find his opponent to be a decent person, she has already been in politics for many years and worked with Joe McDermott, who, I believe, only comes to Vashon when it is a good photo op. I find it troubling that she has chosen to accept money from corporate PAC groups that lobby for charter schools and the soda industry, and fought against the $15 minimum wage.

If we are serious about fixing the problems we face, we have to limit the influence of corporate and special interests on our elections, and elect candidates who have proven they put people first and are not career politicians.

We have an important decision to make in November, as whoever we elect could hold this seat for a very long time. I want to thank everyone who supported me in the primary, and I now ask you to join me in voting for Joe Nguyen by Nov. 6.

— Lisa Devereau

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