Downsizing: Let’s try new approach to auctions

After a lifetime of accumulating, most of my generation is intent on simplifying, downsizing, unloading, disgorging —simply getting rid of stuff.

What really does interest us is leaving the planet in a better place. Among other actions we take to accomplish this is attending the staggering number of fundraisers for worthy causes on island. The problem is that almost all these fundraisers contain auctions. We understand money is needed for the many worthy causes supported by the auctions, and we would like to contribute by bidding on things, but our walls are filled, our tables and drawers are loaded, our houses are already home to a lifetime of acquisitions.

Could there be another way? How about a Downsizing Auction? Keep the fundraisers and the auctions but offer something different. Artists need the visibility, so invite them to show their work at the auctions, and consider the following auction offerings: Could someone donate a car and driver to transport things to Granny’s? How about providing company as the auction bidder cleans a closet or attic? Would an auction donor be willing to donate showing up with a paper shredder for the afternoon?

I would definitely bid on that!

— Barbara Wells

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