EDITORIAL: Starting next month, Beachcomber will be delivered Thursday mornings

  • Wednesday, August 8, 2018 9:31am
  • Opinion

Not long ago, we wrote in this space that we were changing the delivery time for The Beachcomber from Wednesday mornings to Wednesday evenings. Now we are writing to say we have listened to readers and our drivers, and have re-evaluated. Beginning with the issue of Sept. 6, the paper will be delivered on Thursday mornings instead.

We are sorry for any trouble or inconvenience these changes have caused; we want you to know we have not made them lightly.

For as long as anyone that we have talked to can remember, The Beachcomber has been delivered by early Wednesday mornings. But one thing that is constant in journalism these days is change. Some of our recent internal changes regarding how we put the paper together initially brought about the move away from Wednesday mornings. Facing new deadlines, we felt hard-pressed to follow up on weekend events, to connect with individuals we had not been able to reach for stories previously and to thoroughly proofread the paper. We felt change was necessary, but weighed the issue seriously before making a decision to move our publication and delivery times.

In the news room, we are thankful to be off of our previous schedule, but we want the changes to work, not just for us in the office, but for readers and our drivers. It was clear to us many readers preferred a morning paper. It was also clear that delivering papers during the day created problems for the drivers that we had not anticipated. They expressed safety concerns with more people on the roads, and their routes took them far longer than they had at night. In turn, some people were not receiving their paper until well into the evening. That was never our plan. And so, here we are, asking for your patience as we make this next change, which, for a variety of logistical purposes, we must wait until September to do. In the mean time, we will do our very best to get the paper to you this month by 6 p.m. Wednesdays.

Our own deadlines — for news tips, arts events, letters to the editor and calendar entries — will not change.

We predicted there would be some bumps during the transition to Wednesday evenings, but we had not imagined how large they would be. Now, we are moving ahead — grateful to both our readers and drivers — and looking forward to settling into our new routine next month.

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