Excitement for Union Workers

We hope to create a much safer and healthier work environment for Water District 19 employees.

We are pleased to share with you that the Water District 19 and the I.U.O.E. Local #302 have begun contract negotiations on behalf of the water district operators.

We have been negotiating in good faith since this process has begun. Our goal since the beginning has been to partner with the District and help them put together a fair program to attract good certified candidates. We are hoping to help improve training, worker retention, and create a much safer and healthier work environment for the employees.

We also would like to continue to keep the water quality top-notch as it has always been. So far our meetings have been very productive and we hope for them to continue this way throughout the entire process.

It is our pleasure to be here representing the operators at water District 19. We look forward to a very healthy relationship with the District and all of you for a long time.

—Bryan Raby, Labor Relations Specialist

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