LETTER: Beware of covered pool proposal

  • Tuesday, March 14, 2017 10:45am
  • Opinion

Karl Stenson’s support of a covered pool is unequivocal but given his own vested interest in the cover, helps cloud his sense of realism (“Vashon needs another covered pool, both for swim team and island-wide events,” March 8).

First, he wants us to believe that covering the pool will help it become more of a community asset than it is now. Perhaps, but in reality the Vashon Athletic Club’s covered pool is already doing just that. Adding another covered pool would theoretically add to it, but at what cost? He makes assertions that the school district would see this as an asset but provides no support. In reality, the primary beneficiary is the Seals Swim Team.

Here is my own analysis of the figures the park district provides:

1. Revenue projections of $61,230 are largely unknown and not documented.

2. Expenses are projected to total $116,120. The word projected looms large without documentation. The burden of proof lies with the proponents.

3. The real cost of underwriting the pool for the year totals more than $131,000 or a little more than 10 percent of the park district budget and not just the 4 percent claimed by the park district.

4. The ability to fund the pool, after year one, falls totally on the park district in perpetuity.

5. Fuzzy projections would impact the district’s ability to fund other projects and create a drain on the reserve.

6. Vashon Island Fire & Rescue is looking to raise more revenue to make up for a significant shortfall, which could potentially negatively impact park district revenue.

In the end much due diligence is yet to be done. Until such time, the board should go back to the drawing board.

— Jim Dorsey

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