LETTER: Bond is unnecessary, vote ‘no’ to keep off-island families away

  • Tuesday, April 18, 2017 10:26am
  • Opinion

Just like I said, the school district is coming back for the money we didn’t approve of last time. Just like before, it’s a swindle: First they want $26.9 million then they come back and ask for $10 million. This rhymes with $86 million for a new school, then a cry for $47 million.

The school district’s building needs and upgrades should be part of a regular infrastructure budget. The extra luxury spending of $5.3 million to upgrade the football field and track is enough to buy a mansion on the beach or perhaps fix our highways. If you didn’t know, the biennial chip sealing of our highways ended 37 years ago.

I ran on the high school track on Oct. 9 and again on Dec. 31. The track was smooth and flat, a pleasure to run on, no better or worse than it was 40 years ago. However, its maintenance was in neglect. The football field looked as good as ever; it used to be a weed patch.

The upgrades the school district is calling for are clearly unnecessary. The need for the new high school building was questionable. The school facilities we have are more than adequate for the Vashon Island student body. Vashon’s super schools are attracting almost 300 off-island students, (a significant cost to island taxpayers) and that’s not the worst of it. A lot of the families of these students eventually move here, thus making our island more crowded and unaffordable.

This island certainly has factions pushing for growth. Unless you’re part of such ilk, it really behooves you to reject the school bond.

— Jeff Schnelz

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