LETTER: Movie screening presents opportunity

A couple of years ago, we returned to Vashon Island. My mother-in-law, Jean Bosch, came over to talk to us about how she could be more involved in our son Liam’s life. Liam has a vaccine injury that has caused various social impairments and loss of language. To connect with him, on his level, has taken me years to cultivate. Jean hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time with Liam, as we had been living off-island. Now that we were back, she was ready to jump in and do everything she could.

Around this time, I was involved with getting the word out about the documentary film, “Vaxxed.” When I spoke to Jean about it, she insisted on seeing the film right away. Afterward, she expressed her surprise and disbelief that a top CDC scientist could receive official whistleblower protection and yet the media was ignoring the issue. She and I began to discuss bringing “Vaxxed” to the island. She truly believed that once people had the information provided in this film, they would start asking the important questions, including researching vaccine medicine, the growing number of recommended vaccines and contraindications that their family members may have.

Tragically, as we were planning this screening, Jean passed away.

Now, months later, “Vaxxed” is being shown on the island. While I wish I could attend at 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 22, at the Land Trust Building, I will be out of town, volunteering on the “Vaxxed” bus and advocating on behalf of a local nonprofit (InformedChoiceWA.com) at the 20th Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines. I hope that when I return home, many of my fellow islanders will have seen the movie that changed my mother-in-law’s understanding of her grandson’s life.

— Susie Olson-Corgan