LETTER: School-based clinic could offer students confidential care

The school district is having talks with Neighborcare about opening a school-based clinic at the high school. If the board approves this, then a grant proposal to Best Starts for Kids would be written, with the idea that a clinic could be in place at the start of the next school year.

I am thrilled with the possibility of having a school based clinic at the high school. This partnership with Neighborcare would help our student population get the medical attention they need, particularly having easy access to full reproductive health services and mental health counseling.

Neighborcare has had these clinics in most of the Seattle Public Schools since the 1990s. Quoting from Neighborcare’s Roosevelt High School clinic brochure, it states, “Under Washington state law, students under 18 can register themselves for confidential care, including reproductive health services and mental health counseling.”

In light of the lawsuit Danny Rock has filed with his lawyer Matt Bergman asking an island physician to break state law and contact a minor’s parent after she or he has received confidential care, is the school district going to demand that Neighborcare do the same? Or was Danny’s lawsuit completely motivated for retaliation and harassment reasons?

— Hilary Emmer