LETTER: Thousands could benefit from covered public pool

  • Tuesday, March 14, 2017 10:42am
  • Opinion

The Vashon Seals swim club’s offer to buy an inflatable dome to make our public pool a year-round facility amounts to an incredibly generous gift to Vashon. Year-round operation will allow literally thousands to benefit, far more than any other park district facility. So the question can’t be: “What should the park district do for the Seals?” It has to be: “How can the park district leverage this generous offer to serve 2,800 people?”

I hope it’s obvious that 2,800 goes way beyond the Seals. That figure was verified several years ago when I was part of a citizen’s group working with the park district on a similar project. The biggest potential user group is our school children needing to learn to swim and the district’s faculty and staff, who are right next door. It includes seniors seeking low-impact exercise, physical therapy patients, lap swimmers, physical education students, high school athletes, maritime students and families looking for recreation.

There are always budgets to think about, so let’s get creative. Let’s finally bring to life the one thing our community has repeatedly told the park district it wants more than anything else: a year-round public swimming pool.

— Mark Nassuti

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