The Beachcomber is reintroducing its FYI page

In the past, The Beachcomber had an “FYI” page, which we are excited to reintroduce.

  • Wednesday, July 3, 2019 6:39pm
  • Opinion

Community newspapers understand that the news of individuals is a key component in the paper’s success. The attraction of personal announcements from our community: news from our neighbors about our neighbors – milestones, honors of note, and similar events to share. The Beachcomber has a long tradition of and reputation for honoring and presenting news with stringent journalistic standards. However, there is also the realization of the need for community personal news with individual submission.

The well-written news story, ideally, attempts to provide the information needed to evaluate, understand and process and present facts. The editorial and opinion pages are unique in that they give the opportunity to persuade. The beauty of the editorial is that it offers so many opportunities to present and contribute arguments that make … persuasion and interesting points of view.

Hence, this editorial is encouraging you to help reinstate the community’s news in the form of FYI to The Beachcomber.

Writers contribute content to paper; the readers contribute soul.

In the past, The Beachcomber had an “FYI” page, which we are excited to reintroduce.

How can you contribute?

Share your news. We know this is an easy option via social media, but if you are willing to thoughtfully propose and present it to the paper, we will try to print it in this medium that is tactile, and in its own way, very special.

Community members who engage in the interactive Vashon life reflect the value of community awareness, connecting with one another, and will have an opportunity to share significant events of a personal level. What can you share? Your announcements! Such as births, honors, engagements, weddings, moments of celebration. Such milestones or celebrations about which one wishes the rest of the community to be aware.

We want the opportunity to allow you to share. Please contact us at

Pull up a seat:

The Beachcomber editorial staff will be holding a public meet-and-greet Friday, July 5, 2 p.m. at the Vashon Public Library. Everyone is welcome.

If you don’t have time to write or submit, perhaps you can meet us in person.

If Vashon is your home, The Beachcomber is your paper. And you should be a part of it. Your opinion is critical, and it should be part of the organic arm that contributes to chronicling and reporting on life on this island.

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