Letter to the editor: A few hopes for 2009

I wish the Vashon downtown merchants would all learn the proper care and usage of a snow shovel by winter 2009-10.

I wish that people who park illegally in designated disabled parking spaces in snowy weather would understand that the International Symbol of Access does not mean it’s OK to park there if you are lazy, got too many kids with you or will only be there only five minutes. If someone had really wanted you to park there, the caricature of the wheelchair would have looked quite different.

I wish the national media would cut President-elect Obama some slack. Drop the pettiness and see what he can accomplish in a year if he truly is allowed to focus on the important issues at hand.

I wish that the Backbone Campaign will finally get rid of their Kerry/ Edwards bumper stickers. It’s over!

I wish that Glacier Sand & Gravel would understand that not all big rocks have to be broken down into smaller rocks.

I wish the Vashon school board could understand that when people are losing their homes in this present economy, spending on projects that can be put off is what got us into this mess. No high school student will be scarred for life if we put off purchasing a new high school until the community can actually afford it. What a concept! Maybe that is a lesson to be learned!

I wish the state of Washington and “Chris” would realize how quickly a thriving economy can develop a $6 billion-plus deficit when spending goes unchecked and the government tries to do everything for everyone.

I wish all Island residents would appreciate the job ferry workers do 24-7 and not whine when a boat is 15 minutes late or overloaded.

I wish that everyone would help at least one person and practice random acts of kindness daily! Please pay it forward in 2009!

— Steve Nourse