Letter to the Editor: A larger library space could offer much

We’ve only lived on Vashon for three years, but we’re already looking forward to having a new library. The present library is too small for the number of people who use it, and the parking lot is too crowded.

By necessity, public libraries have become multimedia centers, and Vashon’s library has so much stuff crammed in that there’s barely room for books. Visualize a library with study carrels, conference rooms, reading/research areas and space to navigate the stacks without climbing over the other navigators. How about more stuff in the stacks themselves, like new books? Don’t forget a special place for children to listen to stories and put on puppet shows. Put some pillows in there.

We live north of town and will miss the convenient location of the library. Now it’ll be convenient for everyone south of town, not to mention the public schools. Call us if you need help hauling books!

— Cynthia Phillips