Letters to the Editor | Dec. 16 edition

Islanders remember Kaj Wyn Berry, and weigh in about the absence of dog parks on Vashon.


1685 Vashon-Maury Park Acres. No Dog Park.

For the past decade, dog owners on Vashon-Maury Islands have sought an off-leash area for their dogs to run, socialize, and exercise but multiple attempts from interested groups have been thwarted by a variety of dog-averse individuals.

Park officials have contributed to the bias against dogs offering reasons for negating a dog park effort such as: “Not enough parking, you need nonprofit support, endless dog poop, and lack of public interest.”

For the seriously under-represented 2800 dogs on our islands, it is long overdue for an off-leash venue somewhere on the Islands’ 1685 park acres (this number is detailed at tinyurl.com/3ws2vphs), so dogs might run free. It is notable that equestrians, skateboarders, mountain bikers, frisbee golfers, runners, and even hunters have their places to be. A new parking lot in Dockton was built to accommodate many cars, including horse trailers, and handicapped spots to support these endeavors.

Multiple surrounding communities have dog parks. Tax-paying dog owners can rise up to the challenge, Vashon-Maury! It is long overdue. Flood local and county park districts with your feedback encouraging their support. For detractors, it is time to stand down.

— Kay Frey


Remembering Kaj Berry

I felt some lost presence this afternoon after a brief storm front blew hastily through.

I put my toothbrush down and googled Kaj Wyn Berry. Not surprised by my sense of loss that she had passed on.

My story is simple, yet profound: my life has been one of movement in all various forms. Wyn, as I knew her in the 1960s and 70s, exemplified all grace in the power and knowledge of physical movement. She wrote sweet letters to me about life’s processes, growth and expansion, illustrating a giant oak tree as a totem held dear.

Thank you for all your loving and giving during those years for me. Some brief visits to the Berry household were forever etched in my being as a vibrant place of realism and belief in what can be.

— Tim Tibbits