Letters to the editor | Nov. 25

Vaccination clinic for kids


Vaccine clinic for kids

I recently had my child vaccinated at the Covid vaccine clinic hosted at McMurray. At the time I made the appointment, I was not told I could not bring siblings with me to the clinic. At the door, I was told I could either leave my 2 and 6-year-old in the care of an usher I did not know or not get my child her shot. I protested and was told that if I was unhappy with it I could go get my child a shot elsewhere. Ultimately, an acquaintance came out from the clinic and offered to watch my two younger children for me and I was able to take my oldest inside and get her shot.

This was a big deal for my family. It was something that created a barrier to access and I know we were not alone in that. Going off-island for a shot is not an easy proposition for us, something that is true for many families on the island, especially with the current state of the ferry system. This policy will slow uptake of the vaccine for our children, especially for families who most need access.

If you feel the risks of bringing extra children into the school building are too great, develop a plan for vaccination outdoors for families who need to bring siblings along. If you are concerned about the extra children being a distraction or hazard while their sibling is vaccinated, have volunteers help distract them while they sit near their parents. Other vaccination sites in our region do not require parents to find childcare for their other children in order to take their kid to get a shot. Please, change this policy. Meet families where they are so that you can maximize the number of children who are able to get their shot.

Genevieve Metzger