We need to stop downward slide

When and where will it end, this moral indecency slope, which we seem to be sliding down at an-ever increasing rate? Where sexuality and promiscuity are tantalizingly promoted and used on TV, in movies, social media and art.

We have become morally blind to the consequences, like nose-blind youth, unable to smell the stench of sweaty clothes strewn about their bedroom floor.

We cry “#MeToo” and are appalled at the divorce rate, the disintegration of the family, sex crimes, abuse and abortions.

The promotion of sexually explicit TV, movies, burlesque (“Expect ribald [referring to sexual matters in an amusingly rude or irreverent way] night at Burlesco Notturno” Beachcomber, Oct. 11) or soft porn by Hollywood or establishments/individuals on our island as “entertainment” or “art” is just putting a pretty wrapper on the immoral.

A piece of poop hidden in a donut is still a piece of poop. Similarly, indulging in the immoral will taint one’s mind, emotions and spirit with its lies and deceit.

Why aren’t those in the #MeTo movement actively denouncing these actions that promote the objectification of women/men and demean intimacy?

I, for one, am far, far from perfect. However, as a community, we need to wake up to the consequences of our choices, what we promote or let become the norm.

On this rural island, with its many farms, most understand the concept of “we harvest what we plant and nourish.” Question: What are we planting and nourishing morally? What fruit will we eventually harvest?

In the spirit of love, we can join together and stop our downward slide. Let’s lift each other out of the valley of moral decay and enjoy happier/healthier consequences, on this little rock we call home.

— Gene Kuhns