Acclaimed Chilean band adds Vashon to national tour

The band has produced six albums and an EP, two of which are homages to Chilean music and five of their own composition.

Pascuala Illabaca Y Fauna, an acclaimed Chilean band, will play a concert on Vashon at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 30, at Vashon Center for the Arts.

The band is fronted by composer, singer, accordionist and pianist Pascuala Ilabaca – a rising and versatile star on Chile’s contemporary music scene.

The female-fronted Chilean band is soon to embark on a multi-city tour to the United States and Europe, called the 2022 La Curiosidad International Tour. Beyond Vashon, the tour includes stops in New York City, Chicago, Portland and more.

Known for powerful live shows and for having one of the most empowered voices in new Chilean music, Ilabaca’s music is deeply entwined with the complex roots of Latin American music.

In Chile, Ilabaca and her band founded a professional cooperative dedicated not only to performing music but also to youth development — with a focus on promoting roots music within public schools. They have completed 22 tours of Latin America, the United States and Europe, and have won important awards in Chile (Pulsar), the UK (Top of the World, Songlines Magazine), and in the U.S. (Independent Music Awards, NY).

The band has produced six albums and an EP, two of which are homages to Chilean music and five of their own composition.

The 2021 EP, “Amatoria” has a feminist theme and features Ilabaca with an all-female string quartet — branding their own traditional rhythms of Latin American folk music that is typically steeped in a sexist tradition, such as the ranchera and the Peruvian waltz.

“There are many traditional cultures in which people who decide to do things in a different way are later disowned, or to say it another way, ‘If you leave, don’t bother coming back,’ when they do not comply with their expected role,” said Ilabaca, explaining the risk in her determination to claim ownership of traditional music.

Pascuala and Fauna will release their new EP, “Lucero,” their first with Warner Music Chile, on July 14.

“I’ve felt trusted and valued, and I hope that music like ours will be well received by a broader audience if it receives more support and distribution,” Ilabaca said.

For now, she said she is glad to be on the road and on a tour that will have European stops including Canada, Spain, Portugal, Germany and France.

“Producing this tour has been a massive challenge as we begin moving past COVID and the crisis that it caused within the music industry, but we are happy and excited because we’ve always done everything we could to travel and perform our music,” she said.

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