Arts Briefs

“Trial By Liar” at the bookstore, Joseph Keckler performance, Patterson Hood, and more.

“Trial by Liar”

Islander Karen Pruett’s book, “Trial By Liar,” is now available on and in limited supply at Vashon Bookshop.

First published on Kindle in 2021, the paperback debuted last month.

Pruett’s research centers on the 2007 death of British resident Meredith Kercher, in Perugia, Italy, and her killer, Ivorian Rudy Guede. Vashon resident, Amanda Knox, was Kercher’s roommate when their villa was robbed by Guede, who killed Kercher and then blamed Knox and her Italian friend, Raffaele Sollecito, for the killing.

Pruett’s definitive timeline spans more than a decade and demonstrates innocence, guilt, and how an open-and-shut case went tragically wrong. It also highlights the mass media’s appalling lack of fact-checking.

From the aisles of Vashon Thriftway to several Italian courtrooms, the author’s research was driven by questions asked by the on-island friends of Knox’s family, as well as Meredith Kercher’s family in London, and shines a light on the true scope of the tragedy that occurred on a cold, windy November night 15 years ago.

Joseph Keckler to perform

Joseph Keckler, a singer, writer and multimedia creator, will perform a concert at 7:30 Friday, Dec. 9, at Vashon Center for the Arts. Keckler performs both absurdist operatic monologues and eerie, emotive ballads, often zeroing in on moments of daily life and spinning them as underworld voyages.

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Patterson Hood returns to Vashon

Debra Heesch and Vashon Center for the Arts will present Patterson Hood — a revered alternative rock icon — in concert at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 19, at VCA.

Hood is a prolific writer and performer who is best known as front-man, singer, songwriter and guitar player for the critically acclaimed band Drive-By Truckers, but he is also a writer of essays, columns and short stories, as well as a solo performer and producer.

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