Indie darlings of Rising Appalachia make tour stop on Vashon

The band brings an arsenal of instruments to their shows.

Fans of ingenious fusion, stringy twang, and stunning harmonies, rejoice: Rising Appalachia, a band that serves up a gumbo of influences including world, rock and soul music, will take the stage at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 3, at Open Space for Arts & Community.

The band brings an arsenal of instruments to their shows, wielding everything from banjos and fiddles to djembe, balafon, congas, tablas, kalimbas, beatbox, and even didgeridoo.

Rising Appalachia’s founding dates back to 2007, when Leah and Chloe Smith decamped to New Orleans from their hometown in downtown Atlanta. The mission was to deliver art in service to the rebirth of a city rocked in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Seduced by the royalty of NOLA culture, the sisters put down roots and swiftly got to work, recognizing themselves as street-culture apprentices nestled in the bosom of a musical village.

They eventually welcomed multi-instrumentalist David Brown and percussionist Biko Casini to the project, and later added fiddler/cellist Duncan Wickel.

Fifteen years and seven studio albums into an ambitious adventure that has already taken them around the world, Rising Appalachia is making its way to Vashon.

“We are so excited to be included on this tour,” said Open Space for Arts & Community Executive Director Chuck Zimmer. “These artists are open to innovation while steadfastly committed to an independent approach. When I think about artists I know Vashon will love, Rising Appalachia is at the top of my list.”

“This is a rare treat for our Vashon community,” says Open Space cofounder David Godsey. “We’re so grateful to Debra Heesch, who has been looking out for us, and working to bring Rising Appalachia to Vashon for years.”

Co-presented by Open Space for Arts & Community and Debra Heesch, the one-night-only event will take place in the Grand Hall of Open Space. Learn more or get tickets by visiting