VALISE offers annual big show of small works

The show is a favorite with VALISE artists, providing them with a chance to experiment and innovate.

In November and December, VALISE Artist Collective and Gallery is presenting its ninth annual “5 x 5 Show” — filling its gallery with small, affordable works offered up as an ideal way to both find one-of-a-kind holiday gifts and support local artists.

For the show, each VALISE member strives to create 20 small works, resulting in a gallery stocked with 300 small masterpieces. Unlike in most art exhibits, each of the works has the same price tag — $95.

The show is a favorite with VALISE artists, providing them with a chance to experiment and innovate.

“I always look forward to working small for this show and am surprised to see new ideas emerging. The process is different than when I immerse myself in a large work — more light-hearted fun,” said Pascale Judet.

Robert Passig will show a mixture of re-interpreted and newly imagined pieces.

“At the time when I first contemplated the small paintings, I was going through a period of dead-ended creativity, not having any sense of direction,” said Robert Passig, describing his creative process in approaching the exhibit. “What I needed to do was just start working. I decided to start by miniaturizing some of my existing works. In doing this, I was able to re-experience my art-making process. New ideas began formulating.”

Rachel LordKenaga is experimenting with dried paint.

“When I clean my pallet I have been saving the chunks of the dried paint,” LordKenaga said. “I’ve wanted to use these little masses of colors in my work for a while. I found the small formats to be perfect for creating works that display and play with them. The results are new paintings with old swaths of layered and textured colors.”

The annual small works show supports VALISE’s artist collective during some of the slow winter months and allows them to exhibit conceptual or experimental work.

This year, VALISE has added two more sizes to the small works show — 3 inches by 5 inches, and 5 inches by 7 inches.

The full list of artists participating in the show include Gregory Burnham, Dot Cherch, Bill Jarcho, Pascale Judet, Rachel LordKenaga, Robert Passig, Jiji Saunders, Sharon Shaver, Hita von Mende, George Wright, and Lenard Yen. During November, VALISE Gallery will be open Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 6 p.m.

The show runs through Saturday, December 31, at 17633 Vashon Hwy SW.

VALISE stands for Vashon Artists Linked in Social Engagement, and is dedicated to presenting subjects and media that are daring and unexpected.