What’s Happening in Arts | Sept. 9 to 16

Support Vashon Center for the Arts, learn about plankton, and enroll in sculpture classes.

Get your golden raffle ticket

Don’t miss your chance to support Vashon Center for the Arts by entering a raffle to take home a steamer trunk filled with goodness — part of the arts center’s annual auction this year. The truck has more than $2,500 worth of goodies inside. If you like wine, travel to warm sunny places, staycations on Vashon, football and seeing shows in VCA’s Kay White Hall (and more) this raffle is worth the $100 ticket price. Only 100 Golden Tickets will be sold, so odds are not bad that you just might win big while going big for the arts on Vashon.

Celebrate microscopic heroes in an exhibit

Vashon Island GreenTech and The Whole Vashon Project are presenting a photo exhibit of various plankton — the microscopic heroes of the earth’s waters — now on view through Oct. 31 at Puget Sound Community Credit Union. The exhibit is aimed at illustrating the dramatic importance of plankton in maintaining the earth’s climate, and how plankton are responsible for more than 50% of the Earth’s oxygen.

The plankton-promoting groups are also excited that Vashon Center for the Arts will host an exhibit of large plankton sculptures, by artist Rebecca Welti, in its gallery during October.

Church of Sculpture back in session

Islander Mike McGrath is offering a new slate of his Church of Sculpture sessions, with a live model, as well as open studio nights. Open studio nights will take place from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Mondays, beginning on Sept. 13. Church of Sculpture sessions, with a live model, will resume on Sunday, Sept. 19, and run for 10 weeks. Space is limited, and protocols for COVID safety including mandatory vaccination for all participants. For more information, visit magrathsculpture.com, or email mmagrath@gmail.com.