If you’ve got kids, you’ve got laundry. Here’s how to make laundry day a breeze!

Tacoma laundromat makes laundry quicker, easier and more efficient

For most families, children and laundry go hand-in-hand, but Patrick Montgomery and his wife, Laurie, took that built-in connection to a whole new level!

While in the process of adopting twin boys from Cambodia, the two were also looking for a business that would allow them to be home with the children when needed.

“My wife thoroughly enjoyed her career as a preschool teacher but having a family also brought the need for a job with flexible hours,” Patrick emphasized.

They first considered investing in vending machines, but while that would allow flexible hours, the idea of driving all over the city to tend them was less than appealing. But the concept sparked a new idea – rather than traveling to the machines, why not bring the machines to them?

Lighthouse Laundry was born.

Following a nine-month renovation of an abandoned Tacoma laundromat, March 1999 brought the Montgomerys’ first Lighthouse Laundry in Westgate South Mall.

“The infrastructure was already in place, so we added new washers, including a few double loaders, and new dryers. And people immediately started coming in – many had already heard we were renovating the place and were happy to have a laundromat in the neighborhood again,” Patrick explained.

Creating an inviting atmosphere has been important from Day 1, so in addition to new machines, they chose carpeting to offer a more homey setting. Their approach soon paid off, and six years later they opened a second location in Federal Way.

Lighthouse Laundry remains committed to creating a safe, clean environment with modern machines that let you get the job done easily and efficiently.

Today, Lighthouse Laundry remains committed to creating a safe, clean environment with modern machines that let you get the job done. For example:

  • Double loader washers – Ideal for smaller loads, these clean clothes more thoroughly than a top loader and get them drier, making for a quicker, more efficient laundry day.
  • Large machines – Specialty items like comforters and sleeping bags are no match for these machines! Whether you’re preparing for a camping trip or simply need to freshen up your full-size comforter, these machines let you wash and dry bulkier items in an hour for just $9 – no need to send it out for someone else to do!

With the option of washing and drying multiple loads at once, even those with their own machines at home will often bring “laundry day” to the Lighthouse Laundromat. After all, if you’ve got laundry for a whole family, this can save you time, wear and tear on your machines and utility costs, Patrick points out. Better yet, you can grab a bite to eat or shop for groceries while the wash is on, or just relax with a coffee and a good book!

Visit Lighthouse Laundry from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily in Tacoma at 5738 N. 26th St Ste 2, where you’ll also find a bill changer machine on-site and ATMs across the road at Key Bank and Wells Fargo Bank. Learn more at lighthouselaundry.biz

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