Arctic Box Reviews – Is ArcticBox Portable AC Scam or Legit?

Arctic Box is a portable air-cooling unit that cools the air to prevent heavy sweating, pale skin, dizziness, weakness, faintness, struggling to stay focused when working, moist skin, and others.

How Does Arctic Box Work?

Arctic Box portable air conditioner combines a fan and a humidifier. Here’s how this unit works:

  • Arctic Box’s container needs to be filled with water
  • The device is plugged in, and the fan is turned on
  • The fan is blowing hot air over the container, which leads to evaporation
  • Evaporation needs moisture and heat.
  • Arctic Box draws in the moisture from the water tank and the heat from the air, creating a cleaner, cooler, and refreshed air
  • Arctic Box is blowing the clean and cool air from the device’s other side

As a result of this, you can have more humid and cooler air anywhere in the home

Air conditioners take in the moisture from the air. While this is useful to cool the air rapidly, it’s not at all useful to create a comfortable environment in the room. Arctic Box works in different ways. Adding moisture removes the moisture from the air. Arctic Box works in a very different way. When moisture is in the air, then the air gets to be called as well. Arctic Box is offering the benefits of a traditional AC system, but without moisturizing the air.

Arctic Box Benefits and Features

The manufacturers of Arctic Box are advertising the following benefits and features of this unit:

  • It’s possible to use it as the most powerful regular fan and air cooler
  • It’s also a humidifier
  • Anyone can easily use it
  • It’s portable
  • In just 30 seconds, it cools the air
  • Affordable and convenient
  • Adjustable, as it has 3 fan speeds and a variable vent

Arctic Box also provides an easy, pouring through the top and no refill solution. Just pour the water directly into its unit, as you need to. While Arctic Box is running, it extracts the moisture in the tank. The tank needs to be refilled periodically for the Arctic Box to continue running as needed.

How to Use the Arctic Box Unit?

It’s very easy to use the Arctic Box unit. This device has similar functionality to that of other portable air conditioning units that are being sold on the market today. This device is similarly operable to some of the other AC devices that are being sold in the present. Your technical experience is not important, so you can use the Arctic Box without having any technical knowledge.

The 3 Steps of Using Arctic Box

Put the Arctic Box on a flat surface and introduce the power adaptor into the port. After, plug into an electrical outlet.

Remove the device’s filter, soak this filter into water, and then put the filter back in.

The cool air should be enjoyed in 30 seconds.

As soon as Arctic Box is starting to run, you can customize its operation in any way you feel like. Choose the 1 or the 3 settings, according to how you want the device to cool the air and how fast you’re looking to cool the air. You can also choose the direction in which the fans are running. For example, you can choose the air to blow at your feet or your face.

The Science Behind Arctic Box

If you want to know how Arctic Box is working, you should understand the entire science that sends this portable AC unit on the list of the best air conditioning units available on the market. When exposed to the heat, the water is evaporating. Arctic Box exposes the hot air in the box to water and creates evaporation. The heat required is evaporated. When there’s no heat, evaporation doesn’t happen.

As soon as the hot air is encountering the water in the Arctic Box, evaporation is created. The heat is transferred from the air into the water, and then the water from the tank is transferred back into the air. After, the water gets to be wetter and cooler, whereas the tank water becomes droplets into the air. For evaporation to be enhanced, even more, Arctic Box has a water curtain. The curtain needs to be soaked in water again for the evaporation process to begin again. The hot air is causing the curtain and the moisture in it to rise. The result is cool and wet air that’s blown through the fan.

Who Is Arctic Box For?

Arctic Box gets marketed towards those people who are looking for effective ways to remain cool during the months of summer. At the same time, different from an entire home AC system, Arctic Box is designed for cooling one room only. It’s perfect for smaller spaces, such as bedrooms, rooms, small apartments, and offices. Here are the people who could benefit from using Arctic Box:

  • People who no longer want the hassle and cost of installing an AC system
  • Those who are working from inside and want to cool their office, desk, and other small spaces
  • Any person who is living in a one-bedroom apartment and small spaces to remain cool for the entire summer
  • People who want to avoid dehumidification and dryness of traditional AC systems
  • Students looking to remain cool in dorms
  • Those who don’t want irritated eyes, nasal passages, and skin

It doesn’t matter if you use Arctic Box for relaxing, sleep, general use, or workaround home, the unit will keep you cool for the entire summer. And since Arctic Box is a portable AC unit, you should use it no matter where you might be going.


Arctic Box Prices

Here are the prices for Arctic Box:

  • 1 Arctic Box at $99
  • 2 Arctic Box at $159
  • 3 Arctic Box at $299
  • 4 Arctic Box at $239

Payments can be made via credit or debit card, VISA, Mastercard. There’s no PayPal option. You can buy an extended warranty for $19.99. There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee being offered with every unit bought.

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