Best Eye Vitamin Vision Supplements: Rating the Top Products

Vision declines with age. There is no denying this unfortunate fact of life. Even with advancements in modern medical science and eyesight technology, millions of people are still suffering from complicated vision issues. Sometimes glasses or contacts are not enough, and other support methods are needed before attempting invasive surgical procedures.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of supplements to help you with your vision. However, like with every industry, there are too many over-the-top supplements. Many make false claims to cure blindness, fix vision without glasses, or improve eyesight without surgery. In essence, the companies making these claims are no different than the tonic salesmen of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The promise of any miracle cure is snake oil at its finest. In other words, it is a sham, just like Ponzi schemes promising infinite wealth without the need for any work, on a slightly different level – this is health-related rather than related to money. It is because of these fraudulent risks, choosing the right eyesight supplement is tricky.

Many companies are shady, or the supplements are complete garbage not backed by science. On the other hand, there are many trustworthy supplements for supporting the vision. Although they will not fix eyesight or heal blindness, plenty of supplements help with eye health. This guide vision support guide will help you determine which formula is best for you and keep you from buying a product that is no more than empty promises.

How this Eyesight Guide Was Created

Supplements were placed on the list after careful analysis. Before acceptance to the list, vision support supplements had to pass specific criteria. First, manufacturers were researched then contacted for credibility. Shady companies with little or no scientific proof or those not available for contact were immediately removed from the guide. Companies with proven data and friendly customer service were considered and moved to the next phase of the screening process.

Second, scientific reports were scrutinized to ensure authenticity. We found many companies that provided so-called scientific studies which could not be substantiated. Companies falsifying information were placed on a blacklist to be researched deeper and possibly reported to the proper authorities. Again, companies who could prove their data was backed by science were kept on the list to analyze further.

Third, reviews by peers and colleagues were researched to determine if the studies proved claimed benefits by supplement manufacturers were accurate. In many cases, those writing reviews or performing studies were contacted or examined for their credentials.

After careful consideration of each factor, supplements were either added to or removed from the guide. The following article is a list of the best vision support formulas available, in our opinion. The list is not a ranking system but rather a compilation of the best supplements for vision available online at the time of this writing. We will do our best to update it accordingly. Still, please remember to perform your research in correlation with the guide to confirm our reports before making any substantial purchases.

NOTE: The first few supplements are examples of “miracle” eye health products. We suggest you deeply research them before purchase. There is no scientific evidence to prove anyone substance can heal any eye ailment or prevent disease. Also, other than surgery, nothing can heal physical damage to the eye. Any supplement claiming it can do so is either a scam or highly inaccurate on the effectiveness of their product. Lastly, none of the following vision support formulas is meant to replace a healthy diet, proper eye care, sleep, medical treatment of any kind. Please consult your doctor or physician before using any of the following products.

Top Vision Health Supplements



Here we have a perfect example of a miracle supplement that promises to restore eye health to complete working order within 24 hours. It is made up of commonly used ingredients found in most eye support products. Ingredients used in ReVision are in extremely low doses compared to other proven compounds.

There is another version called ReVision that is supposedly stronger and even more expensive. They make promises that ingredients are all-natural, even though no source can be determined of them. And not only is the supplement supposed to heal eye problems, but it also repairs cognitive function. All the positive effects take somewhere between three and six months to become noticeable. ReVision is a pricey supplement at around $70 a bottle.

Divine Vision 12


Based on religious teachings, Divine Vision 12 is a little different than other supplements on the list. More specifically, ingredients found in it are said to be found in recipes located in the Bible. The main issue is that the product manufacturers use vague non-descriptive language when speaking about the supplement’s benefits. Not only that, but they also have no list of the ingredients included in it.

We have no idea how it works or what it does for people taking it. With no scientific proof on the claims they make or an ingredient list at the very least, we consider it a very high-priced product at $70 a bottle. The only good thing we like is it comes with a six-month money-back guarantee. Even so, Divine Vision 12 is likely to be a sham and should be avoided at all costs.

Vista Clear


Hailing from Australia, Vista Clear is based on an ancient Aboriginal recipe for improving eyesight. The recipe has been used for hundreds, possibly thousands of years in the outback. Vista Clear claims the recipe is derived after studying the bushmen’s special diet – among other mysterious factors not disclosed.

It contains a comprehensive ingredient list of twenty-six components. They are composed of different minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and herbs. Many can be found in other eyesight compounds, and others are typically found in many supplements not related to eyes whatsoever.

Ingredients in Vista Clear are unique for the most part and include Hawthorn, Lemon Balm, Bacopa Monnieri, Chamomile, Skullcap, and St. John’s Wort. Like we said, most ingredients in Vista Clear are found in no other eye support formula. Not only that, but they are also not proven to help vision in any scientific studies. More commonly, ingredients listed in the supplement are typically used in other supplements because people are familiar with them. We do not like that they claim to be a miracle cure-all eye health supplement. And it is one of the most expensive formulas on the list at $80 a bottle.

Eyesight Max


Here is a supplement that makes extremely bold claims like the previously mentioned. Eyesight Max has zero scientific research to prove any of their claims are true. Yet, it promises to heal any eyesight ailment, returning vision to 20/20 regardless of how damaged your eye is or how bad your vision is. Along with that, it claims that the supplement will improve vision better than prescription drugs or proven eye surgery in weeks.

Eyesight Max even promises to restore vision in diabetic patients who have lost sight because of the disease. We consider the vision supplement expensive as it costs about $70 a bottle and even says it will heal cataracts, glaucoma, and even injuries sustained by the eye. It is in our opinion this company is a scam. And we highly recommended avoiding Eyesight Max or, at the very least, research yourself before purchase.



We included this on the list as a type of warning. The reason is that no conclusive studies are backing any claims by Provisine. It is a supplement that uses a secret ingredients blend. This is more likely a proprietary blend of some kind, found in several other company’s eye care products.

Ingredients in Provisine are in an unknown amount as well as being unknown of what they are. Although created by an optometrist, we are highly skeptical of this product. It is yet one more vision care supplement that promises to heal any type of health issue related to eyesight known to man. Even though it is said to be organic, there is no proof backing the claim. The same can be said about Provisine’s promises to restore anyone’s eyesight to 20/20 vision. Without any evidence backing the claims, we cannot support Provisine and instead are wary of the supplement that runs just under $70 a bottle.

Eagle Eye 911


Created by the supplement company PhytAge Labs, Eagle Eye 911 promises twice the power of other eye support compounds on the list. Said to improve vision clarity through better eye function. The eye care supplement offers retinal support, reduces eye strain, and detoxifies the eye. It does so by using powerful antioxidant ingredients that are found in other supplements on the list.

They are NAC, L-Taurine, Grape Seed, and Quercetin, among other ingredients. Although like other supplements we mention, this is one of the higher-priced eye support compounds at $69.95 a bottle.

PureHealth Research Complete Vision Formula


Like other supplements on the list, Complete Vision Formula is made of commonly used ingredients. Ingredients are Vitamins C, E, Zinc Oxide, Copper, Bilberry Extract, Eyebright, and Lutein. Even though common, the ingredients are scientifically proven to support eye health.

As important as it is to us that customer reviews support claims made by PureHealth, we need to remain honest. Some customers even report clearer vision without their glasses or contact lenses after continual use, but results will vary from user to user. Some customers even report clearer vision without their glasses or contact lenses. The supplement is in the mid-price range, relatively speaking, compared to other supplements on the list. A bottle of PureHealth Research Complete Vision Formula costs roughly $50.

Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Vision Formula


Directly supports vision and eye health; ingredients listed in Advanced Vision Formula are found in other supplements on the list. There are more than a dozen ingredients used. The ingredients listed are also found in several nootropic products.

They are claimed to support cognitive function as well as vision. Ingredients in Advanced Vision Formula include Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Bilberry Extract, Astaxanthin, Beta Glucan, Gingko Biloba, L-Taurine, and Cognizin. Some of the benefits include clearer, sharper, day, and night vision. They also promise to heal a multitude of eye health issues. As for customers, they report seeing better after taking the supplement within just a few weeks. This is one of the more expensive vision compounds on the list at just under $70. Still, if it works as claimed and customers report, it is easily worth the money they are asking for it.



Here we have another standard yet effective eye support formula. Created with Lutein as the primary ingredient, Lutenol supports the lens, retina, and macula health. Other ingredients include antioxidants like Vitamin A. Carotenoids are added as an ingredient in high levels to perpetuate proper eye health. More ingredients in Lutenol include Bilberry Extract, and Anthocyanosides, both of which directly support the health of your eye’s retina.

One aspect we like about Lutenol is they promote brain health along with eye health. The supplement is designed to help cognitive function as well, enabling communication between the eye and brain. If you think about it logically, eyesight is irrelevant if the information processed by the brain is slow, or inaccurate, and vise-versa. Customers who use Lutenol report seeing better than ever without suffering from any unwanted medication issues. A bottle costs just under $30, a fair price to pay for improved vision by any standards.

Nuzena Vision Support +


Primarily designed to combat the effects of aging, Nuzena Vision Support + promises to stop many eyes related health issues dead in their tracks. First and foremost, it will treat AMD, age-related macular degeneration. Along with treating AMD, eyesight health, in general, is supported by the low-priced vision supplement.

Ingredients include a proprietary vision support blend consisting of Zinc Oxide, Vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B3, B12, and Biotin. Other commonly used ingredients in Vision Support + are Zeaxanthin, Quercetin, Lipoic Acid, Bilberry Extract, Lutein, NAC, and Eyebright. Together, these ingredients make up one of the most comprehensive lists of eye support compounds found in any supplement on this list. Considering a bottle of Vision Support + sells for just $35, it is one of the more widely affordable eye support compounds available online.



Researched and created by doctors, 1MD brings you Vision MD. The advanced nutritional formula used in the supplement follows guidelines set in place by the National Eye Institute. The doctors who formulated the supplement took ingredients recommended by the foundation and placed them together in dosages higher than the minimum amounts recommended to promote optimal levels of eye health.

Ingredients in VisionMD are backed by years of research conducted by the Eye Institute, mixed with the most effective scientific methods for proper assimilation by your body. They include substances found in many supplements on this list, like Carotenes, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin. Other ingredients not familiar to the list in the supplement include Lyc-O-Mato Lycopene, EVTene, and OptiLut, each of which is a proprietary formula used because of scientific studies proving them to promote healthy eyes. Lastly, Vitamin E is used, which helps stop damage to your eyes on a cellular level. According to the scientists who formulated VisionMD, no other supplement on the market can benefit the eyes as much as this compound can.

Performance Lab Vision


Designed to improve vision quality, Performance Lab Vision eye supplement claims to sharpen your focus for better eye performance. It works by improving the overall health of your eye while healing the effects aging has on eyesight. Essentially it will enhance eyesight, with a lower sensory acuity threshold. While taking Performance Lab Vision, you will notice finer details, smaller movements and supposedly see better at night, as well. Other improvements include better vision in bright lighting and seeing better through glares.

Lab Vision helps negate the harmful effects blu rays have on your eyes. It does so by using specific ingredients in the right amount, blended for optimal eye health support. Ingredients in Lab Vision include Zeaxanthin, Bilberry Extract, Astaxanthin, Lutein, and Blackcurrant Extract. Science proves that high levels of each ingredient help reduce inflammation in your eyes and the surrounding connective tissue. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of poor eyesight; therefore, you naturally improve your eye’s functionality by reducing it. At just around $40, Performance Lab’s Vision is one of the more moderately priced supplements on the list.

Zenith Labs Vision 20


Formulated for older middle-aged adults and seniors, Vision 20 is a highly advanced formula promoting healthy eyesight. It was created by scientific research conducted by Dr. Ryan Shelton of Zenith Labs. After thoroughly studying different ingredient effects on vision, Shelton manufactured Vision 20 to help older adults improve their eyesight.

The supplement works to detoxify your eyes to function better. Over time, people’s eyes fill up with toxic substances build up, hardening the fragile lens. A stiffened lens causes blurred vision, leading to eye strains that cause pain. With Vision 20, your eyes get the ingredients needed to detoxify and heal. Using the supplement leads to long-term benefits for eyesight, not just temporary relief for damaged eyes. Only all-natural ingredients like carotenoids and zeaxanthin are used in Vision 20, each backed by scientific proof, making it the first vision supplement to be advertised on our list. You can purchase a bottle of it for roughly $40.

Bonus Vision Support Guides

The next part of the guide is a bonus. We understand vision is not only about taking pills. Other factors affect your quality of vision. Diet, activity levels, sleep, and uncomplicated vision exercises can all determine how good you see. Here are a few cool eyesight health-related guides you can read to help improve your vision.

Eyesight Guide One – Koori Vision Fix Protocol


The first guide we present to you is Koori Vision Fix Protocol and was developed by Jake Turner. It does not appear that Turner is a doctor in any way, but he is the guide’s author. The reading promises to teach you an easy way to restore your vision to 20/20. We must admit that we are skeptical of the guide considering Jake has no substantial background in vision care.

More so, the basis of the treatment in the guide is a simple green smoothie. After just a couple of weeks of drinking, the smoothie is said to be enough to restore vision to 20/20. Along with the guide, you get an at-home eye test so that you can see the improvements for yourself in just under three weeks. A copy of the regular Koori guide is about $50, with the deluxe costing around $60.

Eyesight Guide Two – Natural Vision System


Here is the second set of bonus materials. Natural Vision System is a comprehensive collection of eBooks available for immediate download. The holistic remedies consist mainly of all-natural therapy practices. The guide promises that you will notice the drastically improved vision after a short time of using it. The guide was written by an actual MD and Chief Health Research Agent at the National Vision Improvement Center, Michael Tonka.

Regardless of what type of ailment you suffer from, near or farsightedness, astigmatism, or whatever, Tonka claims the teachings in his book will help you heal your eyesight and see better. Tonka also claims his eye improvement exercises are fun and designed for people of all ages. Even if you do not have eye issues, the practices can help strengthen your eyesight, thereby avoiding problems in the future. As Tonka puts it, avoiding the situation in the first place is much easier than dealing with it once it happens. You can pick up the vision improvement system online for about $40.

Eyesight Guide Three – Sniper Vision System


Developed by a doctor, not a sniper – the name is just catchy and cool. Sniper Vision System teaches how almost anyone can restore their eyesight to perfect 20/20. Although not created by a real sniper, the exercises you will learn to perform in the book supposedly come from an actual sniper’s journal. Whether the claim is valid or not, we cannot say for sure. Still, the book makes some good points and touches on diet and various strategies to improve vision.

Some of these strategies are simple exercises to lower your vision acuity threshold or the finest detail you can see with your naked eye. If based on real sniper training, it is likely the exercises really will help you see better. It has been long known; snipers have some of the sharpest vision of anyone on the planet. Along with the book, you also get a couple of bonuses, an Eye Test Home Kit and a Clear Eyes Protocol. All three eye improvement products can be purchased for about $50 online.

How We Compiled Our Vision Improvement List in Detail

We put up the items listed on this vision eye care supplement list against specific standards. Namely, where the scientifically proven ingredients are sourced from, second, do the supplements contain the correct doses of the proven ingredients, according to research? Third, what is the reputation of the maker? Do they have a history of trustworthy research and business? And are they medically supported supplements – backed by health care professionals?

Other factors we took into consideration were the reviews by real customers. Are they good or bad? Pretty simple, yet customer reviews say a lot about a product. Once we determined that the products are high-quality, we looked at their pricing relative to value. An eye care product that improves eye health is worth the money if its use-value exceeds its monetary value. If there is a moneyback guarantee and good customer service, we also considered that. Not all companies are created equally, as we all know. It is pretty obvious, but it still needs to be mentioned, we only promote genuine products, not selling snake oil. As said before, there is no miracle eye care product, any supplement claiming to heal everything is a scam for the most part.

Do These Eyesight Supplements Work?

First and foremost, in no way can any supplement fix physical eye damage. They can only offer support to vision rather than fixing it. If eyesight is poor because of malnutrition or inflammation, it is possible supplements will help. Science is better at answering this question than we are, but we can say supplements are in no way an end-all cure to perfect eye health.

Does Science back them?

As stated, if malnutrition or inflammation is the cause of impaired vision, it is possible. Most ingredients in the supplements, like Lutein, are proven to improve eyesight – with scientific research backing the claims. Even so, most of them can be taken in by eating a healthy, varied diet. The supplements are likely unnecessary for most healthy adults. Still, it is also expected they can benefit or help most adults ensure they are getting the correct nutrients for their eyes.

Still, extracts like Bilberry have been used for decades to improve eyesight. Bilberry was given to military enlisted men in England and the United States in WWII, for example. Also, many ingredients improve brain function rather than vision. Most ingredients cannot strengthen the eye itself or the muscles surrounding it. There is promise in taking some supplements, but likely not needed by everyone. You should consult a doctor before using any supplements. Supplements could be used as part of a preventative care system to help you avoid unwanted ailments that affect the quality of your vision and your eye’s health.

Are There Unwanted Side-Effects?

Since these supplements are all-natural and contain ingredients in doses considered safe by the FDA, they are safe. There are no known unwanted side effects, except possibly allergic reactions to specific ingredients in any of the listed supplements. The only other possibility is a negative interaction between certain ingredients and different prescription medications.

Section Three – Vision Question and Answer Section

Q: What does science consider low vision?

A: Any vision below 20/70 that glasses or contacts cannot fix. Also, the vision must be so poor that it negatively affects daily life and related activities like driving.

Q: What is Considered Legally Blind?

A: People with visual acuity less than 20/200, regardless of any corrective measures, are considered legally blind. If you have a low peripheral vision of 20 degrees or less, you are also legally blind.

Q: What is Your Visual Acuity Threshold?

A: Your visual acuity is your eye’s ability to see the finest shapes, colors, and details. It is how well your eye can distinguish between different shapes, and symbols, or patterns at 20 feet.

Q: How Is Vision Measured?

A: Your vision is measured via your acuity, done when you read a series of letters at 20 feet. Think of the test you perform when applying for your driver’s license.

Q: What is Myopia?

A: Nearsightedness, or when you can only see objects relatively close to you.

Q: What is Hyperopia?

A: Farsightedness, or when you can only see objects relatively far from you.

Q: Can Vision Loss Be prevented?

A: The CDC states vision can be sustained through healthy practices and preventive care for conditions or that diagnosed conditions are treated quickly.

Q: Does Age Affect Vision?

A: Yes, as people age, their vision naturally starts to decline due to wearing out the muscles within and around the eye.

Q: Is 20/20 considered perfect vision?

A: No, people with 20/20 vision may not have perfect vision.

Q: What Diseases Affect the Eyes?

A: Diseases that affect the eyes are Glaucoma, Cataracts, Diabetes, and Age-Related Macular Degenerations primarily. Some other illnesses and parasites can affect vision and substance abuse, but they are less common and have been left off the list.

Diseases that affect the eyes can cause blurred vision, depth perception issues, and even blindness.

Q: Are There Exercises to Improve Eye health?

A: Yes and no, exercises for improving eye health do not focus on making the muscles around the eye stronger. Instead, exercises that strengthen the eye are to enhance communication between the brain and the eyes.

Q: Are There Nutrients That Support Eye Health?

A: Yes, Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Omega-3s, and other ingredients found in lean protein and veggies all support eye health.

Q: Are There Supplements That Support Eye Health?

A: Yes, some supplements contain the previously mentioned nutrients which can support eye health.

Q: What Supplements Are Best for Eye Health?

A: The supplements on this list stated as quality has been determined to be the best supplements available for eye health.

Vision Guide Conclusion

Taking care of your eyes is as important as taking care of any other part of your body. Eating a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, and preventative maintenance are the first steps to healthy eyesight. Sometimes, getting the proper nutrients can be complex, and that is where vision support supplements come into the picture. Some supplements contain simple, easy-to-find ingredients, while others are more obscure and contain ingredients not commonly found in food. To learn more about which eyesight supplement is right for you, please read the entire article above and check out each product you are interested in for yourself by clicking on any of the provided links above.

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Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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