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Cell Xtend Plus Reviews: Advanced Anti-Aging Support or Scam

Cell Xtend Plus is a nutritional supplement from Revivify Nutrition.

The supplement claims to provide advanced anti-aging support by reviving, conditioning and tightening your skin. Just take two capsules daily, then enjoy younger skin.

Does Cell Xtend Plus really work? Is Cell Xtend Plus the right anti-aging supplement for you? Find out everything you need to know about Cell Xtend Plus and how it works today in our review.

What is Cell Xtend Plus?

Cell Xtend Plus is an anti-aging supplement sold exclusively online through CellXtendPlus.com.

Priced at $70 per bottle, the supplement claims to use natural ingredients to deliver powerful anti-aging benefits.

Cell Xtend Plus is made by a company named Revivify Nutrition. As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Revivify has launched a sales page for Cell Xtend Plus featuring anti-aging secrets from Easter Island. The company claims to have developed its formula based partially on an anti-aging ingredient found beneath a 620-year old statue on Easter Island.

By taking two capsules of Cell Xtend Plus per day, you can purportedly enjoy anti-aging effects, including younger-looking skin. The supplement also claims to give you more youthful energy and more comfortable joints, among other effects. In fact, Revivify suggests their formula could also deliver “powerful immunity.”

Is Cell Xtend Plus the anti-aging, immune-boosting supplement you’ve been waiting for? Or is it yet another overhyped anti-aging formula? Let’s take a closer look at how Cell Xtend Plus works.


How Does Cell Xtend Plus Work?

Cell Xtend Plus claims to use natural ingredients to refresh worn-out cells with new ones in just days.

By taking two capsules of Cell Xtend Plus daily, you give your body the ingredients it needs to refresh tired cells and replace them with fresh ones.

The supplement was created by a man named Dr. Baran Erdik, who claims to have developed the formula based on the “Easter Island Longevity Secret.” Researchers purportedly discovered an anti-aging miracle beneath a statue on Easter Island. Dr. Erdik developed his formula based partially on that discovery.

By taking two capsules of Cell Xtend Plus daily, you may be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Stay young and healthy during your best years instead of feeling under the weather, tired, or older than you are.
  • Support powerful immunity, making it harder for viruses and other problems to get you sick while supporting your ability to stay healthy.
  • Keep your joints flexible, smooth, and problem-free.
  • Feel vibrant and excited while enjoying more youthful energy.

And more. The sales page for Cell Xtend Plus is filled with people who have transformed their lives using the formula.

Cell Xtend Plus has different effects because it impacts overall cellular renewal. Instead of focusing on one specific aspect of health and wellness, Cell Xtend Plus targets your cells’ overall ability to renew themselves over time. That’s why it claims to target everything from cognition to joint pain.


What is the Easter Island Longevity Secret?

Dr. Erdik based the Cell Xtend Plus formula on something called the 1972 Easter Island Longevity Secret.

Easter Island is a remote island far off the coast of South America. And it’s the territory of Chile. Easter Island is best known for its Moai heads – the large head statues found throughout the island.

In 1972, a researcher named Suren Sehgal discovered strange bacteria in the soil of Easter Island. When Sehgal purified this bacteria, he found that one of the compounds had powerful anti-fungal properties.

Sehgal called the discovery rapamycin. The “Rapa” in rapamycin comes from the ancestral name for Easter Island: Rapa Nui.

In 1972, researchers didn’t understand the value of rapamycin or what it did. It wasn’t until 1992 that a researcher discovered a way that rapamycin impacted the body. Here’s how Dr. Erdik explains the discovery:

“…in 1992, Dr. David Sabatini finally solved this mystery…When he discovered a strange enzyme in the human body called mammalian target of rapamycin…or mTOR for short. When Dr. Sabatini and others looked under the microscope…They realized that the reason why rapamycin had such a powerful effect on the immune system…”

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All of us are born with this mTOR enzyme inside of us. As we get older, however, the activity of this enzyme changes. In your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, mTOR begins to interfere with an important process called autophagy. That’s the process where your cells die and renew themselves. Autophagy plays a crucial role in aging, disease, and immunity.

As you get older, your body has too much mTOR, which disrupts the autophagy process. Here’s how Dr. Erdik explains what happens next:

“You can understand why having too much mTOR is a really BAD thing…Especially as you get older. When mTOR levels are high…And autophagy is disrupted…Your cells don’t “clean” themselves or recycle themselves like they should…Which means they become old and worn down. It’s a lot like putting out your garbage week after week (your old cells), but the truck never comes…”

Dr. Erdik created a supplement that claims to target mTOR levels in your body. Instead of having high levels of mTOR, you have lower levels of mTOR. To do that, Dr. Erdik added compounds called “healthspan extenders” to his formula.


Cell Xtend Plus Health Extenders: How Do They Work?

The Cell Xtend Plus formula is filled with ingredients called “healthspan extenders” by Dr. Erdik. Dr. Erdik claims these health extenders” boost your immunity…and fight back against father time.” They refresh cells throughout your body, lowering mTOR levels and increasing autophagy. That means your cells are more likely to renew themselves instead of dying.

Here are the health extenders in Cell Xtend Plus and how they work, according to Dr. Erdik:

Healthspan Extender #1: Hydroxytyrosol: Dr. Erdik describes hydroxytyrosol as “the Mediterranean secret to an unusually long healthspan.” It’s found in olive oil and other foods. Dr. Erdik believes it’s “arguably the most powerful antioxidant on earth” because it shields your cells, making them significantly stronger. Hydroxytyrosol strengthens cells by blocking excessive mTOR and activating autophagy. By taking Cell Xtend Plus daily, you can give your body the hydroxytyrosol it needs to promote cellular autophagy, suppress mTOR, and modulate inflammation, among other benefits.

Healthspan Extender #2: Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is a common nutritional supplement ingredient. Studies show that ALA works as a “little repairman” to clean up your cells. ALA is commonly found in diabetes supplements because of its purported ability to support blood sugar. However, Dr. Erdik claims he added ALA to Cell Xtend Plus because of its ability “to control mTOR and keep it from interfering with our bodies.” Dr. Erdik also claims ALA promotes autophagy (cellular cleaning) in human heart cells, among other benefits.

Healthspan Extender #3: Glucosamine: Commonly found in joint health supplements, glucosamine is a molecule that supports aging joints in some people. Dr. Erdik added glucosamine to Cell Xtend Plus because of its ability to act as an mTOR blocker.

Healthspan Extender #4: Berberine: Dr. Erdik describes berberine as “the helpful janitor” because it cleans up old, worn-down cells in your body. Your body needs to get rid of cells to complete the cellular renewal (autophagy) process. Otherwise, you have zombie cells hanging around your body. The berberine in Cell Xtend Plus purportedly accelerates the autophagy process while also offering “notable mTOR blocking abilities,” according to Dr. Erdik.

Healthspan Extender #5: Taurine: Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that could activate autophagy throughout your body.

Healthspan Extender #6: Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 is crucial for overall health and wellness. Dr. Erdik claims the vitamin D3 in Cell Xtend Plus can support immunity, block mTOR, and even help you lose weight, among other benefits.

Ultimately, Dr. Erdik claims these six healthspan extenders “deliver a multi-pronged attack on erratic mTOR.” As you get older, you can’t help that your mTOR becomes overactive. However, you can change the way your body reacts to it.

Cell Xtend Plus Ingredients

Cell Xtend Plus contains similar ingredients to what you would find in any joint health supplement. The supplement contains strong doses of vitamin D3, glucosamine, alpha-lipoic acid, and berberine. All ingredients are packaged into a gelatin capsule.

Every two capsules serving of Cell Xtend Plus contains the following ingredients:

  • 20mcg of vitamin D3 (100% of your Daily Value)
  • 500mg of glucosamine
  • 300mg of alpha-lipoic acid
  • 250mg of berberine
  • 200mg of taurine
  • 10mg of Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract (with 99% 5-HTP or hydroxytryptophan)

Inactive ingredients include gelatin (for the capsule) and brown rice flour, silicon dioxide (as fillers, binders, and preservatives to hold the formula together).

Revivify Nutrition does not disclose the full list of ingredients upfront on one Cell Xtend Plus sales page. However, the company lists all ingredients and dosages on its main website.


Scientific Evidence for Cell Xtend Plus

Cell Xtend Plus was created by a medical doctor specializing in internal medicine. Revivify cites multiple studies to verify its claims. However, Cell Xtend Plus has not completed any specific research to verify it works as advertised. There are no clinical trials on Cell Xtend Plus on humans or animals, and Dr. Serdik has not published his Cell Xtend Plus research or formula in any peer-reviewed journal.

However, some studies show that the ingredients in Cell Xtend Plus could help with aging, joint pain, and other issues.

First, it helps to understand mTOR and how it works. The mammalian target of the rapamycin (mTOR) signaling pathway influences cell metabolism, growth, proliferation, and survival. mTOR is a protein that controls your cells’ growth, those cells’ activity, and other crucial processes.

As this 2008 study explained, mTOR plays a key role in development and aging. Some studies have linked TOR to the development of cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. As more research is done on mTOR signaling, we’re learning more about targeting mTOR pathways and potentially influencing cell growth.

Glucosamine has been proposed as one way to influence mTOR. In this 2010 study, researchers found that glucosamine induced autophagy via an mTOR-independent pathway. As mentioned on the Cell Xtend Plus sales page, autophagy is the process where your cells naturally rejuvenate themselves over time. The study found that amino sugars with a free amino group (like glucosamine, galactosamine, and mannosamine) “induced autophagy via an mTOR-independent pathway.” Because of these results, researchers concluded that “orally administrated glucosamine could contribute to the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases and promotion of antiaging effects,” among other benefits.

Similarly, this 2014 study found that alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) also influenced mTOR signaling. Cell Xtend Plus contains ALA. In the study, researchers gave ALA to obese rats following a high-fat diet. Researchers found that ALA supplementation “limits the negative ramifications of consuming a high-fat diet.” Researchers observed particular benefits on skeletal muscle markers of oxidative metabolism. In layman’s terms, ALA appears to support joint health by impacting mTOR signaling.

Cell Xtend Plus contains berberine for its purported ability to induce autophagy in cardiovascular cells. That effect comes from this 2019 study, where researchers found that a combination of berberine and curcumin “increased cell death” while inhibiting mTOR pathways more effectively than individual treatments.

Overall, Cell Xtend Plus contains a unique combination of ingredients we don’t see in many other supplements. These ingredients appear to influence mTOR signaling in various ways. mTOR signaling can impact aging, joint pain, cell death, autophagy, and other visible symptoms and aging effects. Although Cell Xtend Plus has not been proven to work, the ingredients in Cell Xtend Plus could work in various ways to support anti-aging benefits.

Cell Xtend Plus Pricing

Cell Xtend Plus is priced at around $70 per bottle, with discounts available when ordering multiple bottles.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + Free US Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 + Free US Shipping

All purchases come with a 180-day money-back guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 6 months (180 days) if you’re unhappy with the results of Cell Xtend Plus for any reason.


Who is Dr. Baran Erdik?

A medical doctor created cell Xtend Plus (MD) named Dr. Baran Erdik. Dr. Erdik specializes in internal medicine and cardiology. He has a Master’s in Healthcare Administration and Policy from Washington State University, where he graduated summa cum laude.

Dr. Erdik calls himself “the youth doctor” because he specializes in anti-aging. His recommended treatment plans can reduce the effects of aging and help patients look and feel younger, among other benefits.

Dr. Baran Erdik appears to be a real medical doctor based in Washington. He has published five studies in peer-reviewed journals covering various aspects of internal medicine. He also specializes in substance abuse treatment.

As far as we can tell, Dr. Baran Erdik used his medical experience to develop Cell Xtend Plus. He now recommends the supplement to patients dealing with all types of aging issues – from aging skin to joint pain other symptoms.

About Revivify Nutrition

Revivify Nutrition is a nutritional supplement company found online at RevivifyNutritionStore.com. The company is based in the United States and consists of a team of natural health researchers – including Dr. Baran Erdik.

Revivify emphasizes science-backed, plant-based supplements. It’s important to note that Cell Xtend Plus is not technically plant-based: the capsule is gelatin, and gelatin is a pork or cow product.

Revivify Nutrition currently sells three supplements, including Cell Xtend Plus (for cellular renewal and aging), Cogni Xtend (for memory, focus, clarity, and cognition), and Meta Cleanse (for metabolic support).

You can contact Revivify Nutrition via the following:

  • Email: support@revivifynutrition.com
  • Phone: 855-799-6336
  • Mailing Address: 2961 A Hunter Mill Rd #654 Oakton, VA 22124

Revivify Nutrition makes Cell Xtend Plus in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility.


Final Word

Cell Xtend Plus is a nutritional supplement that claims to work in various ways to renew cellular health. The supplement contains ingredients like berberine, glucosamine, and alpha-lipoic acid linked to autophagy, which is the natural ability of cells to renew themselves over time.

By taking two capsules of Cell Xtend Plus daily, you may be able to support cellular health from the inside out.

To learn more about Cell Xtend Plus and how the formula works, order online today through the official website, where a 60-day refund policy backs the supplement.

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