FortBite Reviews – Ingredients That Work or Risky Side Effects?

Don’t have the confidence to smile out loud? Afraid people will pinpoint your receding gums, or stained teeth? It turns out that these consequences indicate a serious underlying condition. Fortunately, a team came forward with a solution that should be treated the same way as toothpaste to reverse these visible flaws of oral health and many more. The purpose of this review is to introduce FORTBITE.


FORTBITE is an oral health powder intended to promote strong teeth and gums, while balancing the digestive systhttps://supplementusa.com/fortbiteem. According to the makers, a recent discovery was made in relation to dental issues. Dubbed the “silent reflux,” it is allegedly worst at night, especially when the body rests in a horizontal position. Why? Because stomach acid finds its way to the mouth, worsening oral health. This might all sound confusing at first, but the entirety of FORTBITE makes most sense when the reasons for a particular relationship are understood. The next step is to dig deeper into the driving force behind FORTBITE.

How does FORTBITE work?

FORTBITE was formulated to address digestive health, which the makers argue has a direct impact on the health of teeth and gums. One source that highlighted the role of teeth in the digestive system [1], started off by explaining that the digestion of food begins in the mouth. Salivary glands secrete enzymes that help to break down fats and starches and lubricate food that passes down the esophagus.

Next, the teeth are vital because they allow for food to be chewed and nutrients released. When individuals are faced with tooth infection and/or misalignment, maximum chewing and digestion are not reached. Interestingly, there are oral signs that suggest digestive system issues. These include enamel defects, bleeding gums, oral candida/thrust, and red patches on the gums. In accordance with everything, those who suffer from digestive problems might also face oral problems and vice versa.

So, how does FORTBITE come into the equation? It contains organic, highly active ingredients that not only aim to reverse damages to the teeth and gums, but also help improve digestive function. This brings us to the next crucial aspect: the ingredient’s list.

What ingredients are inside FORTBITE?

The main ingredients found inside the FORTBITE powder include:

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium is a mineral necessary for normal functions of the body, while also preventing and/or treating calcium deficiency. In the context of oral health, a study that looked at the effect of natural calcium carbonate toothpaste containing perlite and microgranules reported optimal tooth stain removal [2]. Another study that looked at the effect of calcium carbonate-based dentifrice on enamel demineralization found the ingredient to be fundamental to enhance the effect of fluoride [3].

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a clay poised to aid digestion by detoxification. Specifically, it contains negatively charged ions that attach to positively charged ions in the gut. Consequently, will be excreted from the body [4]. One thing to be mindful of is the fact that bentonite clay is an ingredient that has traditional support but lacks scientific support. In fact, more research is needed to affirm that results are possible.

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay, also known as China clay or Porcelain clay, is made from a mineral called kaolinite and pectin. Similar in function to that of bentonite clay, this ingredient has been shown to neutralize viruses and bacterial endotoxins in the gut. Furthermore, it might settle stomach upset and nausea by coating the digestive tract, increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, and act as a detoxifying agent. Once again, individuals will need to decide whether they are willing to compromise science since there is a lack thereof [5].

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Ceylon cinnamon is a type of cinnamon extracted from the bark of an evergreen tree. Chemicals found in this respective powder could reduce spasms, gas and fight bacteria and fungi writes one source [6]. Ceylon cinnamon is also full of antioxidants and manganese, both of which help to produce hormones, repair bones, and protect the body from free radical damage [7].

Clove Pepper

Clove pepper is typically found in supplements to help increase the body’s bioavailability. However, it seems the ingredient has many scientific proven benefits. One source summarized them, insisting that the pepper might halt oxidative damage caused by free radicals, provide protection against cancer, improve gut and liver health, reduce the amount of plaque and bacteria in the mouth, regulate blood sugar levels, and promote bone health and treat stomach ulcers [8].

Peppermint Extract

Peppermint is an aromatic herb belonging to the mint family. The advantage of having an ingredient of this nature is its versatility. For starters, it might relieve digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating and indigestion. Animal studies suggest the herb relaxes the digestive system, prevents smooth muscles from contracting and may relieve spasms in the gut. Second, it is a common ingredient used to freshen the breath. Lastly, its antibacterial effects have been shown to kill bacteria in the mouth among others [9].

Ginger Powder

Ginger is a flowering plant whose rhizome is used as a spice. In the context of wellness, ginger’s active compound, gingerol allegedly induces gastrointestinal motility. Specifically, the ingredient contributes to the digestive process. Other benefits include reduced bloating and intestinal gas, healing of damaged cells, and protection against free radicals and their ability to induce oxidative stress [10].

Lemon Peel Powder

Lemon peel powder is exactly as it sounds, a powder created using the peel of lemons. When ingested as lemon water, it can boost saliva production and freshen the breath. According to a dentist, “Hydration is key for good salivary production, and the most protective natural remedy of tooth decay.” However, drinking in excess might give rise to yellowing teeth, cavities, and sensitivity. This isn’t surprising seeing how lemon water has been associated with teeth demineralization [11].


Myrrh is a gum-resin extracted from a tree species belonging to the genus Commiphora. Regarding oral health, myrrh oil has been approved by the FDA as flavor-enhancing for mouthwashes and toothpaste. Furthermore, it might treat painful mouth sores, and help alleviate symptoms linked to gingivitis. However, individuals need to be careful because high doses can be toxic [12].

Finally, Stevia and Xylitol sugar substitutes have been selected to make the FORTBITE powder pleasant-tasting and to support dental health respectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


FORTBITE contains high-quality ingredients, manufactured in an FDA-registered facility under strict and sterile conditions. Each of the selected ingredients have supposedly undergone testing for purity against toxins and contaminants. For these reasons, this powder is deemed safe to take. For peace of mind, individuals may want to consult a healthcare’s opinion before proceeding.

How should FORTBITE be used?

To make the most out of FORTBITE, individuals are recommended to brush their teeth with this powder twice daily, once in the morning before breakfast and once in the evening before bedtime. A penny-sized amount must be mixed to create a toothpaste-like consistency. Additionally, the toothbrush makes a lot of difference too; the softer the brusher the less damaging it will be on the teeth and gums. Although it might be tempting, individuals are asked to refrain from using anything else while using FORTBITE.

What are the purported benefits of using FORTBITE?

By using FORTBITE as recommended, individuals can anticipate a noticeable difference in their teeth and gums health and improvement in their digestive system.

How long will it take to receive FORTBITE?

FORTBITE orders shipped within the continental U.S. will require up to 7 business days, while it could take up to 15 business days (or more depending on the local customs).

Is FORTBITE enough?

Unlike other conditions, oral health must be maintained. To preserve the results attained by using FORTBITE, individuals must take good care of their oral hygiene.

How many FORTBITE jars do I need?

Some people might experience results sooner, but those who have poor digestive or oral health, it is best to start with at least 3 jars.

Is FORTBITE protected by a refund policy?

Yes, FORTBITE is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If individuals fail to experience any of the reported benefits, customer support must be contacted within the allotted period for a full purchase price refund. For the conditions of the refund policy, contact via:

  • Email: contact@fortbite-product.com.
  • Mailing Address: 1140 S Highbrook Street, Suite 4, Akron, OH 44301, U.S.

How much does FORTBITE cost?

Each FORTBITE jar will last one month. To promote bulk orders, the makers have discounted the prices by quantity:

  • 1 FORTBITE jar: $69 each
  • 3 FORTBITE jars: $59 each
  • 6 FORTBITE jars: $49 each

For those who order 3 or 6 jars, the makers will also grant access to 2 free bonuses. These include:

Bonus #1. How to Deep Clean Your Teeth

The first bonus covers steps to achieving deep cleaning at the comfort of one’s home. The results are deemed comparable to those achieved at the dentist, but at an inexpensive cost. When followed to the tee, individuals will notice healing of the gums, and significantly reduced pain.

Bonus #2. Perfect Digestion No Matter What You Eat

The second bonus aims to educate readers on the steps to executing lower-belly massage for a 56% increase in digestion. It also makes the case as to how one can achieve perfect digestion regardless of the types of food consumed.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, FORTBITE is a tooth powder intended to enhance oral and digestive health. To be used the same way as toothpaste powder, our research suggests that the selected ingredients in this formula work as suggested. In other words, the contents are likely to eliminate tooth stain, ease gums, increase saliva production and strength, and free the mouth of bacteria. Strengthening the saliva cannot be stressed enough as it supports the breakdown of food which is essential for digestive health. All things considered; individuals need to realize that FORTBITE alone will not be enough. Oral hygiene should be maintained, and food must be chewed and well grinded for optimal nutrients. To learn more about FORTBITE, visit here>>>.