Nuzzle Pillow Reviews – Is MyNuzzle Zero Gravity Support Pillow Legit?

Are you tired of waking up with severe pain in your back and neck? You are not alone. There are many people who use an uncomfortable pillow and complain about back pain and improper body composition. Unless you do something about it, there is no scope for betterment.

You don’t have to wander off in search of the right pillow by yourself. We are here to help you. Our research and editorial team was looking for the perfect pillow when it stumbled upon Nuzzle Pillow. The brand drew our attention instantly, and we were awed by its compelling statements and stated features.

We considered many factors and studied them extensively before curating this article for you. Our team spent hours deliberating the quality and support of pillows, and they even tried some products to come up with the most objective viewpoint. If you are in need of a comfortable sleep pillow, this is where you should look.

What Is a Nuzzle Pillow?

Inspired by NASA space suits, Nuzzle is a pillow that aims to provide zero gravity support. It achieves this with the help of nano-coil fibers. Thousands of nano-coil fibers push together against gravity to support your neck gently at the microscopic level. They cradle your head so that you feel plush weightlessness and sleep comfortably.

Nuzzle Pillows have been tested in labs regularly for their shape. Several lab tests have proved that the pillow can hold its shape. It does so not only for the first few days but for 1,001 days and nights. The fabric used for the pillow is the same phase change fabric that NASA utilizes in space suits to regulate the temperature of an astronaut’s body.

The fact that Nuzzle derives its inspiration from NASA space suits is the coolest thing to happen to a sleep pillow. Imagine using the same technology that is used in outer space underneath your head every night! If you get hot, this pillow automatically cools itself off so that you always experience an optimal temperature.

Nuzzle is one of the only pillows in the world that comes with two customizable inner layers that adapt to your sleeping position. It is discussed later in the article. And, the cherry on the cake, Nuzzle is fully machine washable. You can clean it as per your suitability.

Take a look at the summary of this unique product in the following table if you just have time to skim through the details.

Key Product Details
Name Nuzzle Pillow
Category Zero Gravity Support Pillow
Founder Jack (Current Owner and CEO)
  • Nano-coil fibers
  • Two adjustable inner layers
  • Tested to hold its shape
  • Made from the phase change fabric in NASA space suits which automatically cools itself to regulate your temperature
  • 100% machine washable
  • Layers Available
  • Soft Layer
  • Medium Layer
  • Both Inner Layers
  • Sleeping Options
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Back and Combination Sleepers
  • Side Sleepers
  • Benefits
  • Provides a feeling of plush weightlessness
  • Supports your neck and cradles your head so that you sleep the way you like
  • Does not reform or takes any other shape
  • Regulates your temperature
  • Best textile technology
  • Super comfortable
  • Eliminates low energy and bad sleeping positions
  • Helps people with bad sleep
  • Customer Testimonials There are plenty of positive Nuzzle Pillow reviews on the official website
    Price Starts at $49.99 (+$8.95 Shipping & Handling)
    Money-back guarantee 90-day money-back guarantee
    Official Website Click Here!

    What Are The Features Of Nuzzle Pillow?

    Nuzzle pillows are packed with multiple features to benefit the users immensely. If you are unable to sleep peacefully, your pillow might be the problem. If you are using the wrong pillow, there are high chances that you won’t be able to achieve the best sleep. As a result, your mornings will be frustrating and your days more so even the same.

    Don’t be a victim of low-quality pillows that can harm your body in more ways than you can imagine. Nuzzle is a zero gravity support pillow that can help you to wake up pain-free, and happy. Take a look at the features of the Nuzzle pillow and decide for yourself.

    • 100% machine washable – The pillow helps prevent germs, bacteria & allergens.
    • Nano-coil fibers – The thousands of fibers offer a feeling of plush weightlessness.
    • Two inner layers – These adjustable layers support your neck and cradle your head irrespective of how you sleep.
    • Holds its shape – It has been tested to hold its form for 1,001 days and nights.
    • Fabric quality – It uses the same phase change fabric that NASA does in its space suits. It automatically cools down itself to regulate your temperature.

    Customization Options

    Nuzzle pillow is perhaps the world’s only pillow with two adjustable inner layers. These layers adapt to how you sleep. The makers of the pillow have provided the users with multiple customization options so that they can bring home the best suitable pillow for themselves.

    In terms of layers, you have:

    The Soft Layer – It provides extensive support and additional softness. According to the official website of the product, it is perfect for people who call themselves stomach sleepers. The slim layer of softness provides them with the right amount of softness.

    The Medium Layer – It helps to maintain a straight spinal alignment so that back and combination sleepers can enjoy sleeping on it.

    Both Inner Layers – If you want, you can also choose a pillow with both inner layers for yourself. Using both inner layers will distribute the weight uniformly through the neck and head and help maintain your neck’s natural C-curve form. It is best suited for side sleepers as it provides maximum support.


    Nuzzle Pillow Pricing

    You can find the Nuzzle pillow on the official website of the product. Our research and editorial team always suggests users purchase products from official websites only. When you purchase the product from the official site, you safeguard yourself against scams and fraud. It helps to keep your personal and financial information safe.

    If you order the Nuzzle pillow today, you will receive one for $49.99 (plus shipping charges of $8.95). You can also avail a higher discount offer by ordering a second pillow for $39.99 + free shipping.

    Another thing that you can do is upgrade your order to the Deluxe King Size for $20 more per pillow.

    Nuzzle pillows use the technology used in NASA space suits to regulate your temperature whilst you are sleeping. The nano-coil fibers support your neck and cradle your head so that you sleep comfortably.

    Money-back Guarantee

    Apart from all the benefits that you get from Nuzzle Pillow, you also get your hands on the 90-day money-back guarantee when you purchase this product from its official website.

    If you are unsatisfied with the quality or comfort of the Nuzzle pillow, you can contact the company and claim your money back. Visit the official site and state all your information and the company’s customer service department will contact you.

    The promise of a money-back guarantee displays the confidence of the makers in their products. It also enhances the trust of the user in the product.

    Customer Reviews

    Nuzzle has become a popular favorite among many individuals. Its cutting-edge technology and comfort have turned heads for the better. Many people have expressed their views about the pillow online.

    If you are doubtful about the pillow, you can read the experiences of other people and make a conscious decision about purchasing the product.

    A user shares, “Loving the Nuzzle pillow! The medium layer has been super comfortable for me as a back/combination sleeper. The neck support has been great too. The pillow has stayed nice and cool, with the pillowcase being a fantastic addition too!”

    Another user comments, “Extremely comfortable pillow! I prefer a firmer pillow, and I must confess to some skepticism about how firm the Nuzzle pillow might be, having been disappointed by other makes in the past. But no complaints here! The pillowcase is also a bonus–its silky smooth finish contributes to a good night’s sleep.”

    Liza, in her review, says, “This pillow is so soft and comfortable, and it is the perfect temperature! No more pillows that get hot and yuck, this stays the same perfectly cool temperature for the entire time! It’s a great size, and I am so happy with my purchase. Thanks, Nuzzle Team!”

    Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep With Nuzzle Pillow

    The importance of sleep has been recognized by scientists for centuries. In fact, Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) said that “a healthy body makes a healthy mind.” He was right!

    A lack of sleep can cause us to feel tired, irritable, depressed, anxious, and even sick. It can also make us more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy foods, and not exercising.

    A lack of sleep can also affect our mood and behavior. For example, when we are sleep deprived, we tend to be less productive and may experience increased stress levels.

    Sleep is essential for our health, but it’s also one of the most neglected aspects of our lives. We often don’t get enough sleep, or we have trouble sleeping at night. This can lead to serious consequences like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, and many other conditions.

    Helps With Blood Sugar Regulation

    When you wake up from your nightly slumber, your blood sugar level drops dramatically. The drop causes your pancreas to release insulin into your bloodstream. Insulin helps glucose enter cells so they can use energy.

    Insulin also tells fat cells to store excess calories instead of burning them off. When you eat carbohydrates after waking up, your blood sugar rises quickly. As a result, your pancreas releases more insulin to lower your blood sugar back down to normal levels.

    Improves Mental Health

    In addition to physical health benefits, there are mental health benefits to getting adequate sleep. When we sleep well, we become happier, calmer, and more focused.

    We know that people who suffer from insomnia are more prone to depression than those who do not have this problem. They are also more likely to develop anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and substance abuse problems.

    When you wake up feeling refreshed, your brain releases chemicals called endorphins. This helps relieve pain and reduces feelings of stress. Endorphins also increase your sense of happiness and improve your ability to focus on tasks.

    Helps Keep The Heart Healthy

    The importance of sleep has been well established in recent years. In fact, there are several studies that show how lack of sleep can cause cardiovascular problems. One study found that people who slept less than five hours per night had higher blood pressure levels than those who got seven or more hours of sleep each night. Another study showed that people with short sleep duration were more likely to develop high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels.

    In addition to these physical effects, sleep deprivation may also affect your mental state. A person who doesn’t get enough rest may be prone to stress, which can increase their risk of developing heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends getting between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. If you want to improve your overall health, make sure you get adequate sleep.

    Helps Boost Skin Health

    Another reason why sleep is so important is that it helps keep your skin healthy. When you sleep, your body produces collagen, which keeps your skin firm and elastic. It also makes your hair grow faster and stronger. Lack of sleep can actually slow down this process, causing wrinkles and sagging skin.

    If you want to look younger and feel better about yourself, make sure you get plenty of sleep. You should aim to get at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.

    Promotes Weight Loss

    One of the reasons why sleep is so important for weight loss is that it affects your metabolism. Your metabolism is what controls how much energy your body uses to break down food. When you sleep, you use up some of your stored fat as fuel. So if you don’t get any sleep, you will burn fewer calories during the day.

    When you wake up, your metabolism slows down again. This means that even though you burned off some fat while you were asleep, you won’t be able to burn off all of it before breakfast. That’s why it’s important to get enough sleep.

    Helps Regulate Mood and Keep You Happy

    Getting enough sleep can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Studies have shown that people who sleep longer tend to experience lower rates of depression and anxiety. There are also studies that suggest that sleep deprivation can trigger mood swings.

    A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that people who didn’t get enough shut-eye experienced increased feelings of anger and aggression. They also reported feeling more tired after waking up.

    So if you want to stay happy and avoid mood swings, make sure you get enough sleep.

    Improves Memory

    Sleep plays an important role in memory formation. Sleep allows your brain to consolidate new memories into long-term storage. Without sleep, your brain isn’t able to do this effectively.

    This means that when you go to bed without sleeping, you might not remember things from the previous day. On top of that, you could forget where you put things like keys and wallets.

    Consolidating memories involves storing them in long-term storage areas of the brain called the hippocampus. Without sleep, your brain can only store new information for a few minutes. After that, it forgets everything.

    This explains why people who don’t get enough sleep often forget things they need to do. They might also find themselves struggling to remember names and faces.

    The National Sleep Foundation suggests that adults need between six and nine hours of sleep each night to function properly. If you want to boost your memory, make sure you get at least eight hours every night.


    Final Verdict – Nuzzle Pillow Reviews

    Nuzzle Pillow can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and an irritable day. It can help you to achieve slumber quickly and support your neck and head so that your body posture remains healthy.

    Formed of the same fabric as a NASA space suit, it has multiple benefits for your body. It has so many sleeping positions for different people. You can also get adjustable layers so that you can choose the best suitable option for yourself.

    There are not many pillows available that provide so many advantages to the user. If you want to break free from the substandard pillows that disrupt your body posture, Nuzzle is the best choice for you.



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