13 Best Immune System Supplements to Boost Immunity Health

Your body’s immune system is the natural and front-line defense to protect you against viruses, pathogens, and other harmful foreign substances. Having a robust immune system results in good overall body health. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and maintaining good eating habits improve your immune system.

Keeping a healthy body isn’t an easy task with genetically modified foods and the current lifestyle changes. Work demand leaves many individuals with little time to engage in exercises and a healthy diet to improve their overall health. Lack of enough physical activity results in poor immunity, missing healthy weight, and leaving your body vulnerable to infections and diseases.

Currently, many individuals opt to take some natural supplements to help boost the effectiveness of their immunity. It improves their body’s natural defenses. Several health supplements like Vitamin C and Zinc are scientifically proven to stimulate medical and health benefits. There are numerous supplements out there that claim to improve the immunity of your body. Before you can decide to use any of them, it’s essential to know that not all of them work perfectly. You need to be careful when choosing health supplements.

The 13 best immunity boosters for 2021 are listed below. Before learning more about them, it’s worth noting how we rank the top options.

The Best Immunity Boosters in 2021

Our team of experts tested the different immunity boosters available below, read lab reports, contacted their respective makers, and did extensive research to provide you with the best immune system boosters of 2021. Here are our top rankings.

Mushroom Defense

image 8

Top Benefits-

  • Boost immune cells to fight bacterial infections.
  • Maintain cholesterol level.
  • Improve mental health and reduce stress.
  • Lower the increased risk of heart diseases.

Dosage- Consult a medical professional.

Guarantee- 67-day money-back guarantee.


The Mushroom Defense supplement takes advantage of the natural support that mushrooms provide to the body’s immune function. Scientific studies show that mushrooms can significantly reduce the risk of mental and physical fatigue, helping you to improve your memory. Ultimately, the manufacturers behind this supplement primarily focus on how it can help you with your bacterial and viral infections.

The manufacturer of the Mushroom Defense provides up to 67 days to try out the product with its friendly refund policy. This supplement can strongly rely on numerous extracts that they do not get from other immune boosters. Some of the most common mushrooms in this supplement include turkey tail, maitake, Agaricus Blazei, Chaga, lion’s mane, Cordyceps Sinensis, and shiitake, to name just a few of them.

If you strongly believe in the power of these mushroom extracts, Mushroom Defense may be a perfect choice for you.

VitaPost Immune Support

image 11

Top Benefits-

  • Provide sufficient iron supply to the body.
  • Give antioxidants to fight free radicals and oxidation.
  • Manage stress hormones.
  • Help to treat bacterial and viral infections.
  • Improve memory and strengthen gut health.

Dosage- 2 capsules a day with a meal or seek the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Guarantee-Not offered.

Price- $13.95

Vita Post Immune Support supplement features several extracts that can nourish the body and boost the overall immune system. The supplement contains numerous herbal extracts and vitamins like arabinogalactan, beta-glucans, green tea, quercetin, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. Some of these ingredients work by introducing antioxidants in your body to enhance immunity. In contrast, others function by targeting other immune function elements.

With more than a dozen proven extracts and ingredients in every capsule, VitaPost Immune Support is one of the best supplements available in 2021. Also, it is one of the best-selling products available on our list.

Zenith Labs Nano C

image 13

Top Benefits-

  • Lower the risk of chronic stress and disease.
  • Improve your memory and poor immune function.
  • Keep you away from the common cold and viral.
  • Lower increased risk of anemia.

Dosage- A dropper in the morning every day.

Guarantee- 180 days money-back guarantee.


Zenith Labs Nano C is one of the best all-natural vitamin C supplements from Zenith Labs. Dr. Ryan Shelton of Zenith Labs is the formulator of this supplement that aids in boosting the immune system functioning triple the times. The Zenith Labs Nano C supplement assists your body by providing it with essential nutrients that can help strengthen immune cells.

Zenith Labs Nano C is a unique, bioavailable type of Vitamin C mainly found in tincture. The supplement is designed to provide your body with nano versions of Vitamin C for speedy absorption and flow in the bloodstream. Just a few drops of the supplement each day support your immune responses.

Zenith Labs Nano C works smoothly, unlocking the potential of your immune system naturally. It claims to strengthen your body’s immune system, boost absorption through nanotechnology, aid quick recovery, and promote antibody production.

VitaPost Immune Complex

image 10

Top Benefits-

  • Improve antioxidant supply in the body to fight free radicals.
  • Lower blood uric acid level.
  • Give you healthy skin and eyes.
  • Keep you away from depression.
  • Help fighting viral and bacterial infections.

Dosage- Two capsules a day with water 30 minutes before bedtime.

Guarantee-Not offered.

Price- $17.95

VitaPost Immune Complex features many of the same things that our experts love about immune support. These things include competitive prices and scientifically proven ingredients. The supplement also takes a unique approach to boost your body’s immunity system thanks to its ingredients like probiotics, elderberry, and Echinacea.

These three ingredients are the most proven immune boosters in the natural health world. Various studies show that elderberries can help minimize the length of cold and flu signs and symptoms. Also, many individuals take Echinacea for a similar reason. On the other hand, probiotics are essential bacteria in the intestinal tract that is the foundation of the immune system function.

VitaPost Immune Complex was created to support gut health. It is important since up to 70% of the immune system depends on the health of your gut.

Advanced Bionutritionals Resistol

image 1

Top Benefits-

  • Boost energy and give a healthy lymphatic system.
  • Help to fight upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Make your skin healthy and glowing.
  • Support healthy lung functioning.

Dosage- Two capsules a day.

Guarantee- 90 days money-back guarantee.


The Advanced Bionutritionals Resistol supplement comes with five different herb extracts that can help your immune response to thrive. These herb extracts include Platycodon, Eleuthero, licorice, Andrographis, and prickly chaff flower. All these five extracts are scientifically proven and backed by evidence to show the different ways they use to boost the immune responses.

While many supplements flood your body with Vitamins C and D, Advanced Bionutritionals Resistol has taken a unique approach. It utilizes plant and herb extracts that you will not find in other supplement formulas. If the power of Eleuthero, Platycodon, and Andrographis appeals to you, Advanced Bionutritionals Resistol should be the immune system booster of your choice.

Epishield Plus

image 4

Top Benefits-

  • Offer powerful antioxidants to your body.
  • Avoid cold, flu, and upper respiratory infections.
  • Provide antiviral and antimicrobial effects.
  • Boost immune cells to deter invaders and antigens.

Dosage-Thrice a day.

Guarantee- 365-day money-back guarantee.


Epishield Plus is a fast-acting supplement that claims to improve your body’s immunity within two hours after consumption. Similar to many top supplements, Epishield Plus contains mushroom extracts as well as Vitamins C and D.

The supplement is crowned popular and is in most cases out of stock in both physical and online shops. Epishield Plus contains EpiCor, a dry yeast extracted from saccharomyces cerevisiae. The presence of dried yeast aids sinus health, helping the body with solid respiration and nasal support.

While many immune system boosters provide the body with essential nutrients through their ingredients, Epishield Plus uses the innovative benefits of fermented yeast to enhance your immunity.

VitaPost Turmeric and Ginger

image 12

Top Benefits-

  • Make your respiratory system healthy and strong.
  • Give rid of aches and joint pain.
  • Fight with common cold and infections.
  • Offer powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dosage- One capsule two times a day before 20-30 minutes of taking a meal.

Guarantee- Not offered.


Turmeric and Ginger is the third and final VitaPost dietary supplement on our list. The supplement is a premium blend that features BioPerine to boost and support a healthy immune system. Also, it promotes joint health by providing your body with antioxidants. Many individuals use a combination of turmeric and ginger to gain a robust immune system function.

Each pill of Turmeric and Ginger supplement contains 500mg of organic turmeric and 100mg of ginger. The functional components available in these ingredients include parasols, shogaol, and gingerol. These components show potent antioxidant properties, and they’re involved in different chemical activities to boost the immune response.

Bioshield MD

image 2

Top Benefits-

  • Boost energy levels in the body.
  • Fight with body aches and joint pain.
  • Keep common cold and foreign invaders away.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

Dosage- Two times a day with/without a meal.

Guarantee- 365-day guarantee.


Formulated by Dr. Mark Rosenberg of Sun Coast Sciences, Bioshield MD aids mental health, joint health, natural energy, and, more importantly, immune responses. Bioshield MD claims to support inflammation across the body to ease the immune system functions.

The Bioshield MD supplement made our list because of the most proven and best ingredients that it comes with. It does not function by flooding your body with lots of ineffective ingredients. Instead, it features extracts that your immune function requires to remain strong.

The main ingredients are green tea, quercetin, cherry extract, curcumin, cocoa extract, and resveratrol. These ingredients are also rich in flavonoids and antioxidants to help support immune cells functions in various ways.

Organixx 7M

image 9

Top Benefits-

  • Boost immunity and inflammation support.
  • Treat infection and promote healthy digestion.
  • Promote healthy heart functioning.
  • Neutralize aging signs.

Dosage- Two capsules a day with water/juice.

Guarantee- 365 days money-back guarantee.


If you love supplements with mushroom extracts, then Organixx 7M can be a perfect option. The supplement contains not only mushroom extracts but also other ingredients that boost immune responses. Organixx 7M includes extracts from mushrooms like reishi, maitake, and shiitake. These mushroom extracts are the most proven and popular when it comes to boosting immunity.

The extracts are perfectly packed with beta-glucans that provide antioxidant and inflammatory properties. Apart from these three popular mushroom extracts, the supplement also uses turkey tail and lion’s mane extracts to improve your immunity.

Immunity Formulas Immune Support

image 6

Top Benefits-

  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Keep you away from germs and viruses.
  • Maintain energy level and support health.
  • Maintain the body’s natural energy.

Dosage-Apply on skin or diffuse and inhale.

Guarantee- Not Offered.

Price- $64.99.

Immunity Formulas Immune Support is a therapeutically designed supplement that claims to fight any pathogen. The supplement operates by improving the body’s defense-building abilities. It is used as a sanitizer and can also help purify the air that you breathe in. All of the ingredients available in these supplements are herbal, ranging from peppermint and oregano to turmeric.

These ingredients have been used to ward off viruses, parasites, and diseases by cultures across the universe. One note, peppermint can sometimes be hard on your digestive system, so be sure to test before long-term usage.

JayLab Pro’s Immuno Defense 4x

image 7

Top Benefits-

  • Make your digestive system healthy and happy.
  • Fight against viruses, bacteria, and fungi infections.
  • Give better immune health to treat infections.
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Dosage-Two capsules once a day.

Guarantee-60 day money-back guarantee.

Price- $44.95.

Immuno Defense 4x is another top supplement that uses four ingredients to support your immunity. These ingredients include bromelain, quercetin, EpiCor, and Vitamin D3. Like most supplements on our list, JayLab Pro’s Immuno Defense 4x focuses on using solid dosages of a small number of ingredients.

The supplement comes with 500mg of quercetin, 500mg of EpiCor, 150mg of bromelain, and 166% DV of Vitamin D3. JayLab Pro’s Immuno Defense 4x is one of the two supplements on our list that contains EpiCor, a fermented and dried yeast.

Immunity 911

image 5

Top Benefits-

  • Enhance the body’s natural defense.
  • Improve antioxidant levels in the body.
  • Control your blood pressure and sugar.
  • Lower aging effect.

Dosage-2 capsules a day with water.

Guarantee- 90-day money-back guarantee.

Price- 69.95.

PhytAge Labs is the manufacturer of this top immune system booster. It is the latest product from the manufacturer and uses powerful ingredients to protect your body from any infection. It features red raspberry extract, Graviola leaf extract, and green tea leaf extract. All these extracts are well-combined in a proprietary blend to help boost your immune responses as quickly as possible.

The Immunity 911 supplement contains small doses of Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Vitamin C prevents iron deficiency. On the other hand, it has substantial Graviola leaf, red raspberry fruit, and green tea extracts. With a lack of label transparency, it isn’t easy to evaluate the Immunity 911 supplement’s confident health claims.

However, its manufacturer PhytAge Labs, is 100% sure that its supplement works using mushrooms, herbs, and superfruits extracts.

Doctor G’s Natural Q-Ion Immune Defense

image 3

Top Benefits-

  • Anti-viral properties to improve immunity.
  • Protection against dangerous pathogens.
  • Relieve from joint and body aches.
  • Fight allergies and morning sickness.

Dosage- One capsule a day.

Guarantee- 60-day money-back guarantee.

Price- $79.95.

Q-Ion Immune Defense is the last dietary supplement on our list. Medical doctors from across the world have scientifically proved the use of this immune system booster. It contains strong antioxidant properties that can help free the body from any toxin. Also, it has anti-inflammatory capabilities that help to reduce the effects of antiviral activities in the body.

Doctor G’s Natural Q-Ion Immune Defense supplement contains four natural ingredients: zinc, green tea, bromelain, and quercetin. In addition to this, Q-Ion Immune Defense has a unique technology popularly known as ion-blast that enhances the bioavailability of the extracts and ingredients used in the supplement, allowing the body to absorb it easier and faster than usual.

Ranking Criteria for The Best Immunity Boosters Selection

The truth is that not all immune system boosters are designed and created equally. Each of the supplements available out there claims to support your immune function. Food and drug administration doesn’t promote any immunity booster.

While some contain scientifically proven extracts and ingredients, others have weird herbal and plant extracts backed by a few studies. To separate the worst and best immune support supplements, our research and editorial team used some proven ranking qualifications, which include:

Honest Health Benefits

According to FDA rules, supplements cannot claim to improve your health or cure diseases. The only thing that they can claim is to support your health. Currently, many immune system boosters claim to cure diseases, help prevent COVID-19 and even promote themselves as virtual cure-alls, among other powerful health benefits.

All these claims are unproven and dishonest with the drug administration. Our list does not contain any supplement that features these claims. Only those that claim to support your health find a space on our list.

Proven Ingredients

All of the supplements we recommend contain scientifically proven ingredients with immune-enhancing properties. Elderberry extracts, probiotics, Zinc, Vitamins C and D, are scientifically proven ingredients. Besides being backed by scientific evidence, multiple studies have also shown that these ingredients can support your immune system in several ways.

Point of Manufacturing

Our experts preferred immune system boosters formulated by professionals in the health sector. Also, the supplement must be made in a certified and registered facility. We have only selected supplements from manufacturers with a good reputation and those that provide natural and effective immune system boosters while functioning at the highest levels of transparency.

Medical Advisory Board

All companies that manufacture the best supplements have dedicated medical advisory boards managed by medical doctors and other health professionals. The medical advisory board creates and reviews each formula, using its medical expertise to formulate the best immune system booster. So we only pick supplements from companies that have medical advisory boards.

Effective Dosages

We have come across many immune system boosters that contain the right ingredients but at the wrong dosages. For example, some supplements have many components, but none of their doses are powerful to improve your immune system. We only picked supplement products with robust and clinically proven dosages.

High Quality and Affordable Prices

Boosting your immunity comes at a cost. However, it does not need to be a high one. While some supplement users prefer to spend $10 on the products, others are willing to pay a minimum of $100. The price tag does not matter; each immune system booster on our list will offer incredible value for your cash.

Side Effects of Immune System Boosters

When taking an immune system booster, following the directions provided is the key to avoiding side effects. Most of the ingredients used in top supplements are natural and 100% safe for your body.

As usual, it is essential to speak with your doctor before integrating any supplement into your routine, irrespective of what it does. Some supplement users experience indigestion or bloating when taking a pill.

Scientific Evidence Behind Immune System Boosting Supplements

With the proper use of plant, fruit, and herbal extracts as well as vitamins and minerals, it’s possible to support your body’s immune function. All these ingredients need to be well-incorporated into your daily diet to help the body defend against diseases and infections. You need to take good care of your immune system, and the best supplements have proven helpful for this purpose.

Maintaining a balanced diet and incorporating positive lifestyle habits are the easiest ways to promote a healthy immune system. Individuals that get enough sleep each night and prioritize hydration can see a significant impact on their immune systems. On the other hand, those that follow bad habits or eat poorly each day will have bodies that cannot defend themselves.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most prevalent immune system supplement ingredients, scientifically proven and backed by numerous studies. Based on the National Institutes of Health research, your body requires Vitamin C to synthesize L-carnitine, collagen, and some specific neurotransmitters.

Vitamin D

Studies show that individuals who do not have adequate Vitamin D levels in their bodies tend to have inadequate immune systems compared to those that consume recommended amounts each day. Lack of Vitamin D in the body is linked with an increased risk of getting different infections.


According to some studies, individuals with insufficient Zinc in their bodies tend to have increased risks of developing infectious illnesses. Also, zinc has anti-inflammatory effects, and its deficiency can lead to immune dysfunction.


Almost all immune system boosters on the market contain probiotics. Since about 80% of body immunity cells are found around the gut, it’s vital to take good care of this particular area. Some studies show that the chronic use of probiotics can prevent or treat allergies.


As a plant extract, Echinacea has been used for centuries. And science has validated the use of this plant extract as an essential immune system support ingredient. Numerous studies have also proven that the short-term use of this ingredient could shorten the severity and duration of colds and other respiratory infections.


An increasing number of individuals in the USA, the UK, and other parts of the world are using elderberry regularly for its health and medicinal benefits. Scientific studies have proven that elderberry is rich in Vitamin C, a robust immune system booster.


It is a natural source of compounds such as curcumin that help in wound healing and reducing inflammation. Many scientific researchers find that the body can absorb it quickly and more effectively when combined with a black pepper extract to get the most out of this ingredient.


It has already been researched and studied for the antiviral and antibacterial benefits that it offers. It supports your body the same way garlic does, but extensive research backs this claim. Some scientific researchers suggest that ginger can be used as an immune system superfood.

FAQs About Immunity Boosters

Q: How Do Immunity And Immune Cells Work?

A: Each body has an immune system that helps to keep harmful materials away. Your immune system has different layers. Tears and cough reflex are the elements of the first layer. These elements create the first layer of defense against pathogens. An excellent immune system prevents and removes foreign materials from your body.

Q: What Are Antibiotics?

A: These are proteins manufactured by your immune system to fight infections. Your body requires antibiotics to fight diseases.

Q: What Are T Cells?

A: T cells are immune system elements that target and destroy infected body cells. They help fight diseases and infections in two ways: killing infected cells or eradicating them.

Q: What Are the Best Vitamins for better Immune function?

A: Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C are essential for boosting immunity.

Q: What is Acquired Immunity?

A: Also known as adaptive immunity, acquired immunity is the part of the immune system that has trained itself to recognize pathogens.

Q: What is Innate Immunity?

A: Innate immunity is the body’s first defense line against foreign invaders or pathogens that try to enter the body. Mucus, the skin, and stomach acid are part of innate immunity. Also, your sweat and tears have enzymes that have antibacterial properties.

Q: What Are the Best Foods for a healthy immune system?

A: Dark chocolate, berries, leafy greens, red grapes, elderberry, ginger, and turmeric are some of the best foods for your immune health.

Q: What is the Best Way to Strengthen the Immune System?

A: Adopting healthy dietary habits and lifestyle is the best way to get strong immune health. Exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet are effective ways to improve your immunity.

Q: What Habits Can Hurt My Immunity?

A: Poor exercise habits and diet, smoking, poor sleep habits, stress, and excessive alcohol consumption are some of the practices that significantly weaken your immune response.

Q: Can Supplements Improve My Immune System?

A: Many supplements can support a person’s immune function, even if they do not claim. As per FDA rules, supplements cannot claim to boost your immune response, improve your overall health, or cure diseases.

Q: Which Ingredients are Popular in Best Immunity Boosters?

A: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Echinacea, Zinc, probiotics, elderberry, and turmeric are the most common immune response booster ingredients. Most of these ingredients are plant and herbal extracts.

Q: Does Garlic Help with Immunity?

A: Garlic contains an active ingredient known as allicin sativum that has antimicrobial and antiviral effects on cold and flu. Some scientific studies have found many immune boosters support benefits associated with garlic.

Final Thoughts

Each immunity booster on our list provides you with extracts, minerals, and adequate vitamins that can help your body effectively handle infections and diseases. With the right ingredients, a supplement can help you enjoy the benefits of healthy immunity.

All of the supplements on our list will provide you with unique ways to support a robust immune response. Just choose a supplement that blends effortlessly with your budget and other needs to support your immunity. Remember to talk with your doctor before you can start to use any of the recommended supplements.

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