Best Air Purifiers (2022) Most Affordable Portable Air Cleaners That Work

Clean air is a luxury in the modern age. From pandemics to wildfires, air filters have become needed in the home. An excellent air purifier can significantly enhance your quality of life. An air purifier decreases allergens such as pollen, toxins, and mold spores.

Additionally, it also protects against smoke from wildfires and other sources. To be considered the best among the rest, an air purifier must be effective enough to purify the air in a spacious area or playroom, peaceful and dark sufficient to allow you to sleep close to it in a bedroom, and affordable enough to have multiple units throughout your home.

It might be tough to determine which air purifier is the best for you and your family because there are so many air purifying machines on the market that use various filtration methods. Therefore, we wish to assist you in finding the ideal one for your requirements.

Our editorial staff investigated various air purifying products, conducted interviews with air quality and air filtration specialists, and evaluated the most popular models’ features. We investigated whether each air purifier has an air quality meter or clean air supply rate and how often the filter must be replaced.

In addition, we examined whether the unit had a washable filter and the cost of a replacement filter. Finally, the top air purifiers were ranked after extensive testing and evaluation. Given below is a summary of the best and most cost-effective air purifiers currently available for purchase.

But, First things First!

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Air purifiers work to eliminate pollutants, allergies, and toxins from the air, as opposed to air filters, which only stop them from circulation. However, how do these air purifiers operate?

Air purifiers incorporate a fan that draws in air and filters to eliminate toxins. Before the clean air is redistributed into the living room, these filters (often made of paper or fiberglass) catch and neutralize airborne contaminants and particles. Air Purifiers effectively filter out most pollutant particles, but some may stay on soft, rock-hard surfaces such as hardwood furniture and walls. Specific airborne or environmental particles removed from the air depend on the air purifier and filter employed.

Most filters capture relatively large, coarse particles averaging 5 microns or less, such as pollen and dust mites. However, how do air purifiers remove tiny particles? High-efficiency filters remove contaminants and allergens measuring as small as 2.5 microns, roughly the size of animal dander, using a dense network of fibers and multiple layers of intricate weaves.

Some air purifiers contain ultraviolet filters and utilize light to kill biological contaminants such as mold and bacteria. At the same time, those with activated charcoal can remove gasses such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and smoke particles. Consequently, air purifiers can assist with allergies to some level.

How We Ranked The Top Air Purifiers

The world of air purifiers might be complex. Still, the most effective models can enhance your quality of life. When purchasing an air purifier, examining certain features, such as HEPA filtration and ACH ratings, is essential. To identify the top air purifiers, we used the following key performance indicators:

Air Purification Effectiveness

Not all air purifiers are effective. The worst air purifiers will likely not eliminate or neutralize all irritant particles in the home. This is because numerous particles can adhere to soft and hard surfaces, such as your sofa, bed, and carpets. We only included air purifiers that were the most effective in removing airborne pollutants.

Science-Backed Technology

Active air purifiers discharge negative ions into the air, which causes contaminants to adhere to surfaces, whereas passive air purifiers utilize air filters to remove pollutants. Moreover, the technology behind air purifiers can be categorized into four major categories: purification, ultraviolet disinfection, electrical ionization, and catalytic oxidation. Such technologies have existed for many years. We included those who utilize these technologies.

Maintenance Costs

Whenever you buy an air purifying system, you should also consider the expense of maintenance. On average, air purifiers cost approximately $150. Others are available for a more excellent or lower price, depending on the type of filters, maximum room size, and brand. The cost of maintenance also depends on the frequency of filter replacement. You should also consider HEPA filter usage when calculating your energy bill. Some air purifiers, like ones with UV lights and washable filters, require more watts. This could increase your utility bill. Ultra-Violet based air purifiers may not be as successful as HEPA air cleaners due to the UV resistance of many microorganisms.

Square Footage of Area Covered

Selecting the right air purifier for the right room size is essential. Many models provide an “Air Changes per Hour” rating for specific room sizes, and you’ll want to ensure that the one you’re considering will operate well in the room you intend to use it in. We gave preference to only those companies that specified the exact square footage of the area covered.


Most air purifiers with HEPA filters emit noise between 35 and 70 dB. The level of noise hinges on the user’s operational settings. To avoid sleep disturbances caused by noise, use effective air purifiers even when set to a lower volume.

Complementary Features

Some air purifiers contain features, such as apps that allow you to control all functions from your smartphone or night lights. Others serve as both heating and cooling systems. However, not everyone requires these additional features. Prior knowledge of what you will and will not need from your air purifier is essential. You do not want to spend extra cash on unnecessary features.


An air purifier is not precisely something that can be concealed in a cabinet. It must be accessible to everyone to be effective. You should choose one that complements your décor or, at the very least, is not an eyesore whether placed on a shelf, table, or the floor.

Transparent Advertised Effectiveness

Transparency is the foundation of trust between a company and its investors, customers, partners, and employees. Being transparent implies speaking with stakeholders about business-related matters honestly and openly. We bypassed companies who make exaggerated promises concerning their air purification products. Transparency played a significant role in our rankings.

Customer Reviews

In addition to testing each of the following air purifiers, we ranked them based on consumer comments. Customers are known to test air purifying units to various meteorological conditions, relative moisture levels, and temperatures during testing. Although we are pleased with our testing, we consider client feedback a critical KPI.

Ease of Use

Some portable air purifiers require continuous charging, create a mess, and require frequent battery replacement. Others are problem-free and require no maintenance, allowing you to operate the portable air purifier as frequently as you choose.


Portable air purifiers range in price from $100 to $300 to over $15,000 for commercial ones. The top movable air-purifying manufacturers sell their products directly to consumers, eliminating intermediaries and allowing you to purchase an excellent air purifier for a fraction of the price. Pricing was a significant component of our rankings. Whether you want to spend $50 or $200 on a portable air purifier, we have provided you with many good options.

Refund Policy

The best portable air purifiers have a money-back guarantee or a lengthy warranty. If your mobile air purifier malfunctions or you are dissatisfied for any reason, you should be able to seek a full refund with no questions asked. Other makers do not stand behind their products.

We produced our list of the world’s top portable air purification systems after carefully analyzing each of the ranking variables listed above.

The Best Air Purifiers in 2022

The air quality may be faulty if you cough and frequently sneeze indoors. The good news is that air purifiers have been indispensable companions during the autumn months, helping to eliminate the pervasive odor of wood smoke and (hopefully) safeguarding our health from the dangers of inhaling poisonous gasses and particles. Here are some of the best air purifiers on the market for eliminating pollutants and allergens from your house. These air purifiers were chosen based on the KPIs.

  • Purifair
  • Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner
  • Blaux In Home
  • Proton Pure
  • DivinAir Dehumidifier
  • Ion Pure
  • Air Protect Pro
  • Ioner Air Purifier
  • CleanAir S
  • Safe Air X
  • Air Purifier X
  • AirJoi
  • PureAir Max
  • The Breather
  • AirPhysio
  • Hale Breathing
  • FEND Nasal Mist
  • LifeVac



Purifair is a portable air purifier for indoor use. Its ion-based technology appears to be renowned for its protection against harmful diseases. This air purifier can easily blend in with any environment. Consequently, people can quickly expect 99 percent destruction of the intruders in little seconds. Purifair not only facilitates access to healthier air but also has notable characteristics.

A low-noise fan has been included in Purifair. Fortunately, this means a silent operation for users. The device can be left on while the user is sound sleeping. Each Purifair has been constructed with a permanent filter. Thus, there is no need to replace filters. In other words, customers are offered a device that can save them an average of $100 each year on additional expenses.

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner


Using negative ionization technology, this portable air purifier eliminates up to 99.97 percent of potentially hazardous airborne contaminants and odors. The activated carbon filter can remove contaminants from the air that may harm your health or threaten your safety.

In addition to being cost-effective, this air purifier requires little electricity. The activated charcoal filter may be replaced after three months, ensuring that the air you breathe is free of potentially dangerous particles. It contains a fantastic night light that combines various colors to add personality to a room or location.

Blaux In-Home


The Blaux In-Home Air Purifier is marketed as an aesthetically pleasing, well-designed air purifier that eliminates typical airborne pollutants, such as allergens, smells, smoke, mold spores, and dust mites. Its capacity to clean open floor designs, high ceilings, and other vast rooms while remaining energy-efficient is a significant selling point. When the air cleaner is activated, its voltages generate electron needles that work in the air. The cleaner emits electrons and molecules to create ions that remove positively charged dust, pollen, particulates, and cigarette smoke. It also prevents suffocation and makes breathing easy throughout the day.

Proton Pure


The Proton Pure Air Purifier is a surefire favorite for those who desire an air purifier but despise cables. The air purifier from Proton Pure is portable and cordless. The battery can be charged with a USB-C connection, and once wholly charged, the air purifier can operate continuously for 7 hours.

The HEPA filter in the Proton Pure will eliminate pollutants like dust, dander, pollen, mites, and other particles. Its ability to catch microscopic pollutants minimizes the likelihood that you may inhale fine particulate pollutants that would otherwise pass through.

This air purifier is ideal for overnight use. It also makes it easier to utilize the air purifier in areas where there may not be an outlet nearby. This unit’s mobility prevents it from being suitable for vast settings. This air purifier will cover around 100 square feet of floor space.

DivinAir Dehumidifier


The performance of the DivinAir Portable dehumidifier is fundamentally dependent on the desiccant material that absorbs excess water and humidity. This material is chemically stable and entirely flavorless, and odorless. It is guaranteed to be safe, and non-toxic desiccant “beads” act to remove moisture directly from the air in a room. This vertically mounted dehumidifier is compact and robust, allowing it to be used in various areas that a conventional dehumidifier could never reach.

You will not have to worry about gathering gallons of water your dehumidifier extracts from the air as you would with a conventional dehumidifier. This is because this system employs a proprietary new technology developed by the team behind this device to give a cleaner, quieter, and more consistent dehumidification environment than anything on the market. This unit’s intelligent technology allows for up to three weeks of continuous, 24-hour dehumidification, and when it’s time to empty the system, the process is quick, simple, painless, and straightforward.

Ion Pure


Ion Pure is a portable air purifier that claims to purify the air in your home and allow you to breathe fresh air. Simply plug in the air purifier and turn it on. The air purifier then immediately begins removing allergens and bacteria from the air in your home so that you can potentially breathe more manageable and healthier.

Ion Pure operates by combining activated oxygen with ionization. Like other fundamental air purification systems, Ion Pure uses negative ions to neutralize positively charged particles, causing them to fall and become harmless.

A typical air ionizer is relatively large and designed to purify the air in the entire house. Ion Pure, on the other hand, is exceedingly small. The company, however, provides no evidence that a device of this size can effectively clean an entire room, which may reduce its efficiency.

Air Protect Pro


Air Protect Pro is an air purifier that claims to remove many airborne pollutants. It can help you control your allergies by removing smoke, dust, pollen, and animal dander from the air. The air purifier’s three HEPA filters enable it to remove 99.7 percent of contaminants from 60 square feet. You may create a healthy environment by utilizing it regularly because your room will have clean air. You will have more time to sleep during allergy-free evenings.

The LED display is also user-friendly, and the air purifier operates silently. This air purifier also features an air quality detector that alerts you to the current air quality. The air purifier is of high quality and effortlessly complements your interior design.

Ioner Air Purifier


Ioner Air Purifier is a portable air purifier that is a small and compact gadget. It is so lightweight that it can be easily carried around the neck. This air purifier is with you at all times and allows you to utilize it whenever you see fit. According to the official website, it is simple and highly silent, making it suitable for use anywhere and at any time. Additionally, the Ioner Air Purifier is highly energy-efficient and has a battery life of up to 48 hours. If you do not use it 24 hours a day, it can easily last three or four days and even longer.

CleanAir S


CleanAir S can quickly purify and eliminate dangerous air pollutants using a True HEPA filter. It is straightforward to operate and will not raise the electricity cost. It is ideally suited for bedrooms because of its small size, quiet operation, and the ability to turn off the display lights. We have tested it to confirm that even after a year or more of constant use, it performs as if it were brand new. Nevertheless, unless you need to clean a vast room, the quieter, more compact, and less expensive CleanAir S is the superior alternative.

Safe Air X


Safe Air X is the new mobile CO2 and ozone meter that will let you know the carbon dioxide load levels of the room you are in at any time and in any location. This allows you to ventilate the area before it reaches hazardous levels to the health of that inside. It is perfect for smoking areas and terraces with closed awnings. You will constantly access the air’s humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels. The device is portable and may fit in any bag. It can be transported and utilized in pubs, restaurants, and other residences.

Air Purifier X


Air Purifier X, a miniature marvel, keeps the air pure by absorbing all bacteria and harmful germs inhaled through the mouth and nose. It also eliminates particle contaminants from a large room, such as dust, ash, smoke, pollen, pet dander, etc. To secure your home, you must purchase one for every room. The multifunctional air purifier purifies up to 99.9 percent of the surrounding air, and the ozone molecules emitted improve your mood.

Air Purifier X is lightweight, portable, and may be carried anywhere air purification is desired. The device’s motor produces no annoying noise and does not disturb sleep. This Air Purifier X is equipped with a USB-rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. It operates for around 12 hours when fully charged. This function ensures that the gadget can be used without being plugged in. Thus, you can use it in a moving vehicle, transport it to your business, and take it on tours while enjoying its benefits.

The Best Passive Air Purifiers and Deodorizers

At least once in your life, you may have entered a foul-smelling room, bathroom, or vehicle. Isn’t it annoying? Aside from that, it makes you question the safety and cleanliness of the air you breathe.

People believe that the air is polluted when a foul odor is detected. Although this is not always the case, it is always prudent to ensure that the air you breathe is pure. This is when bag-shaped passive air purifiers come in help.

As their name suggests, air-purifying bags are bags that clean the air. The bag contains bamboo charcoal and other activated minerals to filter the air within its space. It accomplishes this by absorbing pollutants, poisons, and stench while emitting a new aroma. If you want to buy one, we have listed below the most effective passive air purifiers on the market.



AirJoi’s activated charcoal bags offer a simple and effective technique to filter indoor air without electrical power. It gets naturally more porous with microscopic holes upon activation. These holes serve as effective absorbers, capable of soaking up noxious aromas, dampness, allergens, and other air pollutants. Some odor neutralizers merely cover the stink with scents. In addition to being ineffectual, this can also cause allergic reactions or asthma.

AirJoi air purifying bags contain no odors or harmful chemicals, making them safe for use. Other air purifiers necessitate the purchase of pricey new filters. They may also require power or batteries to function effectively. In contrast, AirJoi charcoal bags are usable immediately after removal from their shipping packaging.

PureAir Max


The PureAir max product is a tiny bag loaded with activated charcoal. This is a pouch that helps absorb dangerous air or room pollutants. This item is highly portable, as it is incredibly lightweight. This bag is devoid of chemicals, and it has no odor. Instead, this bag helps to eliminate foul odors from the room. In addition, this PureAir Max can provide clean air for your space. This charcoal bag absorbs these particles immediately and improves your area.

The Best Breathing Products

One thing becomes evident as athletes keep getting better at their sports and reaching their nutrition goals. Some essential organs, like the lungs and the brain, are often taken for granted. Just like the other body muscles, these critical organs must work out to work at their best. You can do lung exercises to improve your breathing ability with the best product for breathing. For your easiness, we’ve put together a list of the best breathing devices you might want to buy today:

The Breather

Pulmonologists promote “The Breather” as a cutting-edge breath training gadget. This breath training approach aims to improve your quality of life by allowing you to take more complete breaths. If necessary, the Breather’s mouthpiece is simply detachable from its base. This makes it simpler to clean the device without damaging its functional components.

Both the original mouthpiece and the adapter are removable and can be cleaned. It strengthens your respiratory muscles, allowing you to breathe more easily, take deeper breaths, and enjoy an overall higher quality of life. It improves respiratory health in general, including but not limited to those with breathing-related conditions.


AirPhysio is a hand-held, portable OPEP device that helps users improve their short-term and long-term breathing, decreasing their risk for various respiratory illnesses. The designers of AirPhysio note that this device is intended to enhance the user’s breathing, which is especially important given that COVID-19’s primary symptom is shortness of breath.

This device does not protect users from contracting a sickness or virus nor treat it, but it can reduce severe lung problems that might otherwise make patients more susceptible. AirPhysio is 100% natural, has won multiple awards, and is FDA-registered.

In contrast to immunity-boosting supplements that can effectively increase the function of the immune system, consumers can add the AirPhysio breath training device into their treatment to improve their breathing and experience a considerable improvement in breathing entirely and naturally.

Hale Breathing

If breathing through the nose is difficult, there may be a physiological problem. Your nasal passages and nostrils may be narrower than usual. This may result in snoring, breathing difficulties, and endurance challenges. Hale attempts to resolve nasal breathing disorders to deliver vital benefits. Hale has an immediate and apparent effect upon installation, like a contact lens for the eyes.

You can breathe easily, calmly, and efficiently, making it more effortless. Hale is a patent-protected, award-winning breathing assist that provides complete, uncomplicated nasal breathing. You can sleep better, exercise better, and live better by wearing Hale daily. Others use Hale to enhance athletic performance, while others use it to stop snoring.

FEND Nasal Mist

With FEND, clients receive a nasal mist that enhances their airways’ ability to filter allergens, carcinogens, and infections. Although it is neither pharmaceutical nor medical equipment, it enhances the way users breathe to protect them from hazardous airborne particles. It combats the natural pathogens in the user’s environment, allowing them to feel better in the face of pollution generated by humans.

Doctors prescribe FEND’s blend of substances to improve respiratory health. No unnecessary equipment exists, and frequent use filters up to 99 percent of hazardous particles. The product was created by a Harvard University professor and other scientists and is supported by peer-reviewed research and clinical studies.


LifeVac is an anti-choking device that works to help users quickly clear their airways of impediments. Even if the user is alone, the gadget is simple to use to prevent a potentially lethal situation from becoming catastrophic. LifeVac is completely patent-protected.

It assists any adult or child in removing an obstruction from their airway, and it can be performed in emergencies when the Heimlich maneuver fails. This gadget has undergone third-party testing to confirm that it functions as advertised and is safe and effective. It just takes a few seconds to use, reducing the time the victim is choking.

Type of Air Purifiers

While most air purifiers have HEPA air purifying filters, some also include activated carbon or UV light filters. Certain very advanced air purifiers combine two or three different types of filters. This section describes the many types of air purifiers and how they operate:

Air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters can catch particles as small as 0.3 microns. These particles are too small for the human eye to detect. The smallest detectable particles are between 50 and 60 microns in size.

Activated carbon filters in air purifiers effectively catch odors. They are incapable of capturing harmful viruses and germs, unlike HEPA filters.

Electrostatic precipitators in air purifiers utilize high voltage electrical energy to charge the particles going through the filters. Pathogens that have died continue to accumulate on the electrostatic plates. These electrostatic plates must be routinely replaced, raising your maintenance costs to preserve the filter’s efficacy. Electrostatic precipitators also emit ozone, a reactive gas that may cause respiratory damage.

Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers utilize UV rays to eliminate airborne pathogens. Check for the presence of ozone before purchasing this sort of air purifier.

Ozone-generating air purifiers absorb odors. These air purifiers are widely employed in hotels since the high ozone levels render the room unusable for the next 24 hours. Even lower levels of ozone exposure can result in chest discomfort, coughing, and shortness of breath. Prolonged exposure causes lung damage and exacerbates respiratory issues.

Top 10 Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

Inside many homes and businesses, the risk of air pollution is much higher than outside. A recent study found 586 different airborne contaminants within 52 Arizona residences. Imagine how much more air pollution there is in other homes throughout the globe.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, ninety percent of our time is spent inside. Thus, purchasing the most effective air purifier is undoubtedly beneficial. Air purifiers can be advantageous in any commercial or residential place. Air purifiers can quickly work to lower asthma and allergy triggers by preventing the contamination of lethal compounds.

The advantages of using an air purifier in your home or workplace are as follows:

1. Eliminating the Allergies

Air purifiers can assist in mitigating allergic responses. If you have an air-purifying unit inside your house, it can remove allergens such as pollen, pet dander, dust, and anything else that could trigger an allergic reaction. This will soothe your allergies and reduce airborne pollutants.

2. Alleviating the Foul Odors

While you may enjoy certain fragrances in your home, such as freshly baked cookies or the scent of spring on the breeze, you may choose to eliminate others. Sometimes odors from a cat or dirty clothing can permeate a room, making it impossible to escape.

Numerous air purifiers combat the scents and allergens that invade and spread throughout your home. This additional health advantage reduces asthma and other breathing difficulties produced by poor air quality, smells, and allergens and benefits your family’s health and wellness.

3. Reduction in Airborne Diseases

Air purifiers are constructed with HEPA filters that remove pollutants and toxins. This air purifier feature is most useful when there is no access to extra exterior air ventilation, such as when there are no windows or when the outdoor air quality is terrible. Many air purifiers have built-in functions that enable removing and cleaning particles as small as 0.01 microns.

4. Improved Sleep

So many individuals fail to sleep without white noise, known for relaxation. While most air purifiers are discreet and unnoticeable, air purifiers emit a faint ocean-like sound that is ideal for falling asleep. Like white noise but slightly less intense, pink noise is emitted by air purifiers. Pink noise has higher frequencies, allowing your ears to acclimate to the sound so that it becomes nearly inaudible at times.

5. Air Purifiers can Kill Germs

We need as many germ killers as possible in our homes to eliminate bugs or germs. Some air purifiers feature UV light, which allows them to capture and kill germs more quickly and efficiently. While standard air purifiers help keep you and your family safe, these UV light air purifiers go above and beyond by killing bacteria rather than simply filtering them out.

6. Stress Reduction

White noise is ideal for sleep and beneficial if you are anxious or your thoughts are too loud. Air purifiers also decrease stress since they eliminate the airborne contaminants that boost your stress levels. If you live in an area with high levels of air pollution, your stress levels are likely higher than in a location with clean air. Knowing that you are taking precautionary actions to create a secure and healthy home environment reduces your tension and stress.

7. Avoiding the Mold

While mold is sometimes unavoidable, the risk posed by it is not. If you invest in air purifiers, they will absorb and eliminate mold spores. The cleansed and filtered air will also prevent allergic reactions to mold if it is already present in your home or residence. If humidity is a concern in your house, you may soon face mold or mold growth. Using an air purifier will significantly reduce the likelihood of this happening.

8. Relieve the Symptoms of Asthma

Due to the numerous asthma-inducing substances that air purifiers remove from homes, they are among the most effective instruments for eliminating or reducing asthma symptoms. In addition to removing asthma triggers from the air you breathe, air purifiers help sanitize the air. This signifies that you only inhale clean air particles and have eliminated all pollutants.

9. Eliminating Harmful Chemicals From Indoor Environments

Numerous air purifiers contain activated carbon. This activated carbon is derived from charcoal that has been burned to “activate” it. The heating procedure dehydrates the carbon and fills in the fractures. When these gasses and chemicals come into touch with the carbon, they become trapped in these fissures.

10. Improved Life Expectancy

Air purifiers make life easier by minimizing the number of harmful substances and elements entering your home and ensuring your safety and health. You may begin to relax, knowing that your air purifier is taking care of you and that you will soon be inhaling clean air, free of toxins and pollutants.

Air Purifier FAQs

Q: What is the definition of HEPA?

A: The acronym HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. It lets air travel through with minimal resistance while rapidly catching nearly all airborne particles. The HEPA air-purifying technology was developed during World War II to capture radioactive and other hazardous particles in the laboratories where the atomic bomb was being constructed.

Q: Can a COVID patient benefit from an air purifier?

A: According to the Environmental Protection Agency, an air purifier alone does not provide sufficient protection against contracting COVID-19. The EPA website states that a quality unit “may help minimize airborne pollutants, including viruses, in a household or restricted environment.” In other words, using an air purifier might be an effective preventative strategy, but it should not be your only one.

Q: What is the optimal location for placing an Air Purifier?

A: It depends on your living space’s arrangement and where you spend most of your time. If you spend most of your daytime in your home office or living room, you may wish to install an air purifier there. Many individuals prefer to place the unit in their bedroom and operate it at night to eliminate airborne allergens while sleeping.

Q: Can an Air Purifier operate nonstop?

A: Yes, it is safe to run your device continuously. Due to the fluctuating nature of air quality, these machines are intended for continuous operation. Some are even equipped with intelligent technologies that monitor air quality in real-time and automatically modify their settings to conserve energy when air purification is not required.

Q: How can I know if I have an indoor air quality issue?

A: The EPA recommends monitoring your health following an environmental change. For instance, new health issues following a move, renovation, refurbishing, or pesticide application could indicate an indoor air quality issue. Consult with your family doctor. Other known causes of poor indoor air quality include:

  • Toxic cleaning products
  • Pets
  • Pressed-wood products
  • Poor ventilation
  • Smelly or stuffy air
  • Condensation on windows,
  • Mold growth

Q: What does CADR represent?

A: This abbreviation denotes an important air purifier measurement. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is the abbreviation for Clean Air Delivery Rate. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers devised this measurement. It indicates the amount of filtered air an air purifier produces. Three measures are provided: one for pollen, one for tobacco smoke, and one for dust—the greater the CADR number, the faster the machine filters the air.

Q: What does the acronym ACH mean?

A: ACH is an abbreviation for Air Changes per Hour. This specifies the number of times the air purifier filters or replaces all the air in a specific location per hour. For instance, an ACH rating of 6 indicates that the air in your room is filtered thoroughly six times per hour. We recommend ACH values between 5 and 6 for clean and healthy indoor air. The optimal ACH score for patients with allergies and asthma is between 6 and 8.

Q: Do air purifiers operate loudly?

A: The decibel level of an air purifier depends on several variables, including the model, the fan speed, and the individual’s noise tolerance. Remember that most air purifiers are initially loud as they begin cleaning the air. As particles are eliminated, the fans will automatically slow down and become quieter as they work.

Q: What are the energy costs associated with air purifiers?

A: This is another instance where the answer resides in the variances between air purifiers. Others are significantly more energy-efficient. HEPA air purifiers typically require between 50 and 200 watts of power. A lamp needs around 60 watts, whereas a computer uses 365 watts.

Using an air purifier is unlikely to influence your electricity expenditure significantly. However, suppose this is a significant worry while searching for an air purifier. In that case, you should pick an Energy-Star accredited air purifier or determine how many watts an air purifier consumes before purchasing.

Q: Do Air Purifiers eliminate odors?

A: An activated carbon filter is quite efficient at eliminating odors. They can eradicate odors from cigarettes, animals, food, waste, and even diapers. Other filters, such as HEPA filters, are less successful at removing scents than eliminating pollution particles.

Q: Will an Air Purifier cure my allergies or asthma?

A: No. Air purifiers prevent asthma and allergy symptoms by removing allergens from the air, such as pollen, dust, and animal dander. They do not, however, cure asthma and allergies. Air purifiers are more of a preventative than a curative treatment.

The Best Air Purifiers in 2022 Conclusive Remarks

If you have health concerns or chronic allergies, keeping pollutants out of your home using an air purifier is worthwhile. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 90 percent of Americans’ time is now spent indoors. The likelihood of hazardous air accumulating indoors is pretty significant. This also indicates that interior pollution levels are up to five times higher than outdoor ones.

An air purifier can significantly reduce, but not eliminate, high air-toxin levels, making breathing easier for you and others. The air purifiers above utilize physical filters like HEPA to catch microscopic particles in your home’s air. Virtually all airborne mold and fungal spores, smoke, pollen, dust, germs, and viruses can be captured by air purifiers. Many use a second filter containing adsorbent substances such as activated carbon (volatile organic compounds, or VOCs) to absorb gasses and odors.

Depending on the kind of allergy, air purifiers have also been proven to reduce the amount of allergen-causing particles in the air, leading to asthma episodes. During periods of excessive humidity, dehumidifiers have been demonstrated to be beneficial for asthma patients. In situations where your indoor space has little or poor airflow, air purifiers can be effective, particularly if you attempt to eliminate smoking and its stench.

The best air purifiers above should enhance indoor air quality, remove smoke and airborne particles, and deliver clean air.


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