Best Hearing Aids in 2022: Top-Rated Hearing Amplifiers Reviewed

Hearing loss is a condition that affects more than two-thirds of the entire US population aged 70 or higher. But being hard of hearing does not only mean that you will face issues with communicating smoothly. It can even contribute to depression and social isolation, eventually speeding up cognitive decline.

The easy solution? Hearing aid devices! The best hearing aids will enhance your ability to listen to the natural sound around you and improve your quality of life. However, not all hearing aid brands offer good-quality hearing aid devices. Most of them will either be uncomfortable or not provide good sound quality.

But the good news is we are here to help! With our years of experience and expertise revolving around hearing devices, we will ensure that your new hearing aids are worth each penny you spend.

The Top 12 Best Hearing Aids for 2022

There are many hearing aids out there that will claim that they are better than others. But, in reality, their ability to lower background noise and enhance the natural sound will be sub-par. So, we had to keep the crucial points in our minds and carry out intensive hearing tests with the available hearing aids. These stood out:

  • SoundWise Aria
  • MD Hearing Aid
  • Lexie Hearing Aid
  • Eargo Hearing Aids
  • HearAssist Pro
  • iHear Pro
  • HearingAid Max
  • AmeriHear
  • Signia
  • Widex
  • Otofonix Elite Hearing Amplifier
  • Tvidler

SoundWise Aria


One of the best hearing aid brands that are out there is SoundWise. And Aria from SoundWise is pretty famous among people with hearing loss. So, we wanted to find out why? Trust us; we were pretty amazed by what the hearing aid offers.

First of all, this offering utilizes CIA hearing aid technology. This technology will provide you with crystal clear hearing ability while being invisible. Yes, you will have them on your ear canal, but people will not be capable of telling you that you have an aiding device on you.

Secondly, using this aid is a breeze. This earbuds type of hearing aid comes with a charging case and has a micro design. Carrying them will not be an issue, and even though they are small, they pack pretty powerfully sound processing technology inside.

You will enjoy improved noise reduction and a higher natural sound if you get these as your new hearing aids. And thanks to the build quality, the unit will even provide you with a highly comfortable fit. So, you can wear the rechargeable hearing aid for hours without facing any comfort issues.

Finally, the Aria resides in the affordable hearing aids bracket. That means you will not need to pay your whole life’s savings to get all of its features. And getting relatively cheap hearing aids that offer so much is not that easy! No wonder the hearing aid brand is leading in the hearing aid industry.

Highlighted Features

  • It works like a charm for profound hearing loss
  • It has a high-quality design
  • It comes with a rechargeable hearing aid case
  • Small and easy to carry
  • It offers a stellar sound quality

MD Hearing Aid


Affordable hearing aids do not need to skimp on any crucial factors. And even though most hearing aid brands will not agree with that statement, MD Hearing Aid is different. Want to know what we are referring to here? Continue reading to find out!

Being one of the best hearing aid brands, MD offers two flagship models at a highly affordable price: MDHearingAid Air and MDHearingAid VOLT+. These two models have gone through many official hearing tests and have FDA registration. These two units are doctor-designed as well.

Furthermore, the brand offers a free-of-charge online hearing test, which is not common among hearing aid manufacturers. That will make it easier to choose online hearing aids that will be good for you, depending on your hearing loss. And the great thing about the test is that it takes only eight minutes.

Thanks to the units being developed by ENT doctors, Audiologists, and hearing aid specialists, they will not let you down when it comes to sound quality. It is also the right choice for you if you are looking for options that offer a great fit on the ear canal.

Additionally, the offerings of this hearing aid company provide maximum accuracy. They do a proper job of minimizing background noise and providing reasonable natural audio volume in the ear. You will have enhanced speech understanding ability and have a stellar user experience with these hearing aids.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers free online hearing test
  • Provides two advanced hearing aid models
  • The models are approved by hearing health professional
  • Minimizes background noise properly
  • Provides a proper fit in the ear canal

Lexie Hearing Aid


Most of the available digital hearing aids will not offer a proper performance when enhancing your speech understanding ability. The digital noise reduction mechanism will not be up to the mark for those in-ear hearing aids. But that is simply not the case with Lexie Hearing Aid.

Let us first talk about the design of these digital hearing aids. The brand has opted for a design that will look nearly invisible when wearing these on your ear canal. These come with a behind-the-ear (BTE) housing in multiple colors. So, you will have many options when it comes to outlooks.

However, the design is not the thing that made the model get into our list of the best hearing aid. These in-ear units offer outstanding performance as well. The hearing aid technology that they integrate will ensure you can hear your surroundings correctly, regardless of your type of hearing loss.

Another great thing about the behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid is that they offer a secure fit. You will not feel like wearing in-ear hearing aids while these are on your ear canal. These rechargeable hearing aids are also easy to use. They have large-sized buttons, which will allow you to get a stellar overall experience.

Unlike some hearing aid manufacturers, Lexie makes buying hearing aids online possible. When purchasing hearing aids online, you might think that you will not get the proper devices. The brand provides online video call sessions with a hearing health professional. So, you can stay pretty much worry-free.

Highlighted Features

  • The units offer a near-invisible outlook
  • It has a sleek behind-the-ear (BTE) housing
  • Offers a video call session with a hearing professional
  • Allows the users to purchase hearing aids online
  • Easy to use and has an excellent digital noise reduction chip

Eargo Hearing Aids


Getting a proper hearing care aid does not mean that you have to handle complex devices. Well, that is what this premium hearing aid brand is going for.

The manufacturer Eargo is a hearing professional brand that offers a complete lineup of hearing aids. And the units that the brand provides are great picks for the best hearing aids. They each simplify the process of using these devices and will let you overcome your hearing loss situation, regardless of the type of hearing loss you have.

One of the good parts of having access to a lineup with many hearing aids is that it will be easy to choose the right type. And the company has one goal: to offer mini behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids that are easy to use and discreet. So, these units will cater to all hearing aid users.

Other than that, the mini behind-the-ear hearing aids even provide a stylish look. And the different hearing aids, in-the-ear hearing aid models, will not even protrude one bit. They will rest entirely in the canal. The Eargo Hearing Aids lineup covers hearing aids for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

Although these hearing aids cost a little higher than other rechargeable hearing aids, the price you will be paying will be worth it. The hearing aid users of the Eargo hearing aids will enjoy proper noise reduction and a higher capability of understanding conversations.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers both behind the ear and in the ear hearing aids
  • Available options are for both mild hearing loss and severe hearing loss
  • Each model provides a great fit in the ear canal
  • The units are easy to use
  • Offers stylish and discreet devices

HearAssist Pro


Some hearing aids cost a fortune but cannot offer good overall performance. On the other hand, there are hearing aids that sit comfortably in the affordable range and act as a perfect solution for hearing loss. The HearAssit Pro is an ideal example of an affordable yet powerful hearing loss aid.

This hearing loss aid aims to replicate the effectiveness of the hearing aids that cost a fortune but keep the price as low as possible. And the brand has opted for a HiFi audio program and technology to achieve that. Thanks to those, the hearing loss aid can provide superior noise reduction and enhance your listening experience.

Its microprocessor is another thing that makes this hearing aid reside correctly with the best hearing aids. That will pick up the details of any conversations and allow you to hear them perfectly. And you will enjoy that ability even if you have a moderate to severe hearing loss.

These behind-the-ear hearing aids are also pretty lightweight. You will not be one of the hearing aid wearers who complain about their hearing aids. These hearing aids also have an ergonomic design to secure fit on anyone’s ear canal. You will not face any comfort issues while wearing these hearing loss aids.

Even though you cannot adjust these behind-the-ear hearing aids remotely, some buttons are easy to access. And as the hearing loss aid sits entirely in the canal, you will not ruin the fit while adjusting the hearing aid. Also, the colors of the behind-the-ear hearing aid will make it look pretty discreet.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes at a pretty affordable price point
  • Offers effectiveness of expensive hearing aids
  • Boasts a proper hearing loss aid microprocessor
  • The behind-the-ear hearing aid is pretty lightweight
  • It sits entirely in the canal and provides an excellent fit

iHear Pro


While looking for the best hearing aid, you might want to get a stylish hearing aid that stays pretty much invisible at the same time. One hearing aid that we found checking that criterion is the iHear Pro.

This in-the-ear hearing aid will first blow you away with its design. It has a small and compact form factor and a stylish outlook. The hearing loss aid will not even be visible for the compact form factor when you wear it. And as these hearing aids work wirelessly, you will sign up for a stellar user experience.

Like the previous hearing aid, this hearing loss aid aims to offer premium features. It integrates a high-tech audio processor that will keep the audio sharpness and clarity at the maximum level. You will lower the effects of hearing loss by getting this in-the-ear hearing aid.

The sound quality will even provide you with complete hearing care. This hearing aid will keep your stimuli active, lowering the chances of further hearing loss. And as the sound of the hearing aid is up to the mark for mild to moderate hearing loss, you can even enhance your self-confidence by wearing this hearing loss aid.

Furthermore, the in-the-ear hearing aid is wireless. And you will not have to go through any extra hassles while using this rechargeable hearing aid. Also, considering the price point of one hearing aid is pretty low, you can get this in-the-ear hearing loss aid without saving up for months.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports a stylish design
  • Utilizes high-tech hearing loss audio processor
  • It offers sharp and clear audio
  • It comes at an affordable price point
  • Provides a complete hearing care

HearingAid Max


One of the things that we have considered while looking for the best hearing aid is the non-invasive trait, and HearingAid Max has managed to impress us in that regard.

The thing that makes the hearing loss aid non-invasive is its lightweight nature. You will be capable of wearing these behind-the-ear ear aids without even feeling like you are wearing a hearing loss aid. However, the non-invasive nature of the hearing loss aid does not just stop there. The hearing aid comes with a skin color exterior.

The outlook and non-invasive nature are not the only things that made this behind-the-ear hearing aid get into this list. It is easy to use as well. The ergonomic design, combined with easy controls, will make it offer a stellar experience. You will buy hearing aids that are no-fuss with the purchase.

On that note, the hearing loss aid offers a volume-controlled amplification mechanism. Even though this type of hearing aid is generally for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, it will work like a charm for people with severe hearing loss.

You can also purchase this hearing aid online. And these online hearing aids offer you the convenience of getting hearing care essentials while staying in the comfort of your home. But the great thing about the hearing care essential is that it comes at an affordable price point, even though it is a premium-grade hearing aid.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports a non-invasive design
  • Light in weight and easy to use
  • Optimal for severe and mild to moderate hearing loss
  • It has a skin-color exterior coating
  • Boasts a volume-controlled amplifier



What would your reaction be if you saw hearing aids promoting themselves by stating that it is the big brand’s worst nightmare? AmeriHear is stating such a bold claim. And trust us, we were pretty intrigued. So, our curiosity to find out whether it is a good pick for the best hearing aid went to the level max.

At its core, these are in-the-ear hearing aids. They are small and compact, making the hearing loss aids easy to wear. But the compact nature is not all that these hearing aids have going for. These in-the-ear hearing loss aids also have a premium build quality. They are sleek and will provide a maximum level of comfort.

On the exterior side, the hearing aids come with a skin-color finish. Thanks to that, they will not stick out of the ear. Instead, each hearing aid will blend with your ears and make it look like you are not wearing any hearing care accessories. Also, despite the tiny size, the hearing loss aids can offer a 24-hour battery backup.

But the real question is, do these hearing aids offer performance similar to a premium hearing aid? Well, they do! Each hearing aid will come with multiple microphones to listen to your environment. The microphones of the hearing aids will then lower the background noise and allow you to hear each detail of a conversation.

Furthermore, the hearing loss aids boast a powerful speaker/receiver and amplifier. Those will enhance your hearing capability and allow you to participate in conversations properly. Thanks to the robust nature of the amplifier, these hearing aids are perfect for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

Highlighted Features

  • Small and compact
  • Optimal for mild to severe hearing loss
  • The hearing aids feature a premium build
  • It has a comfortable and discreet design
  • Each hearing aid has multiple microphones



Although there are many hearing aids available in the market, you will not find many options if you plan to buy hearing aids with proper app support. But if you were looking for that type of hearing aid, you should check out Signia.

As we just stated, the hearing loss aid app that bundles with hearing aids is the main highlight. It is packed with advanced features that will not make you feel like hearing loss is a disability. It has Telecare support and Signia assistant that will help you enhance your hearing health. The app is like a hearing health professional!

That app also comes with Augmented Xperience. This feature will let you enjoy augmented hearing and experience outstanding speech clarity in any given situation. And the great thing about the hearing aids is that they provide superb sound clarity and quality.

Furthermore, the brand has an extensive lineup of hearing aids. This includes both behind-the-ear hearing loss aids and in-the-ear hearing loss aids. That means whether you have a mild to moderate or mild to severe hearing loss issue, you will be capable of getting the perfect hearing aid.

On that note, each of the hearing aids will come with a sleek charging case. And the best part about those cases is that they are easy to carry.

Highlighted Features

  • Bundles with a proper hearing loss app
  • The app has an Augmented Xperience feature
  • Offers multiple types of hearing aids
  • These hearing aids offer an outstanding sound clarity and quality
  • Each hearing aid comes with a sleek case



In searching for the best hearing aid, you are probably looking to buy hearing aids that can customize the sound. In that case, you need to keep the hearing aids from Widex in the top spot of your consideration.

The thing that makes this hearing aids from Widex stand out is the app that the hearing loss aids bundle with. Using the app, you will be capable of fully customizing the sound of the hearing aids. In other words, you can create a profile that will fit your hearing loss properly with the app.

Nonetheless, the hearing aid brand has opted for Puresound technology. These hearing aids will offer the highest sound clarity for that hearing aid technology. And as the sound of the hearing aids will not awkwardly amplify, you will enjoy the most natural sound out of each hearing aid.

This brand is also offering a ton of hearing aids in its lineup. That includes both the behind-the-ear and in-the-ear models. So, whether you have a moderately severe hearing loss or mild to moderate hearing loss, you can get the proper hearing aids for your needs.

Another great thing about the hearing aid brand is that it offers a hearing test that you can take for free. It will be easier for you to choose the right hearing aid through that hearing test.

Highlighted Features

  • Allows the users to customize the sound of the hearing aids
  • The brand offers tons of different hearing aids
  • Offers free hearing tests to make it easier to choose the suitable hearing aid
  • The hearing aids utilize Puresound technology
  • Provides clear and accurate sound

Otofonix Elite Hearing Amplifier


Not many hearing aid brands offer great hearing aids for adults and seniors. However, Otofonix is not one of them. They are providing hearing aids that cater to both groups.

One of the first highlights of these hearing aids is that they utilize a unique amplifier. It offers 35 dB gain, and you can feel you have gained back your natural hearing capability. The hearing aids also come with robust volume control. That will let you get the most out of each hearing aid.

As the hearing aids feature a behind-the-ear design, each hearing aid will be perfect for the groups. In other words, whether you have profound hearing loss, mild to moderate hearing loss, or moderately severe hearing loss, this hearing aid will be a perfect pick for you.

Another thing that makes the hearing aid an excellent pick for the best hearing aid is the listening programs. There are four of them in each hearing aid. And those will perfectly accommodate each hearing need and work in different environments.

Other than that, the hearing aids have great noise-canceling technology. Even background reduction and feedback suppression options are available on each hearing aid. Those will enhance your overall experience with the hearing aids and allow you to go on with your days naturally.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes a unique amplifier
  • Has a robust volume control
  • Boasts four listening programs
  • Can properly cancel noise
  • Works in different environments flawlessly



Even though Tvidler is not technically a hearing aid, it does deserve a spot on our list of the best hearing aid. Why? It is a hearing loss device that will let you enhance your hearing capacities. Want to know how? You will need to continue reading to find out.

Tvidler is a cleaning device that will allow you to get the earwax away from your ears. As you might know, removing earwax with cotton swabs is a bad idea. Instead of getting your ear canal clean, the swabs might leave cotton particles that can clog up your ear canal over time.

Furthermore, the swabs usually make ear wax accumulate further down the ear canal. In other words, instead of getting the canal clean effectively, you push more ear wax into the canal. And that can cause severe issues in the future and might not allow your hearing aids to offer a better overall experience.

The creator behind Tvindler knew the issue regarding the ear swabs exactly well. For that reason, the device does not push the ear wax into the canal. Instead, it brings the wax from deep closer to the surface. Eventually, you will be pulling out the wax instead of pushing it down.

Aside from that, the tip of the device features high-grade silicone. It has spiral grooves and is ultra-soft. For that reason, it will not cause any discomfort, nor will it damage the skin of your ear canal.

Highlighted Features

  • Efficiently cleans the ear wax from the canal
  • Does not leave any residue in the canal
  • It has a high-grade silicone tip
  • Easy to use
  • Soft and does not cause any comfort issues

How We Rated the Best Hearing Aids

After reviewing the best hearing aids, purchasing hearing aids look like an easy task, doesn’t it? But did you know that the purchase process can be much more manageable? It definitely can! You just need to consider the points we have considered while choosing the hearing aids. And those factors are:


The thing about hearing aids is that they do not only amplify the sound around you. An effective hearing aid will isolate the unnecessary sounds around you and make it easier to hear the natural sounds. But an excellent medical-grade hearing can also amplify the right sounds simultaneously. For that reason, we have prioritized those the most.

Customization Options

Not all hearing aids are for everybody. You see, there are different types of hearing loss. Some suffer from mild to moderate levels of hearing loss, while some have profound hearing loss. But if a hearing aid offers customization options, it becomes suitable for all types of hearing loss.

Furthermore, hearing aids that can customize the sound will give you an excellent auditory experience. Considering that, we preferred hearing aids that provide broad customizability options.

Comfort and Fit

The comfort level of hearing aids is another critical criterion that should be in your mind when choosing a hearing aid. Some hearing aids are downright painful to wear, while some hearing aids make you feel like you are not wearing one. We leaned towards the latter hearing aids.

On that note, when it comes to comfort, the weight of the hearing aids will play a crucial role. A lightweight hearing aid will be more comfortable than a bulky one.

The good hearing aids will have an ergonomic shape and design in terms of fit. You should not worry about the hearing aid falling from your ears. And the ones that could offer that experience got a higher overall ranking in our list of hearing aids.


Not all hearing aids are designed to be discreet. Some will stick out and make you look awkward. Those will even let everyone know that you are wearing a hearing aid, which is something that you will not want, right? We did not bother looking into a hearing aid that had a bulky or awkward design.

Instead, we prioritized the hearing aids that feature a discreet overall design. And the more non-invasive design that the hearing aids had, the higher the ranking they got on our list.

Value Proposition

The thing about the hearing aids is that you will find one that goes for thousands, while you can also get a hearing aid that will be well within the affordable price point. So, we could not just consider one price tag while scrutinizing a hearing aid. Instead, we factored in the overall value proposition.

Ease of Use

Some hearing aid models will be easy to use, while some will make you go through tons of hassles. Well, dealing with hearing loss is not an easy task at all. And if the hassles of using a hearing aid get into the equation, things will get pretty hard for you.

Keeping that in mind, we have prioritized the hearing aid models that offer a stellar user experience. And if a hearing aid did not have a user-friendly design, it did not get a spot on our list.

FDA-Registration and Other Legitimacy Factors

Any brand can enter the market and start offering a hearing aid lineup by putting amplifiers and microphones in the devices. However, the effective ones will either opt for FDA certification or go through different routes. What are they?

Some of the brands will offer proof that tons of hearing aid users tested and reviewed proper feedback on their hearing aid. Some will even have medical-grade assurances. Those are guaranteed to work, whether you have a profound hearing loss or a severe one.

Mobile Apps

The modern hearing aid models will usually come with mobile apps. Using those apps, you can adjust the settings of the hearing aid. Also, some of the advanced hearing aid devices will be compatible with all types of hearing loss for the adjustability options. That includes profound hearing loss as well.

Hearing Test

Many hearing aid brands will allow you to take a hearing aid test before you purchase. A hearing test will let you choose the correct hearing aid for your condition. And because of that, we have given higher priority to the hearing aid that allows potential buyers to take a hearing test.

The Reputation of the Manufacturer

Any brand can enter the hearing aid market and claim that they offer a better hearing aid than the other devices. And in most cases, the new brands entering the market will only be there to grab your cash. They will either offer a hearing aid that does not work or something sub-par.

For that reason, we had to keep the manufacturer’s track record in our minds. When a brand has a good reputation, they offer suitable devices for an extended time. And if we came across a hearing aid from such a brand, we have given it more priority than others.

Honest Advertising

A hearing aid cannot fully restore your hearing capabilities. No matter how good the sound is or how much higher the clarity is, you will not be capable of finding a cure. Instead, the hearing aids will work as a solution. They will make it easier for you to deal with hearing loss. But some of the manufacturers take a different route.

Those brands will state that their hearing aids will cure your hearing loss. We did not even bother taking a look into their hearing aids.

Designed by ENT Doctors, Audiologists, and Other Professionals

If a hearing aid is backed by an audiologist, ENT doctor, or other medical professionals, it ranks higher on our list. According to us, if a professional is putting their name on a product, it means that they trust it or do have roles to play in developing the product. Or else they would not put their name on the hearing aid.

Wondering why? If a professional put their name on a product just to make money and the product fails to help its user, people will question their legitimacy. For that reason, the well-known and reputed professionals will not generally put their name on a generic product.

Who Needs Hearing Aids?

Not everyone needs a hearing aid. However, if you relate to any of these points below, you should get your hands on a hearing aid:

  • It’s a bit hard for you to hear people on the phone
  • When there are background noises, you cannot catch what other people are saying around you
  • You cannot focus on a conversation when more than two people are talking at the same time
  • Sometimes, it feels like the people around are mumbling and are not speaking clearly
  • You tend to mishear people
  • In most cases, you have to ask people to repeat what they are saying
  • Often, you hear whooshing, ringing, whirring, buzzing, or hissing sounds
  • Some of the sounds are extra loud to you
  • People complain that you put the volume on extra loud when watching TV or listening to music.

How Does a Hearing Aid Work?

According to Johns Hopkins, hearing aids work in a three-step process. And that three-step process includes:

  • The microphone receives the sound around and converts them into digital signals
  • An amplifier works with the digital signal and increases its strength
  • A speaker unit that will deal with the amplifier sound and deliver the amplified sound into your ears

The thing about the hearing aids is that each of them is customized for each individual. Usually, a professional will complete your hearing test, or you finish your hearing test online to check what level of customization you need.

Then, the professional will program the hearing aid to a certain degree and make it suitable for you. In this case, the professional will also consider whether you have a profound hearing loss or another type of hearing loss. Keeping that in consideration, the professional will tune the hearing aid for you.

On that note, some of the advanced hearing aids will adjust automatically. Some will even be applicable for all types of hearing aid, including profound hearing loss and the other types. For those, you will need to do the customization yourself. But the good news is most of them will be easy to customize.

Types of Hearing Aids

There are mainly four types of hearing aids out there. However, most of the options out there are either in-the-ear or behind-the-ear. Some manufacturers have taken these two designs and modified them a little, which made us get the other two types. Nonetheless, a brief description of each is as follows:

In-the-Ear (ITE)

The ITE hearing aids will fit inside the outer portion of the ear. As they sit flush with the ear, they are primarily for people with mild to severe hearing loss conditions. Usually, they will come with a case, which will hold all of the electronic components.

Some of the models will also come with a telecoil. That will act as a microphone and receive all of the sounds around you. And those models will make it easier to carry on a conversation through telephones.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

The BTE hearing aids look different from the ITE aids. They will have a hard or plastic case, which will go behind your ear. That casing will connect to the rest of the system through a plastic earmold. And the components that are the end of the plastic earmold will sit on the ear’s outer portion.

Nonetheless, most of the device’s electronic components will be inside the plastic case. Those components will be responsible for getting sound to your ears through the earmold. That said, the BTE devices work for people of all ages and people with all levels of hearing loss.

Mini Behind-the-Ear (Mini BTE)

These devices will be similar to the full-fledged BTE device. However, they will have a considerably small form factor, so they get mini in their name.


Just like the name suggests, the canal hearing aids will go in your canal of the ear. There are two different types of canal devices. The first one is in-the-canal (ITC), while the other one is completely-in-canal (CIC). And the ITC will generally have the shape and size of your canal, while the CIC will be pretty discreet.

With that being said, both the ITC and CIC are small devices. They are not easy to work with but are pretty easy to hide in your ears. And they are for people with mild to moderate conditions of hearing loss.

Analog Vs. Digital Hearing Aids

The hearing aids will generally rely on one of the two types of electronic components at their core. Let us go through each of them to give you a better understanding of them.

Analog Hearing Aids

As the name suggests, the analog hearing aids will convert the sound waves around you into electrical signals. The circuitry inside will amplify the signals and offer those amplified signals to your ears. Each of these devices will feature a custom design. The brand will need to know your hearing needs for the design.

Usually, the brands will ask for the recommendations of your audiologist to program the hearing aids. Some brands might even integrate two or more hearing settings or programs, including the one for loud environments.

Digital Hearing Aids

Again, the name explains it all. The digital hearing aids will have electronic components that convert the sound waves around you into numerical codes. These numerical codes will then go through the amplifier and get amplified. And they will include both the loudness and the pitch of the sound.

The codes have both factors because these devices will amplify particular sounds more than the others. For example, they will amplify a conversation’s sound signals and mute the background noise around you.

Additional Features That You Should Look for in the Hearing Aids

The main goal of a hearing aid is to make you hear the conversations around you properly. However, some models will come with additional features to enhance their functionalities. According to Mayo Clinic, some of the other characteristics of the hearing aids include:

Noise Reduction

All hearing loss aids will come with noise reduction technology. It is responsible for reducing the unnecessary noise around you and boosting the user’s hearing ability. For example, some models will reduce the wind noise around you using noise reduction technology.

Directional Microphones

The hearing aids that come with directional microphones will pick up the sounds from your entire surrounding, not just from the front or back. And these hearing aids will generally work like a charm if you plan to carry out proper conversations with people all around you.

Rechargeable Batteries

Some of the models will come with rechargeable batteries, while some will require you to replace the batteries. Among these two, the rechargeable ones are easier to use. You just need to place them into the charging case, and the batteries will start recharging.

Bluetooth Connectivity

A couple of modern hearing aids will come with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect those devices to your phones or other devices to listen to music, shows, or radio. These devices will be a combination of hearing aids and wireless earbuds.

Remote Control

Many hearing aids will let you adjust the settings to ensure you get the best sound out of them. Some brands will take this customization setting to the next level and allow you to tune things wirelessly. Those will usually bundle with an app.

Pre Programmed Settings

Hearing aids that come with multiple pre-programmed settings are great for different environments. For example, you can enhance your hearing ability in a loud environment by changing the settings.

How to Clean Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are essential for you if you have hearing problems. And getting a good set of hearing aids that makes it easier for you to listen to your surroundings is just the first half of the story. You will also need to clean them if you want to get prolonged use out of them.

That said, cleaning the hearing aids is not a difficult task. You just have to follow the proper steps. Want to know what steps are we talking about here? Continue reading if you like to find out.

Steps to Clean ITE Hearing Aids

If you are an owner of an in-the-ear hearing device, these are the steps that you will need to follow:

First of all, get the openings of the device cleaned. That includes the microphone ports and any other holes on the device. We recommend using a soft toothbrush or the brush that came with the device. You will mainly focus on getting the wax out of the openings in this step.

After getting the wax out of the holes, use a wax hook or pick to clean out anything remaining on the holes. Yes, the brush will not be capable of getting all the things out, and you will need to use something smaller to get the residues out.

Get a clean and dry cloth or tissue and wipe the entire device to finish the cleaning process. A good wipe will get all of the loose debris and dust out of the housing.

Steps to Clean BTE Hearing Aids

To get the BTE hearing aids cleaned, go through these steps:

To start with, you will need to examine the device and check for loose dust and debris. Get all of them out of the housing using a dry cloth or soft brush. Remember not to push too hard on the holes when using the brush. It can get the internals damaged.

Get the earmold off the hook and clean it. Some of the units, usually soft silicone material, may discolor over time or have stains. For those, use a clean cloth soaked in warm water. You should use a soapy solution if the discoloration is too stubborn.

Sometimes, the earmolds might develop a strong odor. Usually, this would mean that you have an ear infection. To get the smell out, clean the earmold with a warm soapy solution. Also, you should consult your hearing healthcare for the condition.

Finally, get yourself a bulb blower and force any of the water that might be inside the tubing. Wipe the entire surface with a dry and clean cloth and keep the earmold in a dry place overnight.

Care Tips for Hearing Aids

Apart from daily maintenance, you will need to consider a couple of things in your mind if you want to enhance the lifespan of the hearing aids. And the factors we are mainly referring to here are:

Get Proper Tools

You cannot just clean the hearing aids with standard cleaning tools. Those will not be that efficient when getting the devices clean. Instead, invest in a good brush and wax pick. You can also opt for the cleaning tools that your hearing aid dispenser carries.

Earwax in the openings of the devices can hamper the sound. You will not be capable of getting a good experience out of them if the holes are clogged. The sound will either be muffled or will have whistling characteristics to it. And the right tools can make it easier to get the ports appropriately cleaned.

Establish Good Using Habits

Did you know that you can lower the chances of the ports getting extremely clogged by establishing good habits? Yes! If you wash your hands properly before handling or holding the devices, you will not make the holes get clogged up quickly. Also, wash your ears properly before putting the devices on.

Do not hold or wear the device with your hands or ears covered in water. Even though the robust devices are durable, they are less likely to be water-resistant. For that reason, you should dry up your hands and ears accordingly.

Clean the Device at the End of the Day

Don’t want to go through tons of hassles during the maintenance process? You can avoid that by cleaning the device at the end of the day. However, do not use wet wipes or wipes with alcohol to clean the aids. Instead, use a dry and clean cloth to carry out this cleaning.

Store the Devices in a Proper Place

Usually, users do not wear the devices while they are sleeping. When you are not using the devices, you should keep them in a proper place. Avoid putting them in cold or hot spots. Instead, store them in drawers where the temperature is just right.

On that note, you should not wear the devices when the environment around you is too hot or cold. For example, when you shovel the snow out of your driveway, it would be good to keep the devices inside.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids

Q: What will tell me that I need hearing aids?

A: If your hearing loss affects your daily life, you should get a hearing aid. For example, you might get told by your family members that you do not hear as well as you did earlier. They might need to repeat their words when they are talking with you. Also, you might face difficulties when communicating with people around you.

Q: Will my hearing abilities restore after getting a hearing aid?

A: Hearing aids solve your hearing difficulties, but it is not a cure. With the device, you will be capable of carrying out conversations naturally. There will be no need to ask the people around you to repeat themselves. However, wearing it will not cure your hearing problem.

Q: Do hearing aids have any link to any side effects?

A: During the adjustment period, you might face a few issues with the sound and the amplification of the device. However, those issues will disappear right after the adjustment period. Soon after the adjustment period, everything will work flawlessly for you.

Q: Can I prevent hearing issues by wearing hearing aids?

A: No! Hearing aids will not stop the decline of your hearing abilities. If it seems like you are losing your hearing ability, even with the hearing device, you will continue to lose this natural ability. But with a hearing device, it will be easier to cope with the issue as it will enhance your ability to hear your surroundings.

Q: Do insurances cover hearing aids?

A: That will depend on the insurance you plan to get. Most of the providers will not cover these devices. However, if you look a little bit and search for such providers, you can surely land on one that will offer you great coverage.

Q: Are hearing aids difficult to wear?

A: If you choose a suitable device, you will not find it difficult to wear it throughout the entire day. That said, selecting a hearing aid depends on your type of hearing issue, the size of your ear, and your lifestyle. And if you consider all of the crucial points, choosing the correct device will become a piece of cake.

Q: Is it necessary to wear hearing aids in both ears?

A: Two hearing aids are better than wearing one. With two of these devices, you will be capable of perceiving sound naturally as you will have the same hearing ability in both of your ears. Two devices will also enhance your ability to listen to sounds in complicated environments.

Q: Do I need special batteries for hearing devices?

A: Usually, these devices will use zinc-air batteries. Those cells will have a unique design and are meant to go inside these devices only. You will be capable of finding these batteries in your pharmacy or grocery store. However, some modern devices will come with rechargeable batteries. And those do not require replacements.

The Top 12 Best Hearing Aids for 2022 Final Words

Even with few competitors, choosing the best hearing aids can still be challenging. But as you can see, if you keep the worthy models and the critical factors in your mind, choosing the right aids for your hearing issue can become a breeze. You do not have to spend more than you have to!


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