Best No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval In 2022: Top 5 Bad Credit Loans Lenders For Fast Cash

Thought you need a perfect credit score to get loans?

Earlier, it was impossible to get quick loans, especially if the credit score was lacking. Credit unions or banks would vigorously check backgrounds before parting ways with any amount.

However, the ones approaching for loans are sometimes not financially equipped to keep up with the credit score. This is why we’ve listed the best no credit check loan companies that offer no credit check loans.

Top 5 Loan Companies For No Credit Check Loans & Bad Credit Loans Online:

  1. Money Mutual: Overall Best No Credit Check Loans At Best Interest Rates; Editor’s Choice
  2. Funds Joy: Best Direct Loan Lender For Loans With No Credit Check
  3. RadCred: Top-Rated Loan Company For Quick Loans Online
  4. Bad Credit Loans: Trusted Bad Credit Loans & Loans With Poor Credit History
  5. Cash USA: Popular Loan Lenders For Guaranteed Instant Cash Approval

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Money Mutual: Overall Best No Credit Check Loans At Best Interest Rates; Editor’s Choice



Money Mutual is one of the topmost online money lending platforms in the USA, and they are one company that does not require a credit check. The best part about this company is its quick approval process for short-term loans. Any customer can apply for a loan by selecting the amount category they prefer, and the streamlined process delivers as promised.

Besides, you do not need to travel to any offices to sign any papers because all the documents are uploaded on the website clearly. So, you can complete the paperwork from the comfort of your home and receive the loan amount in the bank or major credit bureaus on the very next business day.

However, in order to be eligible for procuring an installment loan from Money Mutual, a customer must be at least 18 years of age. Apart from that, they must have a verifiable active checking account and have a minimum income of $800 each month. Among the documents involved, one of them requests proof of employment for loan approval.

Money Mutual is essentially a platform of lenders willing to offer installment loans, and depending on the lender, customers can get loans of up to $5,000. How much a direct lender chooses to give often depends on the borrower’s individual qualifications and heavily depends on whether they have a job or not.


  • Completely free to apply
  • Offers multiple choices
  • Short application period
  • Quick service


  • Not valid for CT or NY customers


A. Secure And Prompt Process

Sometimes, you face an emergency that cannot wait, and your funds may be running dry. In such a situation, this company is pretty reliable because they always have a few payday lenders online willing to deposit the amount at the earliest.

Verified by CFEF and the Online Lenders Alliance, you can rest assured that the money is arriving from a legitimate source. The form filling process does not take more than five minutes for the average user, and one can expect the amount in 24 hours in some cases. Additionally, you can read lender reviews before confirming any transaction.

B. Website Bad Credit Loan Guide

Money Mutual makes the process of obtaining loans more accessible than ever. And, for those customers who are entering the territory of borrowing for the first time, they have dedicated pages on the website explaining each process.

Not only that, they explain to the common user how they can get quick loans even if they have a bad credit score. Apart from that, they also offer the option to select different types of payday loans. The different types include online, no fax, poor credit, military, and 24-hour payday loans.

C. Complaint And Query Facility

Ideally, the process of borrowing from the right lender should be a piece of cake. But, in the case of unexpected issues, the company has set up an email ID, customer service number, and address to report any untoward incident.

The company advises customers to avoid offers from fake companies that provide the loan amount any sooner than 24 hours. So, make it a point to read the terms and conditions before finalizing any loan.

D. Customer Feedback

Most customers who tried using the no credit loan service from Money Mutual found the service incredibly useful. One reviewer said that their lender sent the loan amount the very next day, and they managed to pay back the amount monthly.

Another reviewer pointed out that arranging money in case of emergencies was sometimes impossible, and they could shift houses only thanks to online loans from Money Mutual.

Click here to get started with Money Mutual

#2. FundsJoy: Best Direct Loan Lender For Loans With No Credit Check



Gone are the days when a bad credit score got you a string of loan rejections. With online loan companies like Funds Joy, people can pay for unexpected bills, medical care, vehicle repairs, or any other emergency. Luckily with this option, people have the freedom to take care of essential finances even if they have a bad credit score.

At this company, direct lenders are always available for a conversation and provide personal loans without questioning your purpose. Customers can then start business ventures, travel, invest, or do what they please as long as they repay the amount in a timely manner.

When it comes to online loan companies, many people may still not know the basics of it all. As such, the user interface of Funds Joy is kept simple, precise, and easy to understand so that newbies are not confused while applying for loans. All the information you need is available in a single place, and you can always check the FAQs or contact section to stay up to date.

Besides, the online system is 256-bit SSL secured which does not save any of your private information anywhere on the internet. The website makers take the privacy of the customers seriously, and they have used all methods possible to ensure the data safety of all users.


  • End to end information encryption
  • Free form filling
  • Loan amount up to $5,000
  • Quick process


  • Approval is not guaranteed


A. Reliable And Transparent

Funds Joy’s services are pretty straightforward and do not involve any hidden fees and costs. There is no subscription fee to see lender profiles, and all your transactions will stay between the lender and you. Yet, you need not worry about the security aspect because all personal data is secure and away from prying eyes.

Your sensitive information is safe with this website since the information is encrypted. Plus, all the information you need about borrowing rates is available on the website to help you make an informed decision.

B. Fast Service

An emergency does not come announced, and certainly, some financial situations come with a time crunch. Maybe it is essential to book a flight to the other side of the country to tend to an ill family member. In such cases, you might need quick money, which is possible to achieve via Funds Joy.

Since the form is straightforward, you do not have to spend extra time requesting loans from lenders. The entire process of submitting a form will take not more than ten minutes if you have a regular profile. Once the application is approved, you can get a loan of $200 to $5000, depending on the amount you filled in the form.

C. Streamlined Process

Funds Joy has a pretty streamlined process that matches the perfect lenders to you for the loan you are looking for. You can start by clicking on the “Get Started” button on the front page and fill out your information online— no need to leave home and travel to search for lenders either.

During this process, you can select the terms on which you’d like to receive the loans and check all the lenders available at the moment. From there, you can select the offer that is the most suitable, sign the e-deal and submit your request to the lender. After the approval, the lender will send out the loan amount for you to use.

Click here to get started with Funds Joy

#3. RadCred: Top-Rated Loan Company For Quick Loans Online



The final company on our list that offers loans to people with poor credit is RadCred. Its policy is pretty straightforward – they are willing to provide loans to anyone approaching them. With this website, you can fill out a preliminary form with your basic details, and the system will come back to you with loan offers.

What’s more, this entire process does not take anymore than ten or fifteen minutes from applying to receiving offers. If you read the proposal and like the lender’s terms, there is no need to wait for further confirmation. Simply sign the final papers, and the lender will receive the request immediately.

Essentially, the process is so quick that you may receive the amount the next business day from the comfort of your home. A beneficial factor about approaching RadCred is that it does not reflect as strongly on your credit when borrowing from this website.


  • Loans for poor credit scores
  • Money is received within 24 hours
  • Quick application process
  • Customer approved


  • NY or CT residents cannot apply


A. Straightforward Requirements

While getting a loan with a bad credit score is difficult, this company makes the process quick and simple. In a special policy for poor credit loan plans, there are no credit checks whatsoever. Instead, you need to provide a few basic details about yourself, and you are eligible for a loan.

A candidate must be 18 years or older, have an active banking account in their name, and must show proof of regular income. However, New York and Connecticut residents are not eligible, and the same hold for people with active bankruptcies.

B. Loan Process Guidance

To help users understand the process of online loans, this company has multiple resources available for educational purposes. The website also helps you with a stepwise guide to improving your chances of getting approved for a loan.

C. Customer-Oriented Service

SInce 1998, RadCred has helped over 750,000 customers get an online loan from genuine lenders. If you get stuck at any point, the customer service team is available to help you out. They will guide you to a reliable lender that matches your profile and ensure you get a good outcome.

Click here to get started with RadCred

#4. Bad Credit Loans: Trusted Bad Credit Loans & Loans With Poor Credit History



Another reliable company for online loans is called Bad Credit Loans, which, as the name suggests, provides loans to people with bad credit scores. With this site, you can borrow anywhere from $500 to $10,000, depending on individual qualifications. Going about the website is no hassle since all the information is right on the first page.

Also, there are offers that a potential customer can select from, and they do not have to go ahead if the offer seems unreasonable too. Generally, interest rates vary from 5.99% to 35.99% APR depending on the lender. And, you will be connected with a lender that matches the requirement, so the choice is entirely up to you.

Moreover, many lenders are willing to transfer the money quickly, so you can expect the money to reach you within 24 hours after the approval. There are no extra payments or fees for using the website. Thus, you will only owe the lender the borrowed amount with interest.


  • Flexible credit requirements
  • Easy online process
  • Loans up to $10,000
  • Multiple loan offers


  • One may not always find a match


A. Large Network Of Lenders

Bad Credit Loans is one online platform that includes various lenders from all walks of life. These lenders are verified, and borrowers will usually find one option that suits their loan amount and interest requirements. However, if a customer does not match with active lenders at any given time, there is a solution for the same.

The makers will display your loan inquiry form to an extended network of lenders or third-party non-lenders to help a customer find a match.

B. Private And Secure Service

With this company, you do not have to worry about your important information falling into the wrong hands. They take all measures to keep your form details private with advanced encryption technology. The makers will clarify each step of collecting your information and where it is used for a transparent transaction.

C. No Subscription Fee

As a customer or borrower, you do not have to pay the company any amount for using its services. In fact, you do not need to spend a single penny on submitting forms and getting approvals. The only payment you will make is to the lender, which is the total loan amount with added interest.

D. Provides Loans Despite Bad Credit

All lenders who willingly participate in this online loan transaction are aware that some borrowers will not have the best credit score. Yet, they are willing to make offers through this medium giving customers a risk-free loan option.

Click here to get started with Bad Credit Loans

#5. Cash USA: Popular Loan Lenders For Guaranteed Instant Cash Approval



Next, we have Cash USA, another online lending company that matches a customer with suitable lenders. While the makers do not provide loans, they ensure you meet someone from the network who can loan you the requested amount. Whether you need urgent money to remodel the home, travel, medical issues, or pay off debt, you can get up to $10,000 from lenders hassle-free.

The online platform saves you loads of time, money, and effort in securing a personal loan, making Cash USA a popular website for its services. The instructions are pretty easy for first-time customers to understand and follow. On starting the application, the form will ask you to enter personal information like age or the last four digits of your SSN.

After this, they will need to verify employment details and ask for proof of weekly or monthly income. These details will be collected only to match the right lenders and are safe in the encrypted system. After this, it is up to you to confirm the terms and conditions of the loan.

Once both parties agree to the offer, the lender can send the money to your back as early as the next day. Also, the website has a pretty helpful educational section for giving details about loan processes, finance, debt, and banking. With a maximum borrowing limit of $10,000, lenders and customers can interact and conduct transactions on their own terms.


  • All credit ranks are eligible
  • Offers up to $10,000 in loans
  • Funds go directly into the bank
  • Lenders reach out quickly


  • Does not match with all lenders


A. Fast And Convenient System

With this website, you do not have to wait around for any reason whatsoever. Filling forms, matching with lenders, accepting offers, and getting approved are all convenient for the user. What’s more, there is no delay in receiving funds either because the no credit check lenders on the website are prepared to make instant payments.

B. Easy Requirements

When opting for traditional loans, a borrower has to spend a lot of effort and time complying with bank or credit union requirements. Sometimes, despite working hard, they fall short due to some eligibility requirements. With Cash USA, there is no such stress about acquiring emergency loans because they allow most candidates to apply for loans.

The only requirements you must meet are related to age, checking account, and employment. Any customer must be above 18 years of age, must have a checking account in the same name, and earn at least $1,000 per month. Along with that, they must be a permanent US citizen and have a valid phone number and email ID.

C. Educational Resources

The makers are aware that not everyone will know the procedure of applying for small personal loans on an online platform. This is why they have taken the effort to put together incredibly valuable educational resources for customers to read through.

D. Other Offers

One feature that differentiates Cash USA from the other secured loan companies is its dedication to offering support to all kinds of customers. Once you are connected to a lender, the makers will show you other credit-related services that might come in handy one way or another.

Click here to get started with CashUSA

#6. Personal Loans


The next company we wanted to list was Personal Loans since it is yet another website that offers loan amounts to those with low credit scores. What’s unique about this website is the amount of care taken to provide accurate information to customers. They want users to get the best loan plan with all the correct knowledge about taking loans.

For instance, the makers explain APR or annual percentage rate so that customers can calculate the interest amount beforehand. Not only does this prevent customers from making the wrong decisions in haste, but it also prevents misunderstanding with the lenders later on. A chart explaining the concept of APR is given on the website for all potential borrowers to see.

Furthermore, this website is perfect for first-time users because all the steps are listed out clearly. The makers have ensured that no information will be left out or held back from any customer. And once the forms are filled up and submitted, a customer will receive loan offers within minutes.


  • Personalized loan offers
  • Loans up to $35,000
  • Services in all 50 states
  • Fast approval process


  • Repayment policies are stricter


A. Extended Lender Network

If a customer is not able to find the appropriate match for a lender, the makers have a few solutions up their sleeve for such cases. If you contact the team at Personal Loans, they will send your profile and loan request to an extended network of lenders and associates to find a close match.

Another thing to note is the amount of money available for best personal loans on this website. While the maximum borrowing amount on other sites does not cross $5,000 or $10,000, this site offers up to $35,000 in loans.

B. Competitive Rates Available

When any customer thinks about taking a loan, it is usually due to a financial crunch. In some cases, the issue resolves, and in others, the economic situation may take time to improve. The makers are aware of that, which is why they have allowed so many lenders to enter the platform.

With a larger number of lenders, there is sure to be competition in regard to interest rates. In turn, this will give customers the option to select a loan plan with a low-interest rate so that the payback amount is minimal.

C. Fast And Direct Funding

Once the paperwork is done and all the forms are signed, all you need to do is wait for 24 hours or so to get the money. The lender will transfer the amount directly into your savings account, and there will be no transaction fee/service charge for this.

D. Learn About Other Credit Options

While opting for a loan is fast and quick on this website, they also have a few other options for customers. The makers have selected a few credit-related programs to share with users for the best possible outcome with limited interest.

If any customer requests, the company makes sure to help out with finding other options that might be more suitable to some people. As always, it is strongly recommended to go through the loan terms of any program before finalizing and signing the papers.

Click here to get started with Personal Loans

How We Made The List Of No Credit Check Personal Loans:

Making a list of the best no credit check companies that do not check credit scores was much tougher than we had expected it to be. Not only did we skim through a dozen contenders, but we also had to eliminate many companies that did not meet our requirements. Our requirements were created keeping in mind the customer experience and individual persons’ requirements.

We started by noting down the most popular online loan companies that claimed not to check credit scores from customers. After the list was ready, we compared several customer reviews and shortlisted the ones that had the best experience for users.

Once that was decided, we took a careful look at each online loan company and its website to see the loan amounts offered and the ease of navigation.

After this, we checked company policies, repayment options, and options offered to customers. It was important to figure out which companies have legitimate lenders and shortlist them. At the same time, we excluded companies that did not provide many options to customers when it came to lender offers.

Also, the websites that offered flexible repayment options, selected candidates with low credit scores, and had strong privacy policies were preferred. Thus, we were left with only five options and decided to conduct full reviews of them all.

In short, these were a few aspects we considered when selecting the top five no credit check loan companies-

  • Repayment options and methods
  • Interest types
  • Eligibility for bad credit scores
  • Transparent company policies
  • Customer reviews
  • Privacy policy
  • Ease of navigation (website)

How To Choose The Instant Payday Loans With No Credit Check:

It is always better to study the market before taking a large loan amount and finding some discrepancies in the policy later. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry, and the same applies to loans procured online.

If you are a first-time borrower, it may seem frustrating to read through a mountain of documents before getting a lender. But, it is incredibly important to conduct personal research about any company you plan to take a loan from. To help you get started, we have listed a few factors that you must consider before borrowing money from no credit check loan companies.

1. Interest Types

While we are listing the important factors in no particular order, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is interest type. As a beginner, it is common to believe that there are only two options out there, and you have to select between them.

But, this could not be further from the truth because interest rates will be different for each lender. Typically, if you have a good credit score, the lender will be willing to offer you the loan amount with a lower interest rate.

Also, remember that companies will sometimes formulate a fixed interest rate for low credit score, which will remain the same for the loan period. Alternatively, a varying rate will keep adjusting according to the index rate.

2. Eligibility For Loans

As we have previously mentioned, the lender will select an interest rate that suits them. And the same applies to no credit loan specialists since these lenders usually like to work with people having a score of 620 or more. The minimum debt to income ratio varies, but the maximum is not more than 45%.

This ratio shows the amount of money you repay compared to how much you earn per month. While there is no such rule, lenders will prefer to work with borrowers who have steady work and income sources for a few months. The main criteria they are worried about is whether the borrower will be able to return the amount at the designated time.

On the other hand, some lenders will ask to see proof of savings and decide the borrower’s ability to repay loans. Since there are various types of lenders, all one must do is search for one that matches the individual requirements.

3. Repayment Methods

The repayment method is decided upon by the lender, and the borrower must agree with those terms if they wish to proceed with the loan. If the lender provides only one method of repayment, chances are maybe the borrower will not be able to meet those demands. Although that is not the usual case, most lenders provide various repayment options to help clear the loan on time.

With many repayment options, they want to increase their chance of getting the money and interest back on time. In some cases, money is automatically withdrawn from your account monthly, or sometimes the borrower may get discounts.

To diversify repayment options, some lenders allow mailing checks or online transfers. As a borrower, you must check to see if the lender has the repayment method that you are comfortable with.

4. Penalties And Fees

Find out the various fees and penalties applicable if you are unable to repay the loan on time. Firstly, you should know about origination fees that are charged to the lender while processing the loan. While everyone does not charge this, the ones that do will collect 1% to 6% of the loan amount as an origination fee.

Depending on your state and the lender, this charge may apply to your loan, so check beforehand if this is the case. Apart from that, the lender may also charge a prepayment fee if you repay the amount sooner than decided. Since the lender does not make money off the interest, they will try to charge you for losing the amount.

On the flip side, late payments will also come with a penalty for not keeping with the terms of the loan agreement. Some generous lenders might provide extra time to pay back, but you can’t take this for granted. If you are aware that the monthly payment will be late, inform them beforehand to come up with a solution that suits both parties.

Usually, late repayment might cost you about 5% of the amount in penalties. However, some lenders choose a fixed charge like $30 as a penalty.

5. Customer Reviews

When you are considering an online loan for the first time, it is important to factor in other customers’ experiences with the website. Take a few moments to skim through reviews to determine what other borrowers have to say about the lenders and the company.

Remember, you will always find a few people who are not happy with the company, but that’s a given with any product or service. Such occurrences can happen when one does not read through the terms and conditions carefully before taking a loan. But, you need to check what the overwhelming majority of people think about using the website.

To get a fair idea, check the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to see honest opinions about the website you are considering.

FAQs About Loans With No Credit Check:

Q1. Can I Get Emergency Loans With A Bad Credit?

The bad credit loan options we have presented in this article are willing to provide emergency loans to everyone. The lenders on these websites do not usually check for credit scores because they would defeat the purpose of a no credit check loan.

Either way, there are plenty of lender options to choose from once you get started on the website. And most of them will be happy to provide credit card loans immediately for emergencies.

Q2. Is It Possible To Get A Loan Without A Credit Check?

While most lending companies will want to check the credit score to judge a borrower’s ability to repay, there are some exceptions.

In the scenario when a borrower has a credit score that leaves more to be desired, lenders will ask for other verification like bank information. Steady employment is another important factor for getting a loan because it solidifies the borrower’s ability to repay loans.

Q3. Will My Credit Score Get Affected When I Take A Loan With An Already Poor Credit History?

The thing is, as soon as you apply for a new loan, there are going to be changes to your credit score. The only thing that you can do to improve your score is to pay back the loan installments on time. Avoid delaying or missing payments, and your credit score should gradually get better.

Q4. What Is The Minimum Credit Score Needed To Get A Loan?

Generally, no credit check loan lenders on these websites will not mention specific numbers or minimum credit score requirements. Essentially, they are looking for other factors apart from credit score, which they will consider before lending any amount.

For example, a borrower with a good credit score but a huge debt is not an ideal candidate for lenders. On the other hand, a person with a poor credit score but little to no debt would be a better fit for most lenders.

More than anything else, a borrower with a stable monthly income almost always gets their applications accepted. This is because the lenders have reason to believe that the loan will be repaid on a timely basis.

Q5. Can I Take An Emergency Loan Without Having A Job?

Ultimately, getting approved for a loan only requires proof that you can repay the lenders and not default the payments. If you have other sources of income that are bringing in regular money home, that is sufficient for the lenders. So, if you have income from investments, rental homes, pensions, or alimony, you can still apply without holding a job.

Other than that, if you have a monthly income in the form of student aid, annuity, or child support, it’s possible to apply for emergency loans online.

Concluding – Which No Credit Check Loan Lenders Should You Choose?

Even if this is the first time you are considering an online loan, by now, you should be well aware of what to expect. However, since we have listed five options along with a guide and FAQ section to help you choose, which one should you go for?

After we conducted thorough research, we are convinced by all the bad credit loan companies mentioned here on our list. However, we thought Money Mutual was an exceptional website in the online loan market. The lender matches on this website are usually high, and they are willing to support customers with poor credit scores too.

Apart from that, Funds Joy is another company that is known for quick loans with a system that is beginner-friendly. But, the final decision lies with you, and we hope you read the terms and conditions of the offer carefully before getting an online loan.

Until next time, take care!

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