Best Payday Loans: Top Personal Loan Providers for Direct Lending with Guaranteed Approval

Have you ever come across someone who had never taken out any kind of loan throughout his life? Probably not. If you’re not a multi-millionaire, you’re bound to apply for loans from time to time to balance urgent financial needs. Many Americans avail themselves of different types of personal loans, and that’s pretty normal.

According to the latest stats, most borrowers prefer to go for payday loans instead of other personal loans to manage their financial crises. Online payday loans are in high demand nowadays, and the businesses of payday lenders are touching the sky in terms of growth and revenue generation.

Applying for a personal loan comes with certain restrictions, and not everyone is eligible for personal loans. The chances of loan approval are pretty limited in terms of personal loans, while payday loans are much more flexible. Most online lenders tend to check the credit history and the current credit score of a user before approving his loan application.

The scenario is more or less similar for payday loans too, but the chances of loan approval are comparatively higher. Also, users with different financial conditions can apply for payday loans and have their loan applications approved. That’s why finance experts entitle payday loans as the best forms of bad credit loans.

When applying for payday loans, so many lending platforms are present in the industry to offer exciting and exclusive payday loans. Before you get an online payday loan from a particular lending platform, it’s essential to check its background to keep your personal and financial details safe.

It’s not realistic for a general borrower to manage time to check the background of every lending platform present in the market. So, how do you manage to find the best payday loans online? We thought of curating this article to help every user with a bad credit score know about the leading platforms that offer bad credit and payday loans.

This article will introduce borrowers to the best lending platforms that offer beneficial and exhilarating payday loans to users with different financial conditions and credit scores.

The Best Payday Loans Lenders in 2022

If you want to get the best payday loan offers to balance your urgent financial needs with a poor credit score, you need to know about the best platforms that can help you in the best possible ways. We compiled this list very sincerely so that our readers can get online personal loans like payday loans quickly.

MoneyMutual A leading online lending platform that consists of the broadest network of verified and established online lenders who offer attractive payday loans and other credit loans to all types of users at lower interest rates.
FundsJoy One of the fastest-growing lending platforms that have already managed to grow worldwide, the platform comes with an easy application process that allows users to get up to $5000 in unsecured loans within 24 hours.
BadCreditLender A widely popular lending platform that helps users with bad credit get convenient and easy payday loans at affordable interest rates. The platform is famous for offering almost all types of short-term loans.
PickALender One of the largest online marketplaces for unsecured loans, including payday loans and cash advances, helps users connect to the worthiest lenders available.
Next Day Personal Loan Arguably the quickest lending platform on the internet that makes it possible to complete your application super-fast, it aims to disburse the sanctioned loan amount to your bank account as soon as possible.
CashUSA Thousands of borrowers of different financial standards prefer a reliable and trustworthy online lending platform due to its flexible and customizable repayment terms and affordable interest rates.



MoneyMutual is arguably the best platform for poor credit with flexible and convenient loan terms. Every loan provider present on the platform is cooperative and reliable in processing online loans with minimum documentation. If you need a personal loan in the form of a payday loan instead of installment loans, MoneyMutual is the best choice for you.

Almost every type of unsecured loan is available on the platform to help users deal with their emergency conditions. An exciting thing about MoneyMutual is that the platform is least bothered about your credit score when offering a payday loan.

You just need to meet the convenient eligibility criteria of the platform, and that’s what is enough to get your loan application sanctioned and the sanctioned amount transferred to your bank account. The payday loans offered by the verified lenders available on the platform can replace an installment loan quickly, and your credit history won’t hold you back from getting a helpful payday loan.

Lenders’ interest rates on payday loans are comparatively lower than those set by other lending platforms. As you register, you get connected to a suitable loan provider within a few minutes, and you can get a whopping online loan of up to $5000 within the time frame of 24 hours.

A borrower is also free to apply for an emergency cash advance from an online lender on this platform if he wants to avoid a hectic loan process. The platform conducts a credit check procedure in collaboration with the three major credit bureaus to get the credit history of every applicant. Then the lenders on the platform help a borrower get a loan based on his monthly income.

Type of Loan Users can borrow money for different purposes
Loan Amount Range $200 to $5000
Service Highlights
  • The platform doesn’t charge a loan origination fee for disbursing a loan.
  • All the lenders available on the platform approve most loan applications as long as their eligibility criteria are met.
  • Users can access the educational resources available on the platform.
  • APR Different lenders present on the platform enforce different APR rates
    Term Length The term lengths also vary from lender to lender



    FundsJoy is a reliable name among online lending marketplaces, and you can expect to get the best online payday loan from this platform quickly. The platform helps you connect with the best direct payday lender to swiftly get payday loans or cash advance loans.

    This platform is the best option for finding out the best payday loan company to help you during financial crises. Borrowers with poor credit scores can also get the best online payday loan offers from reliable personal loan lenders. You need a stable monthly income and an active bank account to get your loan request approved on this platform.

    Even if you have a low credit score, you can get short-term loans, including instant payday loan offers from different lenders on this platform. The payday loan interest rates are also pretty affordable on this reliable platform. An active checking account can help you get short-term loans quickly through FundsJoy.

    Type of Loan Users can borrow money for different purposes
    Loan Amount Range $200 to $5000
    Service Highlights
  • The three-step application procedure of this platform is straightforward and convenient.
  • There are no such loan sanction criteria, and applicants with different financial standards can apply for loans on this platform.
  • The services offered by the platform are easy to use and reliable at the same time.
  • APR Different lenders present on the platform enforce different APR rates
    Term Length The term lengths also vary from lender to lender



    Whether you need a bad credit or a payday loan, BadCreditLoans is a comprehensive solution. Apart from these short-term loans, installment loans are also available on this platform, and the sanctioned amount will be transferred to your bank account by the lender directly.

    Your credit score doesn’t become a barrier to getting a payday loan from a verified lender on this platform. Users with bad credit scores also get decent loan offers at affordable interest rates on BadCreditLoans. Additionally, the loan terms are flexible on this platform, making it one of the best platforms for payday loans.

    If you want an online loan with bad credit, BadCreditLoans is the ultimate choice.

    Type of Loan Almost all types of loans are available on this platform.
    Loan Amount Range $500 to $10,000
    Service Highlights
  • The platform connects every user with a preferable lender almost immediately after registration.
  • The sanctioned loan funds are disbursed quickly and sent to applicants’ accounts.
  • Your financial documents remain completely safe and protected.
  • APR 5.99% – 35.99%
    Term Length Borrowers can select repayment tenures between 3 to 60 months.



    If you want to apply for an installment loan, but your bad credit score prevents you from doing so, applying for a payday loan online can be a better choice. As you complete registering with the PickALender, completing your loan application won’t take too long, and your loan application will get approved quickly.

    Surprisingly, the platform promises to transfer the sanctioned loan amount to your bank account within 24 hours. Users with bad credit scores also don’t find it problematic to get loans on this platform as the loan terms are flexible enough. Also, the platform’s credit check procedure is not too hard to pass.

    Cash advance options are also there on the platform for borrowers with bad credit. Borrowers also have the flexibility of repaying their loans in easy monthly payments. However, you must have a checking account to have your loan application sanctioned on this platform. Also, you need a consistent monthly income to get a bad credit loan at an affordable interest rate on this platform.

    Type of Loan Borrowers can apply for all types of personal loans
    Loan Amount Range $100 to $40,000
    Service Highlights
  • The marketplace introduces borrowers to multiple lenders to choose the better options for themselves.
  • Loan funds are transferred quickly through secure processes.
  • Transparent and the brand offers upfront disclosure about fees.
  • APR Different lenders present on the platform enforce different APR rates
    Term Length The term lengths also vary from lender to lender

    Next Day Personal Loan


    Next Day Personal Loan is the right site if your credit score is not up to the mark and you need a personal or payday loan with a reasonable interest rate. As you register with the platform, you need to go through a regular credit check process conducted on the platform.

    Most applicants pass the credit check process comfortably, getting loans quickly. Different types of short-term loans with varying interest rates are available on the platform, and the sanctionable amount is wholly based on your financial stability and credit score.

    As long as you have a valid bank account to receive loan funds, you can get attractive personal loan offers from Next Day Personal Loans conveniently. The loan disbursal process of this platform is also pretty convenient and safe. The procedures of this platform are protected by 256-bit encryption, which is why the platform’s transactional systems aren’t easily traceable.

    After registering with the platform, you’ll be able to check the loan offers from different lenders and lending partners. Among them, you’re supposed to select your preferred lender. Various lenders on the platform charge different interest rates, and you’re instructed to go for a lending company that comes with an affordable interest rate.

    Once your loan application gets approved, the sanctioned amount is directly transferred to your bank account within 24 hours. The critical factor of this splendid platform is its security features. When it comes to securing loan proceedings, no other lender can match the Next Day Personal loan level.

    Type of Loan This brand offers all types of personal loans.
    Loan Amount Range $1,500 to $40,000
    Service Highlights
  • The platform transfers funds almost immediately after approval.
  • The loan applications forms of this platform are highly safe, and your private financial information will remain protected.
  • Applicants with different credit scores can apply for loans on this platform.
  • The platform offers the fastest loan disbursal facilities, and it manages to transfer approved funds within a day.
  • APR 6% – 35.99%
    Term Length Applicants are free to select repayment tenures between 2 to 180 months.



    Being one of the leading payday lending platforms available on the internet, CashUSA is considered a solid contender to become the best payday lender on any given day. Whether your credit score is high or low, CashUSA helps you connect with a suitable payday loan lender easily, and you can get online payday loans with so many documents.

    The best thing about this platform is that it doesn’t charge any loan origination fee for disbursing loans. Also, the platform is highly reliable and quick in transferring sanctioned loan amounts to the accounts of users. The interest rates charged by the platform are also more affordable than the interest rates of other platforms.

    The procedures of applying for payday loans work similarly to the operations of other websites. Every borrower has to have a valid and active checking account to get a payday loan at a low-interest rate. The platform’s transparency is its asset, making it extremely popular among all types of borrowers.

    Type of Loan Loans for different purposes are available on the platform
    Loan Amount Range $500 to $10,000
    Service Highlights
  • Provides you with attractive loan offers within minutes
  • The platform transfers sanctioned loan funds directly to the bank accounts of users.
  • You don’t need a strong credit history to get a loan from the lenders of this platform.
  • APR 5.99% – 35.99%
    Term Length 3 to 72 months

    So, these are the best lending platforms that help users get secure personal loans within minimum credit score requirements. As you choose one of these exceptional platforms, you can expect to get outstanding payday loan offers with minimum paperwork. Your credit history doesn’t need to be extremely strong to get loans from these platforms.

    Why Should You Get a Payday Loan?

    Many users ask why they should go for payday loans. What are the advantages of applying for these types of loans? Let’s have a close look at the reasons:

    Your Credit Score Doesn’t Matter

    When applying for a payday loan, your credit score doesn’t matter. Users with inferior financial records also get these types of loans conveniently.

    All other forms of personal loans require users to submit valid financial documents to get loans. Contradictorily, payday loans can be approved without a thorough credit check. These types of loans are considered better options than other loans.

    Lower Interest Rates

    People often consider using credit cards to pay their bills and manage their financial crises. However, credit card debts become burdens over time, and higher interest rates charged by credit companies make credit cards unfavorable options for middle-class users.

    Not all users are rich enough to pay back credit card debts timely. They need to bear the extra interest rates charged on credit card debts. As you avail yourself of a payday loan, you can permanently get rid of credit card debts. Also, interest rates charged on these loans are lower than the interest rates of credit card debts.

    Choose The Best Lender Among Multiple Lenders

    When you apply for short-term loans on online lending platforms, you unlock the opportunity of checking the offers from numerous lenders. As you get the chance to do so, you can compare the loan offers from different lending companies.

    That’s what helps you pick the most suitable lender or lending company for yourself based on your requirements and financial stability. Online lending platforms are so popular among borrowers because these platforms provide users with multiple options.

    Improve Your Credit Report and Score

    The best thing about applying for a short-term loan for online lending platforms is that users can improve their credit reports and scores. As you apply for a short-term loan on an online lending platform and get approved, your credit report improves, and your score remains on the higher side.

    Flexible and Customizable Repayment Terms

    One of the finest advantages of applying for payday loans on online lending platforms is the availability of flexible and customizable repayment tenures. Most online lending platforms allow users to customize their repayment schedules, and users can pay back their loans at their convenience.

    Now, you know that applying for a payday loan on a lending website comes with many advantages, and that’s why we strongly recommend borrowers do so without hesitation.

    What Are the Best Payday Loan Alternatives?

    Though the demand for these loans increases rapidly, many borrowers are still not convinced about applying for payday loans. If you’re one of them, you must be looking for the best alternatives to these loans. The following points will info you about the best payday loan alternatives so that you select the preferred option for yourself.

    Seek Help From Close Ones

    If you are dealing with serious monetary problems, seeking help from your relatives and friends should be your first option. You don’t have to handle the burden of loans and fixed monthly payments as you do so.

    Credit Union Loans

    Have you ever thought of applying for a credit union loan? You must have a credit union nearby you that offers credit union loans.

    The National Credit Union Administration is the governing body that controls different credit unions, and these credit unions offer loans at affordable interest rates. Applying for such loans can help you save yourself from higher interest rates charged by lenders on short-term loans.

    Credit Cards

    As an earning professional, you undoubtedly have a credit card, which can be a handy option for balancing financial issues. If you don’t have a credit card yet, opening a bank savings account will help you easily apply for a credit card.

    When you use your credit card to balance your finances, you don’t need to rely on online lending networks to get loan funds in your account.

    So, these are the top payday alternative loan options you can go for if you don’t want an alternative payday loan. If you’re concerned about your low credit score, these effective options can be helpful for you without a doubt.

    How Did We Rank The Best Payday Loan Lenders?

    Undoubtedly, selecting a suitable payday loan lender is confusing for a borrower unless he possesses adequate knowledge of finance and payday loans. As a payday loan is an unsecured loan, lenders often enforce tricky terms and conditions while sanctioning the loan applications from borrowers.

    You have already learned about the best platforms that offer payday loans online conveniently. Do you want to know how we ranked the best platforms for online payday loans?

    Well, the task of shortlisting them was never very easy for us, and our research and editorial team aimed to check every detail related to the best payday loan lending platforms listed here. We are going to disclose our ranking process in the following points.

    The Number of Lenders

    Payday loan borrowers mostly look for platforms that connect them with more payday legit payday lenders. When it comes to applying for online personal loans in the form of payday loans, it’s a better option to check the offers of as many lenders as possible.

    Some platforms and websites connect users with a limited number of payday lenders. In that case, borrowers don’t get the scope to compare the offers of multiple lenders to select the best options for themselves. While shortlisting the best platforms, we remembered to enlist lenders that have collaborated with higher numbers of lending companies.

    As you check the details of the platforms listed above, you can easily understand that all the lenders offer the best payday loan offers to users.

    The Quality of Lenders

    Some lending platforms have numerous lenders on board, but the quality of the lenders is not up to the mark. Users must consider accepting offers only from verified and legit lenders when applying for payday loans. Otherwise, taking an online payday loan becomes riskier.

    We assure you that the lenders mentioned above are reputed and established. That’s why we added these platforms to the list.

    Deposit Speed

    Most reliable and authentic lending platforms promise to transfer the sanctioned loan amount to the bank account as soon as possible. Unfortunately, numerous lending platforms fail to fulfill their promises as well.

    So, every borrower must check the deposit speed before taking a payday loan from that lender. Practically, that’s not possible for every borrower every time. That’s why we did the job on behalf of our readers. Before adding every lending platform to the list, we ensured that the platform genuinely transfers the sanctioned loan amount to the bank account of every user.

    We ruled out the platforms that aren’t quick to transfer sanctioned amounts to borrowers’ accounts.


    As a borrower, you need to apply for a payday loan on a transparent platform about its services. Hundreds of lenders on different platforms offer exciting online payday loans, but not all are transparent about their services. When you’re borrowing money from a particular lender, transparency is the most crucial thing to check.

    While finalizing the list above, we ensured that all the shortlisted lending platforms were transparent enough about their services. So, suppose you’re thinking of applying for online payday loans from one of the platforms above. In that case, you can remain assured that the platforms are transparent enough, and you will never stay confused about the repayment policies or anything else.

    Customer Reviews

    Hundreds of positive customer reviews always back the best lending platforms. No matter how positively a lending platform advertises or represents itself, the customer reviews of the platform tell the true story.

    Our dedicated research and editorial team scrutinized the customer reviews of all the lending platforms listed above to ensure that the lenders are honest and authentic in offering attractive online payday loans.

    The Experience of the Platform

    Users searching for the best payday loans should look for platforms that are experienced enough. Not all the lending platforms available on the internet have spent enough time in the industry, and taking payday loans from newbie lending platforms often becomes dangerous.

    We considered enlisting the platforms with enough experience in dealing with various types of borrowers and offering them loans. So, we are confident enough to say that you won’t find difficulties while applying for online payday loans on the listed platforms.

    Easy and Convenient Application Procedures

    Borrowers always look for platforms that come with easy application procedures so that all types of borrowers can apply for loans effortlessly. Sadly, not all lending platforms and websites come with convenient and easy application procedures to facilitate users.

    Anyway, that’s not the case with the lending sites listed above. All the listed lending websites come with straightforward and convenient application procedures so that borrowers can borrow loans easily. And that’s the reason why we considered adding them to the list.

    Minimum Credit Score Requirements

    The minimum credit score requirements of most lending platforms are higher than the credit scores of borrowers with low earnings. The minimum credit score limits of decent lending platforms should be on the lower side so that borrowers with all financial standards can easily apply for payday loans online.

    All the platforms mentioned in the article come with considerable minimum credit score requirements to help borrowers with lower income levels. Users with all credit scores can have their loan applications approved on the platforms above. That’s why they made it to the list.

    Sanctionable Loan Amounts

    You can’t expect to get higher amounts of personal and payday loans from all leading platforms. No matter your credit score, some platforms limit the higher limits of personal loan amounts, and going for such lending platforms isn’t a wise choice.

    On the other hand, some reputed and prominent lending platforms have higher sanctionable limits up to $40000. You may get higher loans as you apply for personal loans on those platforms.

    Before enlisting the previously mentioned lending platforms, we ensured that the lenders offered considerably higher sanctionable limits. All the platforms provide high amounts of personal and payday loans to users, adding them to this article.

    Safety and Security

    Taking a close look at a payday lender’s safety and security measures is essential before taking a personal loan or payday loan from him. Some platforms may claim to approve your loan request quickly, but safety remains a big concern when taking personal and payday loans.

    We verified the safety and security measures of the listed platforms before enlisting them in the article. Most of the lenders come with encrypted loan approval and loan disbursal procedures, and that’s why our team considered adding them to the list.

    Finalizing an online payday lender is not an effortless task, and borrowers need to know about numerous lending platforms to shortlist the best options.

    We attempted to make the task as easy as possible with the dedicated and consistent effort of our research and editorial team. So, we can confidently claim that all the platforms listed in the article offer the best online payday loans, and you can go for any one of them without thinking twice.

    The payday loans offered by these platforms are better than installment loans and other forms of personal loans to some extent as well.

    The Best Payday Loans Lenders in 2022 Final Words

    If you have a bad credit score, you may think you’re eligible to get a payday loan online. However, a bad credit score is not the ultimate factor in determining whether your payday loan request will be accepted or not. Especially, as you go for one of the platforms mentioned above, you can get approved for getting loans for bad credit from a reliable online payday loan lender quickly.

    If you want to deal with the best online payday lender, you are supposed to check the offers from various online payday loan providers who provide loans for bad credit.

    The platforms above are the best options for getting online loans at lower interest rates. Most importantly, your credit report doesn’t matter when applying for an online loan from one listed lender. As you’ve checked the details of the lending platforms mentioned in the article, you already know that the loan terms of the lenders are flexible enough, as the interest rates of these platforms.

    So, if you’re in dire need of an emergency cash advance from a reliable loan provider and you want to avoid third-party lenders, the listed platforms are the best ones to go for, without any doubt. Every online lender present in the listed lenders is verified and reputed. Also, you won’t have to go through a hectic and time-consuming loan process as you apply for a payday loan on one of these platforms.

    So, we suggest you visit the official websites of these top payday loan lenders to avail yourself of the best payday loans online. We hope this article helps you find a suitable lending company from one of the listed lending platforms.

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