Compare the Best CBD Oil Products from Top CBD Oil Brands 2022

CBD Oil products are the new era’s potential multi-purpose medicine that is taking the market by storm. From top industry celebrities to world-class politicians, everyone is beginning to appreciate the powers of this natural CBD product that has been ignored for centuries.

Following the rapid legalization of the product among many states, including in the US, numerous companies have come out to claim various benefits from their CBD products. But not all are true neither are false. If you’re new to the CBD world or want to try something new, here is a list of some CBD brands you should check out.

20 Best CBD Oil Brands of 2022

Our ranking process involves consulting the manufacturers, checking lab test evidence, and even going as far as contacting some clients for reviews. With all the information we have gathered and analyzed, here is our ranking for the top CBD products of 2022:

Charlotte’s Web Supports and maintain better immune system
CBD American Shaman Provides positive mental support and ease discomfort
Rya Organics Alleviate pain and promote better sleep
Populum Help with daily stress and overall wellness
CBDistillery CBD Oils Reduce anxiety and depression
Medterra Alleviate cancer-related symptoms and reduce inflammation
CBDMd Provide relief from everyday stresses
Five CBD Help relieve certain types of pain and inflammation
Joy Organics Reduce stress and support muscles and joints
Sol CBD Reduces epilepsy and seizures
Aspen Green Alleviate stress and anxiety
Receptra Naturals Provide faster relief from inflammation and swelling
Bloom Hemp Offer better sleep and reduce headaches
Zatural Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
RE Botanicals Reduce muscle aches and joint pain
Green Roads Promote relaxation and calming effect
Mana Artisans Botanicals Prevent insomnia and promote better sleep
CBD Pure Offset anxiety and depression
Just CBD Work as a pain reliever and anti-depressant
CBDFx Boost energy level and relieve minor ache

Charlotte’s Web


Charlotte’s Web is a Colorado-based company that is the oldest CBD brand in the market. Although the FDA has scrutinized it for wrong labeling and invalid claims, the company is open with its planting and production process.

They produce a variety of products, from full-spectrum CBD Oils to CBD isolates. These products are designed for different specific health goals. According to the manufacturer, these products can induce calmness and relieve stress while promoting sleep. They can also ease inflammation from exercise.

Ingredients Hemp extract, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, organic coconut oil, and natural flavors (mint chocolate, lemon twist, or orange blossom)
Key Highlights
  • This CBD oil is best for pain relief
  • Support relaxation and calmness of mind
  • Reduces chronic inflammation and high-stress levels
  • Promote better sleep and mood quality
  • Price $24
    Money-Back 90 days

    CBD American Shaman


    Michael Kulik owns CBD American Shaman. The company founded in 2015 is based in Kansas City, Missouri. The name originates from American healers who were known as shamans.

    Although the company produces non-GMO-safe products, it warns that the products may not be entirely gluten-free. They source their full-spectrum CBD from hemp-derived from Norway harvested by the carbon monoxide extraction method. The company produces one of the best CBD Oil available in the market.

    CBD American Shaman produces different forms of CBD products for both human consumption and animals. Coconut MCT oil is the primary carrier of their CBD products.

    Ingredients Purified Water by reverse osmosis, full-spectrum CBD Oil, beneficial cannabinoids, and Terpene Rich Hemp Oil and Citric Acid
    Key Highlights
  • Prevent cancer-related symptoms and mental disorders
  • Treat insomnia and offer better sleep quality
  • Reduces various body pain and aches
  • Boost mental and physical performance
  • Price $25 to $110
    Money-Back 45 days

    Rya Organics


    Rya Organics is a CBD brand based in Cymbiotika. This CBD brand offers a variety of CBD products, including CBD tinctures and CBD oils. The company claims only to use high-quality and non-GMO ingredients sourced from the wild. They also protect the ingredients from pollution that may compromise the safety of the products as a measure to ensure quality.

    Each of the CBD products has added extracts and botanical ingredients to increase the benefits.

    They deal in three main products.

    Nexus Relief is an inflammation targeting formula made from an heirloom strain. It comprises DHA and EPA for increased Heal-All Pro is a skincare formula that requires a transdermal application. Rumi Dream repairs daytime body damage as you sleep without inducing seductiveness like typical sleep remedies.

    Ingredients Limonene, CBD extract, organic hemp plant, arnica flower extract, olive fruit oil, organic ginger extract, organic capsicum extract, and organic frankincense extract
    Key Highlights
  • Promotes mental and physical performance
  • Induces sleep and treats many sleep disorders
  • Manages everyday stress levels
  • Provide pain relief and reduced inflammation
  • Price $38 to $65
    Money-Back 30 days



    Populum is a Latin phrase that means “for the people.” The CBD brand claims to maint extremely high growing and production standards. According to the manufacturer, they source their organic hemp from Colorado, where it is grown on rich soils free of toxins that may be absorbed into the plant. The manufacturer also claims Colorado has the optimal climate for hemp growth, which makes it the best CBD Oil.

    Ingredients Hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, Lavender Oil, and Non-GMO hemp oil
    Key Highlights
  • Alleviate stress and depression-related symptoms
  • Promote better sleep quality and mood patterns
  • Bring back happiness and youthful life
  • Eliminate pain and body aches
  • Price $36 to $64
    Money-Back 30 days

    CBDistillery CBD Oils


    The National Hemp Association member brand has also been verified by the U.S Hemp Authority (USHA), which is a third-party tester for quality and safety in ingredients and labeling. CBDistillery is also compliant with FDA standards and is a member of the National Hemp Association.

    They offer a wide range of products, including gummies, topicals, and oils that vary from powders to e-liquids. Their products come in CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD forms, with different potency options.

    Ingredients Fractionated coconut oil (a medium-chain triglyceride, or MCT oil) and CBD from non-GMO hemp extract
    Key Highlights
  • This company produces the best CBD oil to provide pain relief
  • Relaxes the mind to alleviate stress
  • Act as an antidepressant
  • Treats insomnia and promote sleep quality
  • Price $60 to $120
    Money-Back 60 days



    Medterra is an Irvine California-based company that was founded in 2017. The company claims to use non-GMO hemp-extracted via the CO2 extraction process in making their products. Organic MCT oil is the primary carrier for most of the products.

    Medterra offers a variety of products, including topical, gummies, oils, capsules and CBD Oil tinctures. These products come in various types, such as the CBG + CBD Oil Tincture, Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Oil , Full Spectrum CBD Oil, an pet-specific products. Most of their products offer at least two potencies.

    Ingredients Distilled Water, organic extracts, Coconut oil, Niacinamide (B3) Tripeptide-29, Sodium Hyaluronate, hemp plant, and broad-spectrum CBD Oil
    Key Highlights
  • Boost immune systems to prevent free radical damage
  • Repairs damaged brain cells
  • Suppory better mood and sleep patterns
  • Provides relief from pain and inflammation
  • Price $39 to $79
    Money-Back 30 days



    cbdMD was founded in 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since then, the company has maintained a clear record free from any FDA warnings.

    They source their hemp-derived CBD products from American growers, subjecting them to hybrid extraction processes that eliminate THC deposits to leave all other vital cannabinoids. Their high-quality CBD products come in different forms, including topicals, CBD tinctures, edibles, and pet products.

    Ingredients Hemp Extract (Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Cannabinol), broad-spectrum CBD Oil, MCT Oil, and Natural Flavor
    Key Highlights
  • Enhances mood and sleep quality
  • Alleviate chronic pain and inflammation
  • Boost immune function for overall health
  • Promote joint and mental health
  • Price $79.95
    Money-Back 60 days

    Five CBD


    Five CBD is reputed as one of the best full-spectrum CBD companies. The company’s full-spectrum CBD Oil provides CBD together with other cannabinoids such as THC, CBN, and CBC. However, CBD is five times the amount of the additional cannabinoids.

    However, they have a limited range of CBD products, only offering CBD gummies, capsules, and the best CBD oil. On the brighter side, they offer products in 1500mg, 3000mg, and 6000mg concentrations, providing one of the highest potencies in the market. Its products contain 60mg THC in every 1500mg of CBD oil. These products come in a variety of flavors, such as mint chocolate, citrus, and lavender, which allows the company to sell the best flavored CBD Oil in the market.

    Ingredients Hemp seed oil, CBD extract, essential oils, and different flavors
    Key Highlights
  • Support healthy immune and stress response
  • Promote mobility and flexibility by enhancing joint health
  • Alleviate symptoms of epilepsy and depression
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Price $29 to $99
    Money-Back 30 days

    Joy Organics


    Joy Smith and her husband founded Joy Organics after she experienced chronic pains and sleeping difficulties in 2018. The company is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and is reputed to be one of the best full-spectrum CBD Oil manufacturers.

    It is one of the few companies that produce the best CBD Oil in the CBD market, which comes in the form of CBD Oil tincture, CBD infused cream and many more. The manufacturer ensures it uses USDA Certified organic hemp to produce high-quality CBD oils. Also, the company ensures free shipping on every order.

    Ingredients Cannabis plant, terpenes, flavonoids, and organic hemp plant
    Key Highlights
  • Boost faster recovery of muscle loss after workout
  • Reduces morning stiffness and fatigue
  • Promote energy levels and aid in better joint health
  • Eliminates symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Price $59
    Money-Back 30 days

    Sol CBD


    Sol CBD is a couple-founded company whose headquarters is in Las Vegas, Nevada. Larry and Oksana founded the company in 2015, inspired by their natural health advocacy, which lasted for almost a decade.

    Sol CBD products are made from US-grown hemp, extracted using the carbon monoxide method. They produce a variety of CBD products, including Liposomal CBD and CBD capsules. However, their main product is CBD Oil tinctures which come in cinnamon and natural flavors. The CBD tincture bottles contain 1000mg of hemp, of which 300 mg is CBD.

    According to Sol CBD, their highest quality CBD oil offers various benefits, including boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, relieving anxiety, improving brain function, and improving sleep.

    Free shipping is offered for purchases exceeding $75 instead of the regular $5.95 fee.

    Ingredients Broad-spectrum CBD Oil, MCT carrier oil, and beta-caryophyllene
    Key Highlights
  • Reduces inflammation and various body pains
  • Improve brain function and cognitive health
  • Improves sleep and alleviate sleeping disorders
  • Provides relief from anxiety and depression
  • Price $41 to $59
    Money-Back 60 days

    Aspen Green


    The founding of Aspen Green was inspired by the natural remedies passion of two friends, Brandon Lewis and Kyle Chong, who also brought their wives, Heather and Valerie, into the business.

    According to the company, they use hemp sourced from Colorado, which is grown under strict organic practices. They also have USDA organic certification for most of their products.

    But some of their CBD Oil products contain contaminants, such as the cooling cream and body butter, which have phenoxyethanol. This might trigger side effects when used by some individuals. Their best CBD oils come in different flavors.

    Ingredients Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Oil), Organic Proprietary Hemp Extract, less than 1% Organic Rosemary Extract (preservative). Bisabolol (floral), Caryophyllene (spicy), Eucalyptol (mint), Humulene (earthy), Limonene (bitter citrus), Linalool (floral), Myrcene (citrus cloves)
    Key Highlights
  • This CBD brand produces mix CBD Oil with contaminants
  • Boost mental clarity and focus
  • Enhance mental and physical performance
  • Increase energy level and reduces stress
  • Price $49 to $99
    Money-Back 60 days

    Receptra Naturals


    The incorporation of Receptra Naturals was inspired by the founder, Rusty Scott, healing from an injury with the help of the best CBD Oil in 2015. This comes under the category of best CBD oil brands as it uses full-spectrum CBD oil.

    The company has minimal information about their harvesting and CO2 extraction process, but they explain through a blog and customer service line.

    Their hemp is planted and harvested by hand. Their best CBD oil is extracted using ethanol from the flowers for high potency. Essentially, every CBD product by the brand is full-spectrum, consisting of all important cannabinoids existing naturally in the hemp plant.

    Ingredients MCT oil, limonene, lavender, vitamin E, passionflower, and hemp plants
    Key Highlights
  • Manages everyday stress levels
  • Reduces various body pains and inflammation
  • Regulates blood sugar levels and cholesterol level
  • Deals with various body pain and aches
  • Price $41 to $99
    Money-Back 30 days

    Bloom Hemp


    Thoma Schnakenberg founded Bloom Hemp in 2018. The company produces a variety of CBD Tincture products, including pure CBD oils, topicals, capsules, and pet care. They also sell hemp seed oil foods free of CBD. Despite the wide range of best CBD Oils, the company has a limited range of potency for the capsules and oils.

    These pure CBD oil products are designed for specific goals such as improving digestion, promoting recovery, and improving sleep quality.

    Ingredients Full-spectrum cannabis plants and MCT
    Key Highlights
  • Every high-quality CBD Oil boost gut health and improve digestion
  • Improves sleep quality and controls mood swings
  • Promote faster recovery from muscle loss
  • Deal with stress and anxiety
  • Price $24 to $75
    Money-Back 30 days



    Zatural was initiated by Maryann Stanger, a naturopathic doctor, in 2018. Despite its short existence, it has managed to gather a considerable market, per its customer reviews.

    Zatural claims to produce CBD tincture that is THC-free CBD, although we consider this a marketing mechanism since the lack of THC makes the CBD broad-spectrum. The full-spectrum oil is extracted using the CO2 extraction method for increased purity as it does not involve solvents and other contaminants.

    Their products come in various forms, such as creams, oils, sanitizers, bath bombs, and dog formulae. Each of the CBD Oils has a description, extraction details, and other helpful information on the labeling.

    Ingredients Broad-spectrum CBD oil and hemp seed oil
    Key Highlights
  • Deal with everyday stress levels and anxiety issues
  • Treats mild to severe pain and inflammation
  • Support overall health and wellness
  • Aid in losing extra fat and boost digestion
  • Price $30
    Money-Back 60 days

    RE Botanicals


    RE Botanicals is a US-based company founded by John Roulac, the founder of Nutiva, a reputed organic CBD Oils brand. The company produces USDA organic-certified CBD Oils from a South Carolina farm under the 2019 Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program.

    RE Botanicals claims to exclusively extract CBD oil from hemp flowers via the solvent method for increased potency. They also use organic coconut-sourced MCT oil as their primary carrier.

    Their CBD products come in the form of ingestible oils, CBD oils, and capsules.

    Ingredients CBD Isolate, Organic Hemp [aerial parts] CBD Extract, Carrier Oils, Vegan Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose, Water)
    Key Highlights
  • Boost memory and brain health
  • Promote immune and stress response
  • Treats insomnia and other sleep issues
  • Reduces various pain and inflammation of the body
  • Price $10 to $30
    Money-Back 30 days

    Green Roads


    Green Roads is one of the most prominent private CBD manufacturers in America. Many customers trust the brand thanks to its founder Laura Fuentes, a pharmacist with over 25 years of experience.

    Green Roads gets its hemp from farms based in Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky. They sell their high-quality CBD oil in different strengths and forms, such as capsules, CBD oils, gummies, and pet products.

    They offer both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products for customers who may not prefer THC in their products.

    Ingredients Hemp Derived Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract, Glycerin, MCT oil (coconut derived), Sunflower Lecithin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, and Hemp Seed oil
    Key Highlights
  • Promote overall health and wellness
  • Aid in better digestion and gut health
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Price $149
    Money-Back 30 days

    Mana Artisan Botanics


    Mana Artisan Botanics is a Hawaiian-inspired company that formed the Holistic Research and Education Foundation to fund scientific and clinical research on the health benefits of CBD. According to the company, its CEO has more than 20 years of experience in the medical cannabis industry.

    The produce best CBD oil from handcrafted organic hemp is sourced from the company’s farm and other Hawaiian farmers. Mana Artisan Botanics products come in different concentrations and flavors. They include hemp honey, turmeric hemp, and herbal hemp.

    Ingredients Hempseed oil, MCT oil, and macadamia nut oil
    Key Highlights
  • Boost mental and brain health
  • Enhances focus and clarity
  • Reduce pain from different body parts
  • Manages everyday stress levels
  • Price $35 to $80
    Money-Back 30 days



    CBDPure is a Washington DC-based company that specializes in full-spectrum CBD oil. It is also one of the few US brands that supply to the UK and Canada.

    The company claims to source its hemp from farms based in Washington and Colorado. They use the CO2 extraction method to extract CBD oil from hemp.

    Unlike most manufacturers on this list, CBDPure uses hemp seed oil as the carrier for its CBD oil and sells all products in their natural flavors.

    Ingredients All-natural Cannabidiol (CBD), Terpenes, and Cannabis plant
    Key Highlights
  • Eliminates various mental disorders
  • Boost brain health and overall wellness
  • Deal with various body pain and reduces inflammation
  • Boost immune and stress response
  • Price $30 to $80
    Money-Back 90 days

    Just CBD


    Just CBD has been in the industry since 2017 and has managed a considerable customer base, although it is not as influential as most of the manufacturers on our list.

    Just CBD deals in CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD Oil, which come in different potencies. These products target a range of health goals such as vitamins supplementation, improving sleep, and increasing energy.

    Ingredients Pure Honey, Vegetable Glycerin, and Cannabis plant
    Key Highlights
  • Boost immunity and prevent free radical damage
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Reduce pain and inflammation of the body
  • Reduces muscle soreness and boost joint health
  • Price $10 to $45
    Money-Back 30 days



    Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers founded CBDFx in San Fernando Valley in 2014. The California-based manufacturer is reputable for producing top-quality full-spectrum CBD oil products relatively more affordable than most of their caliber.

    Their CBD oil is extracted using the Co2 extraction method to ensure purity. They use coconut-extracted MCT oil as their primary carrier oil for faster absorption. They produce various products, including tinctures, creams, salts, bathing bombs, vapes, and pet products.

    Each of these products is listed with their specific details on the official website’s products page. Some products are geared to help achieve specific goals such as improving sleep quality, inducing calmness, and boosting the body’s general health.

    Ingredients Broad-spectrum CBD Oil, MCT oil, and Omega Acids
    Key Highlights
  • Boost gut health and brain function
  • Improve immune response and manage everyday stress level
  • Deal with different pain and inflammation
  • Great to get rid of depression and anxiety
  • Price $40 to $100
    Money-Back 30 days

    Our Ranking Methods for the Best CBD Brands

    Being a relatively newly legalized industry, ranking CBD companies can be a daunting process as most have not been around for prolonged periods. Besides, the majority claim to use organic ingredients and follow exceptional quality standards, which are also hard to verify. But after analyzing a myriad of these brands, we narrowed it down to some factors that might help you to compare CBD oils and identify the most legit manufacturers as follows:

    Testing legitimacy

    With the uncertainty of the many safety stand claims, testing was one of the most critical parts of our analysis. Best CBD Oil Companies that have undergone credible testing processes via third-party independent labs and come out with positive results are never hesitant to portray such information. However, we came across some that vividly provide testing details, while most of these were tested by in-house labs, whose reports they can control. We gave those with an ISO 17025 compliant lab report the highest priority.

    Professional Involvement

    CBD Oil Companies that are concerned with consumer safety ensure they involve health professionals in their operations. Therefore, we prioritized those with any certified professionals such as doctors or pharmacists. We also checked the composition of their advisory boards.

    Hemp Source

    The hemp growing location transparency matters, as those practicing safety standards are more willing to reveal their location than the cash-driven. US-based sources are relatively good quality, but the best qualities come from Canada and Europe.

    Organic Approval

    The USDA certification is the most credible for organic claims. However, getting this certification is a hustle for most manufacturers, especially new brands. Therefore, we checked to verify that those claiming certification are indeed certified by their corresponding inspectors. We are also observant of any potentially harmful components in the final products.

    Full-Spectrum Composition

    Many top-rate manufacturers offer full spectrum as it is more beneficial than isolates. But with the additional cannabinoids and terpenes comes the issue of their composition. For example, high THC composition may cause side effects associated with recreational marijuana. Some users look for CBG, which complements CBD with additional benefits. Therefore, we preferred brands that were transparent with the compositions of the different cannabinoids.

    Carrier Oil Quality

    The choice of carrier oil determines how effective a product is, affecting factors such as absorption. MCT oils derived from coconuts are a top-standard carrier oil. Therefore, we ensured that unless the manufacturers used water blending, they used a carrier of similar quality to the coconut MCT oil. However, we kept an eye out for cheaper standard MCT oils.

    Formula Variation

    Some manufacturers offer a limited choice of products with single dosage options. Hence, customers can not choose a specific type that fits their needs. Therefore, we ensure that the manufacturer on our list offers at least optional flavors, dosages, potencies, or forms.

    Extra Ingredients

    Since we’re all about CBD products, we preferred products that exclusively consist of CBD. However, some products with additional ingredients had a higher score than most CBD-only products. Therefore, we included them only after checking the scientific evidence supporting the benefits of the complementary ingredients.


    Although different people have different flavor preferences, the natural flavor of CBD remains the standard. Some manufacturers may use artificial flavoring, which may mean potential risks for the final product. We prioritized brands that used USDA-recommended organic flavors.

    Marketed Benefits

    Due to the uncertainty of claimed potential benefits of CBD and the ongoing research, the FDA prohibits CBD manufacturers from claiming certain health benefits. However, some still break this rule, which is a sign of a scam. Therefore, we were keen to eliminate any such brands from our list.


    We go beyond the microenvironment of these companies to check their reputation and credibility scores. We considered factors such as social outreach and customer’s trust to weigh their scores in this area.

    Is CBD Oil safe for me?

    CBD oil is a generally safe product that reacts positively to many individuals. However, some might experience mild to uncomfortable side effects. CBD also interacts differently with different drugs. For example, some studies suggest that grapefruit-interactive medications may also be affected by CBD.

    Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor before you consume CBD oil while under medication or a different supplementation. Pregnant and nursing mothers should also consult a doctor before taking CBD products.

    Nonetheless, different studies have found CBD to have potential benefits in promoting sleep, reducing inflammation, improving digestion, improving heart health, reducing anxiety and depression, and relieving pain, while promoting a balance in various other body functions.

    Does CBD Oil have any Side Effects?

    Numerous studies have concluded that it is rare to experience severe side effects even on high doses of CBD. However, some individuals may experience appetite interference, fatigue, uncomfortable digestion, and diarrhea.

    A 2019 study found CBD to have degrading effects on mice livers. But none so far has found any harmful side effects on humans.

    But the FDA is not authorized to regulate CBD products. Therefore, choosing the safest product depends on the user’s judgment. But it should be easy, as when you can find transparent brands with correct information on their product labeling.

    What is the proper dosage of taking CBD Oil?

    There is no specific recommended dosage for CBD. Some individuals might feel the effects under a 5 mg dose, while others might require more than 100mg dosage to experience the same.

    Most products contain anything between 5mg and 200mg CBD in a single dose. However, you should start with the lowest possible dosage, at a low frequency, then slowly increase as you study your body’s reaction.

    CBD may not cause immediate effects as it needs time to be absorbed into the body. Therefore, it is safer to allow a 4 to 6 hours duration between doses.

    But the consumption method may also affect the absorption rate. Sublingual consumption is faster; hence, it may release quicker effects than ingestion.

    Nonetheless, people may require different dosages depending on weight, intention, metabolism, and body reaction.

    There is no specific time to consume CBD, as it does not induce stimulation that may interfere with your routine. However, you may need to take it at night when the goal is to improve sleep. Before you buy CBD oil, make sure you know its right dosage.

    Scientifically Backed CBD Oil Benefits

    Over the past few years, many researchers have dedicated themselves to exploring the numerous potential benefits of CBD, which is considered the possible natural remedy that could replace many pharmaceutical drugs. More studies continue to support its use, although there is still a blurred line regarding how CBD relates to various body functions.

    A 2011 study found that CBD is generally safe for most individuals. According to its observation, most people can tolerate CBD up to a 1,500mg daily dosage, far more than most users take. Therefore, recommended dosages on most products should have no potential risks to the broader population. The same studies were repeated in 2017 and ended with an agreeing conclusion.

    The most promising CBD health benefit so far is its ability to relieve chronic childhood epilepsy syndromes. According to Harvard Health, epileptic syndromes such as the Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet syndrome respond better to CBD than anti-seizure medication.

    In a 2020 study, researchers confirmed the positive impact of CBD on various psychiatric and somatic disorders such as cognitive functions, social anxiety, and schizophrenia. The study stretches between 2000 and 2019, analyzing more than 830 subjects under varying formulations and dosages.

    In a 2018 study, researchers subjected osteoarthritic dogs to a 2mg or 8mg per kilo of CBD oil daily dosage for four consecutive weeks. They found that even as little as 2mg double daily CBD dosage is enough to improve activeness in osteoarthritic dogs.

    Another 2018 study found that CBD and other cannabinoids benefit epilepsy, pain, inflammation, and poor sleep.

    A 2015 study found that CBD had beneficial effects on anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. In 2018, another study focused on post-traumatic stress disorder found that CBD could prevent the reconsolidation of aversive memories while facilitating their extension.

    Other studies have also narrowed down to the effects on opioid addiction and found that CBD has inhibitory effects that can regulate heroin craving and anxiety. Another study found that CBD intake helps to reduce cigarette cravings with long-lasting results.

    Although various researches have ended in promiscuous conclusions, most researchers claim that there needs to be further research to verify the claims. The lack of consistency in the CBD used during various studies is a significant drawback that needs to be addressed. Wrong labeling is still a considerable concern for many online products.

    Nonetheless, anecdotal evidence has led to the use of CBD in curing various other conditions such as arthritis, based on the Northwestern medicinal application of the cannabinoid.

    Best CBD Oil FAQs

    Q: What is CBD?

    A: Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most abundant compound in marijuana and the largest in hemp plants.

    Q: What does best CBD oil do?

    A: CBD binds to your endocannabinoid receptors to induce a balancing effect on various body functions, including anxiety, depression, inflammation, mood, and seizures.

    Q: How does best CBD oil work?

    A: In the endocannabinoid system, CBD binds to the CB1 or CB2 receptors, where CB1 alters normal body conditions such as appetite, emotions, pain, mood, and coordination. CB2 receptors affect the immune system.

    Q: Does CBD oil work?

    A: The use of CBD by numerous people has resulted in observable health benefits. However, researchers are yet to discover the specific connection between CBD and the various body conditions it restores.

    Q: What are the types of CBD Oil?

    A: Full spectrum contains all naturally existing cannabinoids, including terpenes and about 0.3% THC. Broad-spectrum oil contains natural cannabinoids except for THC. CBD Isolate contain Cannabidiol exclusively.

    Q: What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

    A: Some people consider the terms to have the same meaning. However, CBD oil is extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, and bud of the hemp plant, or the marijuana plant, although it exists in very minimal deposits, which is uneconomical. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant.

    Q: Does the FDA approve CBD oils?

    A: The FDA does not regulate or prevent companies from selling CBD products. However, they might flag companies that practice illegitimate production and marketing, such as wrong labeling and claiming unproven health benefits.

    Q: Are there any legal issues with CBD oil?

    A: There is still a gray line or complete burn for CBD legal in various countries across the globe. However, the US has legalized the product, so most manufacturers on this list specialize in supplying around the 50 states.

    Q: Does CBD oil induce a “high” feeling?

    A: CBD is extracted from hemp, containing less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive component. CBD does not induce a “high” feeling. Purchase CBD oil only when you know it does not have high feeling.

    Q: Does CBD oil lead to drug tests failures?

    A: If you consume the full-spectrum CBD, you will have about 0.3% THC, which should cause you to fail a drug test. CBD isolates and broad-spectrum, however, will have a clean score.

    Q: How can we transport CBD oil through airport security?

    A: Although airport security considers CBD a regular fluid, you might encounter issues passing through customs in some destinations. This is because of the inconsistency of rules concerning the product across different countries.

    Q: How do I use consume CBD oil?

    A: Depending on the type of product you buy, CBD may be consumed sublingually via ingestion or topical application. It may also be mixed with foods and beverages to avoid the scent.

    Q: Is buying CBD Oil online safe?

    A: Pure CBD products are safe for most people even under significant dosages. However, impurities in CBD products may cause undesirable side effects.

    Q: Can you take too much CBD oil?

    A: Yes, but a typical human should tolerate a dosage of up to 6000mg of CBD. However, specialists recommend starting at lower dosages to slowly discover an effective dosage rather than comparing to other individuals or taking excessively for faster results.

    Q: Which is the Best CBD oil?

    A: This decision depends on your desired outcome. However, the full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products contain additional cannabinoids, which have critical extra benefits that isolate luck. But safe CBD products are organic and lab-tested.

    Q: How much does best CBD oil cost?

    A: Typically, a 300mg bottle of best CBD oil should cost anything between $25 and $75. The cheapest manufacturers sell at a rate not exceeding $0.10 per mg, while the most expensive charge from $0.20 upwards. The cost depends on the production process of different manufacturers, the growth of hemp, and the quality of the product.

    20 Best CBD Oils of 2022 Final Word

    The CBD industry is a relatively new one. As a result, there has not been enough time to learn about the various manufacturers. But even if no studies have inspired the approval of CBD as a cure, millions of users continue to use the product enjoying its health benefits. In fact, with the massive numbers of researchers committing to study and governments legalizing CBD, it is only a matter of time before substantial discoveries are made. Until then, we can only base judgment on the various production factors as we have done with our list. Learn more about the best CBD oils of 2022.

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