Instant Knockout Cut Fat Burner Reviews: Effective Ingredients or Scam?

Even if claimed to be the perfect weight loss formula for professional athletes, Instant Knockout is said to work just fine for regular people who just want to slim down too. This is because it delivers the right ingredients known to put the body in fat-burning mode, boosts the metabolic rate, and increases energy levels. The new 2.0 superior formula is supposed to burn fat and at the same time build muscle, all without causing jitters.

Endorsed by Celebrities

People trying to lose weight and get the body of their dreams should no longer waste their time and money with expensive diets and pills that don’t actually work or put their body in starvation mode because Instant Knockout promises to really help them. This supplement claims to be the alternative to counting calories and pushing the body to its extremes at the gym. It was first designed to help boxers and MMA fighters reach the weight they need to get to before a fight. Still, since it grew to be very popular among professional athletes, its creators have decided to make it available to the general public as well. This means anyone can get their hands on this cheat formula that athletes are using in secret because they don’t want to reveal how they can easily manage to stay in shape. Even one of the most famous MMA fighters, Diego Sanchez, has used it to drop 2 weight classes. The champion of the original TUF’s first season went down from 190 pounds to 145 pounds Featherweight by taking this supplement. He says this is the lightest he has been in his entire career. Moreover, Greg Jackson, one of the top MMA coaches, makes sure all his trainees are using Instant Knockout too.

How Does Instant Knock Out Work?

Instant Knockout works on the principle that the faster the metabolism is working, the less fat is stored in the body. And things are indeed this simple. Obviously, some other co-factors were considered when developing this formula, such as reducing the appetite and helping the body produce more energy. Another amazing thing about Instant Knockout is that it’s claimed to be made according to what the latest scientific weight loss studies are saying. The nutritional elements in it are cutting-edge and known to help the metabolism function faster yet safely and naturally. They’re extremely powerful when it comes to weight loss, but more about them later. All in all, Instant Knockout does its job perfectly because it contains all those ingredients that have been shown to speed up the metabolic rate, which in turn leads to the body burning off fat faster and more.


Instant Knock Out Benefits

When it comes to the purpose it aims to fulfill, which is rapid and sustained weight loss, Instant Knockout is a triple-action formula. Here are its main benefits explained, as per the website that advertises and sells it says:

Speeds Up the Metabolism

It doesn’t matter what people might be doing, whether pumping hard at the gym or just spending their time at home on the couch. They are constantly using energy and putting their metabolism to work. But the way their metabolism functions and, more precisely, its speed is essential when it comes to weight loss. Instant Knockout promises to boost the metabolic rate so that even when sitting at home and watching Netflix, more calories are being burned too. As a matter of fact, having a good working metabolism is essential when trying to burn off extra fat for good and in the long run.

Reduces the Appetite

After a long day at work or between meals, people’s bodies have the tendency to eat more because they feel like they’re starving. Besides, when hungry, they go more for sugary and unhealthy foods, and this impedes them from burning off their extra fat. But Instant Knockout promises to reduce their cravings, which obviously leads to no longer putting on more weight.

Increases Energy Levels

When doing cardio, fitness enthusiasts are depleting their energy levels by a lot, so they usually end up feeling as if they’re not able to do anything else for the entire day. Luckily for them, Instant Knockout is also an energy booster, so if they take it regularly, they will no longer get to feel as if they don’t have any more energy after every workout.

On the Instant Knockout official website, it’s being claimed that using a formula such as this one can harness all what’s needed in order to burn off extra fat and remain fit in the long run. When not using a formula that helps with slimming down, the weight loss process can be tedious and frustrating.


Instant Knockout Ingredients

Here are the ingredients in Instant Knockout and their weight loss benefits, as the product’s official website mentions them:

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea is an absolutely essential weight loss ingredients because it has amazing fat-burning properties. For example, it’s filled with catechins, a special form of bioactive polyphenols. Moreover, it contains plenty of caffeine for that energy boost everyone needs at the beginning of the day. What’s also great about Green Tea Extract is that it attacks fat stores from many different angles. To begin with, it accelerates the metabolism and breaks down the energy that’s being stored in fat cells. After, it helps with burning off more calories, no matter the level of physical activity that’s being achieved throughout the day. Green Tea hasn’t only been discovered to support weight loss but also to keep the extra pounds off in the long run. Moreover, it elevates the fat oxidation process by 15% in 24 hours.

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

This special ingredient is added to the Instant Knockout formula to bring in some spiciness. It’s packed with vitamins A, B6, and C. Those who worry the supplement might have a too spicy taste for them shouldn’t, as Cayenne Pepper is added at just the right amount to only make a subtle impact. This ingredient’s main weight loss compound is the bioactive alkaloid called capsaicin, which reduces the appetite by much. Moreover, Cayenne Pepper is also a very powerful thermogenic, meaning it boosts fat-burning metabolism to happen more effectively and rapidly. Besides, by enhancing fat oxidation, it leads to more calories getting consumed.

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A natural fiber found in the Konjac plant, Glucomannan doesn’t speed up the metabolic rate, nor does it increase energy levels. What it does is reducing the appetite and unhealthy foods’ cravings. It is also a very complex carbohydrate that contains beta-D-mannose and beta-D-glucose. This means it doesn’t get digested and gives the feeling of satiety. As a matter of fact, Glucomannan might be just the answer for those who need to lose a significant amount of fat in a very short time period. While it reduces the appetite, it also keeps the metabolism healthy because it turns excessive snacking and overeating into things of the past.

Caffeine Anhrydous

Caffeine Anhrydous gives just the right boost for workouts because it inhibits adenosine receptors and puts the nervous system into overdrive mode. It increases the power and energy levels, so it can be called what everyone needs in order to keep it up with the most strenuous workouts. At the same time, it reduces fatigue and ramps up the cognitive function, keeping the mind alert all the time. And since caffeine is known to intensify workouts, it brings its contribution to the total daily burn of energy. Caffeine Anhrydous also reduces pain after tough workouts by 50%.

Vitamin B6

Also known as Pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 is that compound that brings all the other ingredients in Instant Knockout together. It supports the overall health and improves the synthesis of energy. Moreover, it directly affects how fat burning is happening because it elevates both fat oxidation and metabolism. Since it also helps the body absorb amino acids, it’s a very effective muscle builder. B6 further regulates fats and carbs’ breakdown, meaning it makes it easier to follow a diet that’s low on calories.

Vitamin B12

Instant Knockout is packed with yet another B Vitamin, more exactly Vitamin B12, which helps the body convert food into energy that can be used. When this happens, the metabolism accelerates, whereas the muscles become more able to go through longer and harder exercise sessions. Vitamin B12 further helps with tolerating any diet, improves the mood, and supports the immune system. It’s also important for breaking fatty acids down, digesting carbs, and synthesizing protein. In the Instant Knockout formula, it plays a major role when it comes to achieving a more athletic and leaner body that can withstand any type of physical activity.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is known to help with lowering blood pressure levels. When it’s lacking from the system, cardiovascular issues and hypertension might start developing. Besides, since it helps to fixate Calcium in bones, if it lacks for too long from the body, then the risk of getting fractures increases. People who are serious about working out or perhaps are doing it as a profession need to take in plenty of Vitamin D. When it comes to weight loss, Vitamin D was shown to be closely linked to the BMI (Body Mass Index), meaning it can help reduce excess weight.


While caffeine is a very efficient energy booster and has many health benefits, it also causes the jitters. However, when in combination with L-Theanine, it no longer does this and eliminates the crashes that usually happen after energy spikes. L-Theanine promotes calm and a relaxing state of mind. Also, it improves the quality of sleep for proper rest to be achieved and each day to be welcomed with a big smile on the face.


Black Pepper’s extract, Piperine, is a bioactive compound that has numerous weight loss benefits. For example, it activates the metabolism, supports digestion, increases the process of thermogenesis, and impedes any new fat cells from forming. All this because it activates the TRPV1 and TRPA1 fat-burning receptors.

Why Instant Knockout?

People who have tried many weight loss methods presented by different health specialists or companies and haven’t succeeded in achieving their goals should definitely give Instant Knockout a try. They are promised to burn off all their extra fat so that they can get sculpted and firm shoulders, a flawless and defined six-pack, ripped arms, as well legs that seem carved. Working out every day and trying to eat healthy are often not leading to the fat-burning results most people aim for. A change in the metabolism needs to take place, whereas cravings have to be eliminated so that the entire weight loss process doesn’t feel like a huge burden anymore. And Instant Knockout promises to help make things easier in these directions. Besides, it comes with a money-back guarantee that will be detailed in the following section, so buying it is a 100% risk-free investment.

How to Buy Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout is available for sale only on the product’s official website, where it currently comes at the following discounted prices for each offer that’s being chosen:

One Month – $45

  • A box of 120 capsules
  • A fist bottle for keeping the capsules

2-Month Supply – $90

  • 2 boxes of the supplement
  • 2 fist bottles for the capsules

Ultimate Shredding Stack – $140

  • 4 boxes of Instant Knockout
  • 4 fist bottles

FREE delivery in the US and the UK


FREE international delivery

Payments can be made via credit or debit card, as well as PayPal. There are no auto-shipping or recurring charges involved. Customers pay for what they choose one-time only. A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all US products and a 14-day money-back guarantee in the UK or other countries where the supplement gets delivered. Instant Workout customer service can be contacted with a request for a refund, but also other questions and inquiries about it, at:



Mailing Address:

Whitehall Waterfront

Unit G4, 2 Riverside Way




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