Kibo Eclipse Reviews: Legit System by Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth?

Since its emergence in late 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people live and do things in so many ways. And while no one is sure about tomorrow, one thing remains constant—e-commerce is here to stay. The digital market sector flourished a great deal during the pandemic as everyone, young and old, shifted to buying stuff online.

But how can you use the e-commerce space to generate money for yourself? Needless to mention, there are plenty of e-commerce tutorials and training programs available in the market, but only a few of them are potent enough to deliver the best results. Finding out a suitable course option for yourself takes you through a series of hardships.

Most importantly, you may not have enough time and money to check different e-commerce training programs to find out the best option for yourself. So, how do you start off your e-commerce journey under the supervision of an avid e-commerce specialist?

This review addresses this question and gives a valid answer. It’s about the Kibo Eclipse program—an online training solution that allows users to build a profitable business in 2022. According to the developers Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, the program is a safe and genuine way to earn money online while sitting at home.

The Kibo Eclipse training program is one of the most popular e-commerce tutorials available at present and the Kibo Eclipse program has been the guide of thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

While many programs claim to help people earn money online, many times, it’s difficult to verify the validity of such programs. Sometimes it’s just another way to scam people of their hard-earned cash. This Kibo Eclipse review will disclose everything you would want to know about the Kibo Eclipse training program. Read on to learn more about the Kibo Eclipse—what it includes, its benefits, and price details.

What is Kibo Eclipse?

Currently, the Kibo Eclipse program is among the top trending topics. But what exactly is Kibo Eclipse? It is an online e-commerce course designed by two digital marketing gurus Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. The 2022 version is a continuation of the Kibo Code 2020—but entirely different in that it will be taught live.

The enrollment into the program officially launched on January 25, 2022, and is expected to close on February 3, or when the Kibo Eclipse class fills, whichever comes first. Students of the Kibo Eclipse program will have access to the special software at NO COST.

According to the creators, the program can generate up to $7000 per month or more. The Kibo Eclipse training program involves eight training modules that show users how to build an e-commerce shop and earn from it using a proven tactic designed by the two marketing gurus.

This edition is entirely different from the previous version of Kibo Code 2020. It’s more advanced, and it comes with FREE traffic generation methods. According to the developers, it’s neither a reboot nor a relaunch of the first Kibo program. Instead, it’s an upgraded version.

The program’s creators detected all the weak links in the previous version and fixed them to make the Kibo Eclipse program seamless. After spending thousands of dollars on rebuilding the Kibo Code, they came up with the current program, which is more efficient.

Package type Course program based on applications
Creators Adian Booth and Steve Clayton
Course Language English
Key Highlight
  • Teaches the best online marketing techniques to scale up e-commerce stores.
  • Helps get more traffic to e-commerce stores.
  • Bonuses
  • Social Selling Secrets.
  • Kibo Event Live Recordings.
  • The Secret Mastermind.
  • Price
  • $3497, with a discount of $491
  • Payable in 4 installments of $997
  • Money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
    Availability Through the official website- https://www.kiboeclipse.com/

    Kibo Eclipse (2022) Software and Tools

    According to the founders Aidan and Steve, the first version of the Kibo Code generated more than $11 million in sales upon its launch. It’s the reason Kibo Code is a head-turner compared to its peers on the market. The developers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars this year to create brand new software and tools to make the process even easier for users.

    The new program comes with a revolutionary selling platform that has never been seen by the public before. Importantly, students won’t need to pay for Shopify. Shopify costs up to $29 per month, which means you’ll keep more money in your pocket with this program.

    The program embraces professional e-commerce and online marketing plan. It teaches individuals how to start their own business and earn using different marketing tools. By understanding the basics, students can appreciate the technicalities and learn how to stand out among their competitors.

    The most important part is that trainees are guaranteed to earn money, with no limit to how much they can make. Interested participants can get VIP access to Kibo Eclipse’s pre-launch webinar at https://www.kibocode.com/quantum/. Both the webinar and the upcoming program have limited slots, and those who miss this opportunity might have to wait for another training option, which might occur after some months.

    The Founders of the Kibo Eclipse Program

    Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the founders of the Kibo Eclipse program. Both of them are champions in e-commerce marketing and entrepreneurship. The pair is well skilled in e-commerce training and digital marketing.

    Recently, they launched a new training program, which is more advanced. The Kibo Eclipse is expected to yield a high return on investment within a short period. Many distinguished marketers in the digital industry have tested and endorsed the program.

    Steven Clayton is an e-commerce guru with years of knowledge in digital marketing. He has been a manager and leader in exceptional organizations before launching new ventures with his business partner Aidan Booth. Steve brings a wealth of experience and skills into the Kibo Eclipse program’s development and operation.

    Similarly, Aidan Booth is a talented digital marketing strategist. Previously, he collaborated with Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. He decoded some of the methods that work for e-commerce platforms, such as sales tactics, products, and trends. After uncovering what works and what doesn’t work for e-commerce, he decided to share his expertise with the world by developing comprehensive digital marketing courses.

    Kibo Eclipse Business Model

    The Kibo Eclipse program operates on a legendary brick-and-mortar store located in Quijote in Tokyo, Japan. It embraces a method that generates billions of dollars a year by selling nearly every product you can imagine. To achieve this objective, they do the following:

    Fill up the store with various products.

    Analyze what sells and what doesn’t, using statistics and data

    Stock more of what is selling

    Add new products, tests removes, add new products, tests, and removes. The cycle continues. Finally, they get the most of their product offerings and sales and build a store full of prime goods.

    The result is more sales, more profits, and more money. This model informed the design and operation of the Kibo Eclipse program—in a digital format. Besides building a digital store full of high-selling products, Kibo Eclipse educates trainees on FREE TRAFFIC generation methods to bring people to their web store.

    Once you grasp the specifics, you can drive relevant traffic to your digital store with untapped free traffic resources. According to the developers, this has nothing to do with Facebook group posts or ads. You will attract the right candidates who know where they’re going. They are likely to buy.

    The Kibo Eclipse program unveils this secret in an eight-week training course. However, trainees must devour all the components of the course to follow the steps discussed therein. In the real-world application, they have to apply the secrets they have learned to become successful.

    Importantly, users do not have to order or keep any inventory themselves. Here’s how it works:

    • A customer orders an item from your store.
    • The customer pays upfront.
    • You purchase the ordered product from a USA-based supplier.
    • The supplier ships the product to the customer

    Usually, there’s a difference between the product’s price on your online store and what the supplier charges you for the product. That difference is your profit. The process is so straightforward, simple, fast, and effective.

    How Kibo Eclipse Program Works

    Many potential students think that they would not be able to implement the program’s business model. However, the process is simple and easy to implement by everyone who is committed to doing it. The Kibo Eclipse training module involves only five core steps.

    All trainees have eight weeks to discover the Kibo Eclipse program through live training sessions. During this time, they get special mentorship from the program’s founders and learn how to launch, optimize, and scale their online business. Students learn how to set up a profitable, sales-generating online store.

    It requires no technical setup knowledge. Users don’t need Shopify to launch or operate their store like in the first version of Kibo Code. The entire setup process takes just a minute at most.

    Once the digital store is up and running, it’s time to select a few products from selecting up to 3 million profitable products and putting them in the store. There is no need to create images or texts for the products. Users only need to click on the products they want to sell in their store. It’s that simple.

    The next step is to drive relevant traffic to the store. This includes both paid and free traffic to make sales happen. It’s even possible to start with free traffic and scale to paid traffic to skyrocket your sales. The last step is to let your US-based supplier ship the sold products directly to consumers.

    Kibo Eclipse Training Modules


    Kibo Eclipse Module 1: Central Intelligence

    The first module, Kibo Incubator, provides the basics of marketing using step-by-step videos. Students go through a complete guide of each section of the Kibo Eclipse program and learn how to get their first income within 48 hours. Besides, they learn about product pricing tactics and discover inner-circle secrets that Aidan and Steven used to build their 7-figure multi-million-dollar business.

    The best thing about the Kibo Incubator module is that it helps you explore the world of e-commerce in a better manner. The presence of this particular module helps Kibo Eclipse stand out among other training programs.

    Kibo Eclipse Module 2: StoreStorm

    This module is considered the most crucial of the entire Kibo Eclipse training program. In this module, the software helps users set up an e-commerce shop in under one minute by adding a nice theme to their new website. This module is often referred to as Kibo Jumpstart as it reveals the secrets of building a successful e-commerce store.

    Students learn how to launch a professionally designed website that enables them to generate income. They also discover theme X, a tested and proven theme that converts relevant traffic into actual SALES. No doubt that Kibo Jumpstart is an integral part of the Kibo Eclipse system and the training program is incomplete without this module.

    Kibo Eclipse Module 3: Hand-Picked Products

    The third module, Kibo HQ, unveils the founders’ five most valuable products to kick-start the sales and generate income. Kibo HQ alone enables trainees to redeem their course fees back into their pockets in no time.

    With only three products from this list, they can make up to $2500 per day. Specifically, trainees will learn how to select money-making products. Besides, they will discover how to start earning $2500 every day within the first few weeks. The effectiveness of the Kibo HQ module makes it one of the most important modules in the Kibo Eclipse training program, according to this Kibo Eclipse review.

    Kibo Eclipse Module 4: Profit Vault

    The Profit Vault module provides an extensive listing of profitable products to the students. It teaches them how to delve deeper into the gold mine of up to three million profitable items.

    Specifically, the module points out the most profitable products with low competition. Additionally, it reveals the US-based suppliers who stock, ship, and do most of the work.

    Being one of the most significant modules of the Kibo Eclipse system, this one is also popular as Kibo Oracle. The main function of Kibo Oracle is to educate you about how you can filter out useless products and take your successful online business to another level. In simple verse. Kibo Oracle makes it possible to reach the maximum potential of your business.

    Kibo Eclipse Module 5: Traffic Black Box

    In this module, learners discover how to generate heavy, relevant traffic to their digital store. It helps students utilize significant search engines to drive traffic with SEO or PPC ads. This leads to traffic generation with no additional cost. Besides, learners discover how to find affordable clicks and highly profitable sales. They also learn how to generate buyer’s leads instantly.

    This module consists of multiple software applications to help you generate traffic. The tools included in this module are known as Kibo Socializer and Kibo Converters. In simple words, the basic purpose of the tools present in the module is to boost the social presence of your online business.

    Kibo Socializer tools help you use social media channels to reach your targeted audience. With Kibo Socializer, you can boost the online presence of your brand using social media channels comfortably. The world-class coaches of the Kibo Eclipse program tell you the social selling secrets to reach the peak of success. Naturally, the online training program beats similar courses in this field.

    When your e-commerce business is receiving consistent traffic on a regular basis, Kibo Converters help you convert your visitors into buyers. The conversion rates of your business go upwards within a blink of an eye with Kibo Converters.

    Kibo Eclipse Module 6: Oracle X

    The sixth module teaches learners how to search for the ideal products that customers want. This leads to better profits. They also learn how to automate the processes. It gives them access to the domain name finder, where they can find relevant domain addresses.

    Importantly, they learn how to brand their business through a memorable logo without any design knowledge. This module comes with automated store publishing software to help students set up their website and run it with ease.

    The efficient tools included in the module are known as Kibo Accelerators and Kibo Accelerators take your responsibility of driving traffic to your online store. Kibo Eclipse offers this module to maximize your business’s reach in the e-commerce world.

    According to our Kibo Eclipse review, reaching the maximum potential of your online business is never possible without utilizing Kibo Accelerators promptly. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton repeatedly insist users focus on this module to increase the reach of their online business stores.

    Kibo Eclipse Module 7: Kibo Academy

    This final module exists to give students continued support, clarify any doubt, and improve their performance after the training. As an important part of the Kibo Eclipse online training program, this module is also famous as Kibo Mentorpoint where the expert trainers mentor you to bring the best out of your online business.

    Through the Kibo Code community, users can get help from other students and even tap into their success. Specifically, this module gives learners 24/7/365 e-mail based support. It also gives them exclusive access to the Kibo Eclipse community and mentorship.

    Kibo Eclipse Bonuses

    In addition to these modules, the Kibo Eclipse program comes with 3 bonuses:

    The Secret Mastermind

    The Secret Mastermind is a bonus package containing multiple live classes, workshops, and seminars to help you with some hands-on experience on utilizing the latest e-commerce trends. With detailed demographics, visuals, and graphs, The Secret Mastermind aims to keep you updated about the ongoing e-commerce trends.

    Kibo Code Live Recordings

    Live recordings of the lectures of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are also offered with the Kibo Eclipse package to benefit users. The live recordings of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton help you enrich your knowledge about the e-commerce world indeed.

    7-Figure Scaling Secrets

    Being one of the most popular Kibo Eclipse bonuses, this one teaches the ways to utilize social media platforms to boost e-commerce businesses.

    How much does Kibo Eclipse cost?


    Consumers can access the Kibo Eclipse program through their official website here: TheKiboCode.com. Buyers can checkout via ClickBank, so the transaction is secure. Coming to the Kibo Eclipse cost, the package comes at a decent price of $3497 with an attractive discount of $471.

    To avail yourself of the attractive Kibo Eclipse discount, you would have to pay the entire amount at once. However, if you don’t have the money at present, you can pay four installments of $997 to get the program. Anyway, you won’t be able to get the Kibo Eclipse discount in that case.

    According to a large part of global users, the Kibo Eclipse pricing is justified if the effectiveness of the Kibo Eclipse modules is taken into consideration.

    The purchase is also protected by a 30-day moneyback guarantee, making it a risk-free investment.

    Is Kibo Eclipse Legit?

    Yes, Kibo Eclipse is a legit online course to maximize the profit margins of your online business effectively. Hopefully, this detailed Kibo Eclipse review has been able to prove the legitimacy and authenticity of the program.

    The Pros of Kibo Eclipse

    Simple, quick, and easy for anyone to understand

    The best thing about the Kibo Eclipse training program is that the modules included in the program are extremely easy to catch. Even if you don’t possess detailed knowledge about how e-commerce works, the Kibo Eclipse training program can make the learning simplified and straightforward for you.

    As you have gone through this Kibo Eclipse review so far, you have become familiar with the modules compiled in the course program. Each of the modules is capable to increase your knowledge about how the functional e-commerce space functions and how you can make the best use of that learning.

    Moreover, if you’re a quick learner, you won’t take much time to have a grasp of the fundamental concepts of e-commerce businesses. Hence, starting your store and turning it into an impressive success becomes a matter of time with the Kibo Eclipse training program, as per our Kibo Eclipse review.

    Live coaching from founders, including webinars and replays

    We have already talked about the Kibo Eclipse creators and no need to repeat that they are pioneers in the e-commerce world. Usually, the creators of different e-commerce coaching training programs don’t interact with buyers directly to enlighten them about the secrets of the e-commerce world.

    Surprisingly, you’ll get the assistance of the Kibo Eclipse creators themselves while constructing the base of your e-commerce business and that can help you make your e-commerce business stand out among millions of e-commerce businesses on the web.

    According to Kibo Eclipse customer reviews, the Kibo Eclipse creators are very sincere about customer satisfaction and they treat every user with special attention to make the course program fruitful for everyone.


    No need for inventory or contact suppliers

    While designing your e-commerce business, you will need to get in touch with foreign suppliers and that is the usual case for all online businesses.

    The Kibo Eclipse system helps you remain connected with the best widely-available suppliers from different corners of the world and you get the opportunity to transform your e-commerce business into an international business in that process.

    No capital is required to start the shop

    The Kibo Eclipse training system trains you with effective marketing strategies to become successful with your e-commerce business even when you don’t have the capital to start off your journey. The Kibo Eclipse online training program helps you with the market research you need to get done.

    Definitely, that’s what makes Kibo Eclipse work for every e-commerce business owner. Running a successful e-commerce business becomes way more straightforward as you opt for the new Kibo Eclipse program.

    No direct communication with suppliers

    The Kibo Eclipse team helps you build your own e-commerce business to enter the global e-commerce market with strong small business marketing techniques. The Kibo Eclipse program enables you to run your online business without keeping in touch with suppliers directly.

    The team behind the Kibo Eclipse course makes it possible to scale up your online business to your desired level by handling your suppliers on your behalf and certain tools are provided in the Kibo Eclipse course to take your online business to your desired level.

    Real results for those who put in the work

    No matter whether you own an eCommerce business or you run a chain of online stores, the Kibo Eclipse online program can help you get the most out of your e-commerce business. You can make the Kibo Eclipse program work in your favor as you attend the modules included in the Kibo Eclipse training course adeptly.

    Your e-commerce business holds the potential to become a successful online business with the Kibo Eclipse online training as the training program contains all the tools and factors to make that happen. As the training program helps you shortlist profitable products only with the help of Kibo bot tools, maximizing the profit margins of your successful business becomes possible.

    High sale conversions with low competition

    Unlike most online marketing training services, the Kibo Eclipse software comes with the best social selling secrets to help you in generating free traffic at the initial stage of your e-commerce business. The training program teaches you to utilize the Facebook marketplace to turn your business into a successful business.

    The impeccable social selling secrets trained by the expert coaches of the Kibo Eclipse online training program help you scale your online business. You get to attain viral social media traffic conveniently with the standard modules of the Kibo Eclipse training program.

    No e-commerce experience is needed

    You can start your e-commerce business without having adequate knowledge about the e-commerce world. If you are all set to start your own online business, this course takes the responsibility of taking your business to the desired level while training you on the secrets of e-commerce success.

    The Cons of Kibo Eclipse

    Limited class space

    Sadly, the live classes of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are very limited and that can be considered a major setback of the online training program, according to Kibo Eclipse reviews from customers. Thousands of Kibo Eclipse reviews state the same fact where the users have demanded more live classes of Steve Clayton and Booth.

    Earning may not start immediately without putting in the work

    Thousands of Kibo Eclipse customer reviews complain that the Kibo Code Eclipse program isn’t effective for making money instantly. This can be referred to as a serious negative aspect of the Kibo Code Eclipse.

    It May was not affordable to some customers

    Some Kibo Eclipse reviews also stated that this training program is not an affordable option for every entrepreneur. Several cost-effective e-commerce training programs are out there and the program is pretty overpriced in comparison with them.

    Kibo Eclipse Final Verdict

    The Kibo Eclipse could be the real deal for those who are serious about making a profit through e-commerce and digital marketing. While the program delivers everything consumers need to know and the support they require post-training, only those who put in the work can reap the ultimate benefits. Interested participants can book a set before February 4 to join the live training.

    Kibo Eclipse is nothing but the upgraded version of the Kibo Code Quantum, according to Steven Clayton and Booth. The grand success of Kibo Code Quantum made the creators develop the course program for the sake of the users.

    Kibo Code Quantum was not equipped with so many effective tools and software applications like Kibo Eclipse. The purpose behind launching Kibo Eclipse was to fill the lacks of the Kibo Code Quantum program and the creators have been successful in making that happen.

    As per Kibo Eclipse reviews from millions of users, the course is a friendly choice for an e-commerce entrepreneur who isn’t savvy enough about the e-commerce world. Nothing can be more reliable than the Kibo Eclipse reviews from direct users if you’re not convinced enough to purchase the online training program.

    The standard money-back guarantee and the Kibo Code discount give the product an edge over other options available in the market. We strongly recommend you to go for the Kibo Eclipse program to make your business more successful. If you are an existing subscriber of the previous versions of Kibo Eclipse, you don’t need further elaboration about the benefits of the courses.

    So, get the Kibo Eclipse program today to level up your online business with the help of the best experts in the industry. Hope we have answered all your questions related to the effectiveness and functionality of Kibo Eclipse. So, don’t delay and proceed to purchase the course today.

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